Tiffany & Vintage-Style Ceiling Uplighters - No Electrics, Easy to Fit

by KathleenDuffy

Uplighter shades lend a soft, diffused light to your living space. Stunning vintage-style uplighter shades are installed in minutes and they don't cost a fortune.

There's something about an uplighter shade that is so appealing. They lend a soft glow to a room, the bulb is invisible and in addition, depending on your choice there is the spectacle of a beautiful stained-glass, Tiffany-style light effect which makes a stunning focal point in a room.

Or you may prefer the simpler, alabaster-style, marbled glass uplighters with their soft, pearly glow.

Unlike years ago, nowadays, at least here in the United Kingdom, we can buy beautiful glass vintage-style uplighter shades that replicate the original concept, and they only take a few minutes to install!

Green Dragonfly Tiffany Style Uplighter Pendant Ceiling Shade
Green Dragonfly Tiffany Style Uplight...
Tiffany Glass Pendant Shade Uplighter
Tiffany Glass Pendant Shade Uplighter

It wasn't so long ago that fixing an uplighter shade to your ceiling meant employing an electrician to do the job - re-wiring and fixing the shade securely to the ceiling wasn't a job for an amateur.

But some enterprising entrepreneur was clever enough to produce uplighters that were easy to install, taking only minutes to change the character and atmosphere of a room.  Not only that, it means that we can easily and quickly make changes to our lighting whenever the mood takes us!

Non Electric Pendant Ceiling Uplighter
Non Electric Pendant Ceiling Uplighter
Oaks Lighting Leaf Tiffany Non-Electric Pendant
Oaks Lighting Leaf Tiffany Non-Electr...

The original Tiffanny stained-glass ceiling lamps must have been quite heavy because of the glass,  lead and metal  involved in their manufacture. They would have had to be installed by chains hanging from the ceiling to take the weight.

Nowadays these faux Tiffany-style uplight ceiling shades are often still made of glass (or shells), but of course the lead is artificial and the chains are gone. As a result the shades weigh much less and can be supported on the light pendant that hangs from the ceiling.

It takes a matter of minutes to install your ceiling uplighter. I've one in my living room and I give some photographic instructions below which I hope will illustrate how simple the fitting procedure can be.

Don't forget to switch your light off before you begin, just to be on the safe side - although no wiring will be exposed as you are unscrewing the bottom half of the light bulb holder.

1. Uplighter waiting to be installed

Uplighter - Ready to attach to ceiling pendant

2. Unscrew bottom half of light bulb holder

Unscrew bottom half of light bulb holder

Slot uplighter ring onto light bulb holder

Slot uplighter ring onto light bulb holder

Rescrew bottom half of light bulb holder and insert bulb

Re-screw bottom half of light bulb holder & insert bulb

The Uplighter in Place - So Easy

And so effective!
The finished result!

Retro Non-Electric Ceiling Uplight - Things to Consider Before Buying

Here's a couple of things that might be useful to think about before choosing your pendant ceiling uplighter:

White Alabaster Glass Uplight Shade
White Alabaster Glass Uplight Shade


Think about the size of your room.  For instance, a large room will obviously benefit from a good-sized ceiling uplighter.  They come in various sizes.  If ordering from Amazon you can check out the size of your uplighter before purchase.

I have a very small entrance lobby but I have managed to find an uplighter - a classic, simple, Art Nouveau design - which is not only the right size for the space but very good value - and the customer reviews are also very good! (See pic on the right)

Check the Fitting If Outside the UK

The fitting instructions I have demonstrated here apply to the United Kingdom.  Countries outside the UK will probably have different pendant light fixtures,  so it's a good idea to make sure you have the correct light bulb fitting so that you can secure the uplighter correctly.

UK Pendant Ceiling Light Fitting

The illustration shows a typical UK pendant ceiling light fitting. This type of fitting ensures that the uplighter is secured safely.


I notice that most uplighters advertised on Amazon in the States are fitted directly into the ceiling for support and are relatively expensive -  at this time I failed to find any quick fit ceiling uplighters.

If in doubt, consult a professional.

Pendant Ceiling Uplighters - All the Beauty and None of the Work!

Change them whenever you feel like it!

For those of us on a budget (and who isn't!) these ceiling uplighters are beautiful and economical.

A plain, simple room can melt into life with one of these gorgeous uplighter shades.  They add a warm glow to your living space, a cosy yet luxurious sumptiousness to your surroundings.

Lighting designs from the past are no longer  consigned to the museum.  They can once again add beauty and a feeling of comfort to our homes.

Large Green Bistro Tiffany Uplighter Pendant Ceiling Light Shade
Large Green Bistro Tiffany Uplighter ...
Beige and Yellow Dragonfly Tiffany Uplighter Pendant Shade
Beige and Yellow Dragonfly Tiffany Up...

Ceiling Lamps Available in the USA

Note: Different Fittings from the UK
Updated: 06/04/2013, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 05/23/2013

Hello pkmcr - Lucky you :) Jealous? Moi? :D

pkmcr on 05/23/2013

We live in a vintage style apartment and these are perfect and so beautiful

KathleenDuffy on 05/23/2013

Hi Brenda - That's such a good idea! I love my light - it make the place look nice and cosy.

BrendaReeves on 05/23/2013

These are beautiful. I am looking for a pendant light to hang it a closet that I'm turning into a sewing nook. I'm going to have an electrician install it.

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