Gorgeous Decorative Window Films - Transform Your Windows Instantly

by KathleenDuffy

Does your room with a view look out onto a blank wall? Can the neighbours watch your every move? Beautiful decorative window film can solve your problems!

It's quite amazing what a difference window film can make, not just to the window itself, but to the atmosphere of a whole room.

Few of us can afford real stained glass and fewer still live in Victorian homes with original stained glass enhancing our doors and windows. Nor do many of us have the means to reproduce beautiful, subtle etched glass on our window panes and doors.

But nowadays we can create stunning stained glass and etched glass effects quickly and cheaply by taking advantage of modern technology and the creation of stunning window film designs.

It's easy to apply and comes in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. Its application can transform your windows from cold and boring to warm, jewel-like and inviting.

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to use decorative window film in your home:

Here’s some of the advantages:


  • looks beautiful from inside and out
  • solves the problem of a window that can't be fitted with a curtain or blind - i.e. loft window,etc
  • can enhance your privacy, depending on design. 
  • keeps your room cool in summer by filtering the sunlight and  warm in winter by helping minimalise heat loss through the window.
  • some products filter UV rays
  • quick and relatively easy to apply
  • no need for adhesive - peels off  and can be reattached
  • is an aid to safety when attached to a clear, plate glass door.

Now the beauty of stained glass can enhance your interior - it might be your living room or study, your hall or kitchen and bathroom.

You might be a student living in one room with nothing to gaze out on but an ugly blank wall or a depressing car park!  Perhaps as a nurse you are living in rooms in the hospital and things could do with a bit of a 'lift'!

It's now possible to give yourself that little bit of luxury and beauty because decorative window film comes in a variety of designs and it's economical too.

Decorative Window Film for Maximum Privacy

'Etched' or 'Frosted' window film is best

If it's maximum privacy you need, the design of your window film should be quite dense - like the picture above for instance, or at least the blank spaces on the design should not be transparent.

The most efficient window films for maximum privacy are the 'etched glass'  or 'frosted glass' window films.  These come in a variety of designs - some are very plain and functional, whilst others are 'etched' with leaves, flowers etc.

Even the plainest  frosted or etched window films are very beautiful because of the way they softly filter the light into your room, hallway, shower - where ever you choose to place them.  They also have a calming effect and the simplicity of etched and frosted window films echoes the need of many people for a simple, serene and minimalist interior.

'Frosted' and 'Etched' Window Film

Simple but Beautiful - Plain or Patterned

If you like 'big and bold' then striking window film designs, like the one shown below, are for you!

Naturally, they look at their most amazing in a room that can really take it and isn't going to be overwhelmed by the design.

These kinds of designs are wonderful for conference rooms and large office spaces or waiting rooms in a public area.  

For the home, they need to be considered carefully and you will probably need a helping hand, or even professional help, to put up the window film on such a large space.

Decorative Window Film For a Contemporary Feel

Modern 'Stained Glass' Window Film

Not all 'stained glass' window film echoes the past.  You can express your preference for a more contemporary atmosphere  - there's plenty of up-to-date window film designs to choose from. 

Many of these modern window films can stand up to their historical rivals with their stunning jewel-like rectangles and fractured, splintered effect. They echo art styles such as Cubism and remind us of Mondrian or Picasso!

Abstract 'Stained Glass' Window Film

Give a 'Modern Art' Feel to your Room

Window Film - A Few Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before deciding on your window film design, here's a few things to think about  which might be helpful.



It's obvious really, but still worth mentioning, that accurate measurement of your window or door  space is essential!  I speak from experience, being a bit challenged in the measuring department!

You'll notice that when browsing on Amazon for window film,  you often have a choice of sizes, so check out what's the best match for your window. 

Some of these designs actually come on a roll which is handy.  If you have any left over you can always find a small piece of glass to enhance, somewhere in your home.  How about that little glass panel above the door, or the side panel by the door in the hall?

Also - many of these firms will actually custom-make the design to your measurements!


Applying the Decorative Window Film

It's easy to apply the film as long as you take it slowly, make sure it's going on straight and don't pull the whole of the window film off the backing sheet and then try to apply it.  (Again, speaking from experience...I actually did this...).  Just peel a little at a time, pressing it on with a cloth to iron out any bubbles and work your way down from there.   The best advice here -  read the instructions carefully!

There are some gadgets on the market to make this process easier. 


Use Decorative Window Film at Work

If you work by a window and the sun streams onto your computer at work and you don't have a blind - consider putting up decorative window film. Not only will it filter the harsh light and save your eyesight - it will also look very beautiful and make life at the desk much more pleasureable!

Decorative Window Film for a Safer Home

Many modern homes have glass doors which are wonderful for having a light-filled living area.  But they can also be a safety hazard.

If you have toddlers running around they might not always be aware of whether a door is open or closed - decorative window film solves that problem and prevents them from running into a closed door. 

Supermarkets are aware of this danger and, after a number of accidents where customers have walked into plate glass doors, it is very rare now to see the door of any supermarket without some kind of window film attached.

Window Film Application Tool Kits

Decorative Window Film - So Many Uses, So Little Time...

Decorative window glass film can enhance your home in so many way.  Your interior could be more private, more colourful and more restful -  whilst from the outside your windows will look stunning in the evenings when your lights go on.

Your home will be safer too, when the window film is applied to places which people need to be aware of.

Most importantly, if you don't like your current design, unlike real stained glass or etched windows, these are so easily removed and replaced.  

But you probably won't be doing that too often!

Decorative Window Film From E-Bay

Updated: 02/18/2014, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 07/16/2013

Hi HarvestMoon - Thanks for your comment! Yes, it's almost as good as the real thing and not as expensive! :)

KathleenDuffy on 05/22/2013

My daughter did exactly the same as your son - her windows were on a busy pavement in Spitalfields, London and she put the frosted glass on the lower part too with a small grapevine effect, but not enough to make the interior visible. It looked lovely. Yes, the stained glass is great!

whitemoss on 05/22/2013

My son moved to a new house with large windows on the road, and put frosted film on the the lower part whilst waiting to get curtains made. He liked it so much he's going to keep it. I love the stained glass effect.

KathleenDuffy on 05/21/2013

That's true - it would make a nice gift!

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

The ideas are flowing and what a nice gift idea for a close friend or the like A great conversation piece. I absolutely love it!

KathleenDuffy on 05/21/2013

I'm so glad you like it katiem2! I love stained glass and so happy to share this idea with you! :)

katiem2 on 05/21/2013

I've always admired stained glass and now can enjoy it in my own home. I love this idea! I could turn an average door into a masterpiece and more...What a great product, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

KathleenDuffy on 05/21/2013

I agree CherylsArt! And so easy!

CherylsArt on 05/21/2013

Such a lovely idea!

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