Vintage-style Retro Handsets for Your Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC - Go Retro

by KathleenDuffy

The latest gadget for mobile phones, tablets and PCs is a Retro Handset. It’s fun, funky and practical. You can be on trend but indulge your nostalgic ‘Mad Men’ side too.

I know what you’re thinking....why should I bother with a Retro Handset that looks like an old telephone receiver, when I can use my headset and keep my hands free?

Well that's right. Why should you? No reason - except that it's a really fun gadget, it looks great but it also has some practical advantages too.

We might think, with irony, that having our hands free isn't such a good idea. With your hands free you can’t concentrate one hundred percent on that important incoming call because you are doing something else at the same time, multi-tasking. People expect you to multi-task even when you're on the phone. You can't say, "Not now dear, I'm talking on the phone".

Also, with both hands flapping about you just look a little bit frantic...

And that's not stylish...

Let’s get back to the days when a phone call was ‘meaningful’, when you sprawled out  on the sofa, telephone receiver in one hand, glass of wine or cigarette in the other and said, “OK, girlfriend, dish the dirt!”.Anita Eckberg on the phone


Or in the more formal situation of the office the phone would ring on the boss’s desk, the recipient would swivel in his upholstered chair, light a cigarette and maybe have a swig of whisky and drawl into the receiver, “Gerry!  How are you?  Did you close the deal?” 


If Gerry didn’t close the deal just think how much more satisfying it is throwing a Retro Handset at the wall rather than a measly mobile phone!

Buy a Retro Handset

And Stop Multi-tasking!

Let’s face it - it’s clever but not very stylish to talk on your mobile phone, type a letter at the same time, empty the dishwasher, go to the toilet even!!  Hands-free headsets for mobiles are a great idea, but they don’t exactly add anything to the sum total of human glamour.  

In fact, most people  seeing you walking along the sidewalk, arms waving manically, head nodding and voice shrieking hysterically are likely to cross the road.

Retro Handsets - Vintage Nostalgia Returns

Enter the Retro Handset!   It plugs into your mobile phone, your PC or your tablet and one half of your world is pure up-to-the-minute, futuristic, blazing technology, whilst the other half is pure Hollywood B-movie nostalgia.  

What's not to love?

Would Bette Davis have had  the same impact if she was talking on a mobile phone? 

How would you feel about Don Draper if he walked up and down the office shouting into  his mobile?  That's not classy.

And who can forget Lana Turner who always seemed to have a  massive chunky white telephone on her bedside table that you just knew was going to ring any minute!   Would a mobile be quite so sexy?

The mobile phone is a wonderful instrument of technological brilliance and we wouldn't be without it. Hands-free headsets are healthier than holding a mobile phone to your ear so they too get the thumbs up.

But purleese!  Let's compromise and bring back some glamour, even if only occasionally, even if only in our own homes!  You just can't strike a pose with a normal handsfree headset...

Echo Logica Retro Handset - A Video on How to Use It

The Retro Handset - Great for the elderly and/or arthritic

Easier to grip,

Retro Handsets are a clever gadget and great fun.  They look cool and even feel great.

But style isn’t everything.   There’s a practical side to the Retro Handset.

For example, it  makes perfect sense for the elderly.  Sometimes handling a conventional small mobile phone isn’t easy for older people who may have arthritic hands. 

A reviewer on Amazon USA stated that he found the product useful for his 88-year-old uncle who was in hospital and found handling a mobile difficult.   With the Retro Handset he was able to easily make calls to the family from hospital.  And of course, elderly people feel more comfortable with items they remember from when they were younger. (and that includes me!)

Other people, young or elderly,  with certain disabilities may find the Retro Handset useful for the same reasons - easier to grip and with simple buttons for handling calls.


Retro Handsets - Things to Think About When Choosing

If you decide to buy a Retro Handset on line, check over the reviews.  Some phones are not the genuine article as advertised - there are many fakes out there, so if ordering through Amazon ensure your product is coming  from the manufacturer.

Ensure that the sound quality is good - some people complain that they cannot be heard very well by the person they are calling.

Ensure that the phone cord is strong and firmly fixed into the phone.   People have discovered that after a few weeks the cord in certain products comes away from the phone receiver.

GLD, Swiss Voice and Echo Logico seem to have good reviews overall.  But check out the makes you find attractive.  It will save time and money in the end.


Retro Handsets Available from E-Bay

Updated: 05/27/2013, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 05/14/2013

Hello Kimbesa - Yes, I agree! I'm going to treat myself soon.

kimbesa on 05/13/2013

I would love that...especially for those long conversations.

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