Beautiful Secret Book Boxes to Hide Your Precious Things

by KathleenDuffy

Everybody needs a secret place to hide precious personal items. If you love books then a Secret Book Box will hide your trinkets, jewelry, love letters, etc. beautifully.

Do we ever lose that childhood yearning to have a secret hiding place where no one can find our journal, our keepsakes, our love letters, our jewelry, favourite shells, our children's baby teeth, their hospital name tags? I don't think we ever lose this basic need.

Here are some sumptious suggestions for hiding your personal keepsakes and valuables from prying eyes and nimble fingers. At the same time they look and feel terrific!

What more could you want - a Secret Book Box that is not only a hiding place but a thing of beauty too.

Secret Book Boxes - How they Work

The concept behind a Secret Book Box is quite simple - from the outside it resembles a book - a rather lovely one - but when opened it has a hollow chamber for storage of valued items.   These might include jewelry, love letters, holiday keepsakes or even for Game of Thrones fans, your maester-sent messages!

The Secret Book Boxes come in various sizes so check before buying. 

They normally have a magnetic locking mechanism, a felt lined interior and are made using traditional book-binding techniques. Some are faux leather, which looks as beautiful as the real thing.

These stunning art objects hark back to the past - beautiful leather-tooled books were often commonplace in the drawing rooms and libraries of the gentry and middle classes. Now we can all own one!

They are a thing of beauty with a practical application - and there are styles to suit all tastes!


Secret Book Boxes - They Make Great Gifts!

There's a Theme to Suit Everyone!

Secret Book Boxes come in a variety of  styles, from Celtic Knot to Japanese Art, Angels to Buddhas, Fairies to Frogs  - there is bound to be something to suit your taste

Are you stuck for a gift idea?  Then look no further - these Book Boxes make unusual and glamorous presents. 

And there's no need to keep your luxurious-looking secret book languishing on the shelves!  Why not keep another one on your coffee table - it's a great place to stash the remote controls and makes a brilliant conversation piece!

One For The Kids! Harry Potter's 'Book of Monsters' Book Box

Beautiful in its own way....

All children like to feel they have a space to hide things away from their parents and siblings! There are Secret Book Boxes which make terrific gifts.  Some come with a secret locking mechanism. 

The Harry Potter 'Book of Monsters'  book box is suitable for both girls and boys and can only be opened with a secret code. If the wrong code is entered then the box begins to gnash its teeth!

This item is a bit more expensive than the average box, but then it does have magical powers!

 But for young people, and anyone else,  with an interest in dance, fairy tales and angels, there's a good choice on Amazon, as well as a various book boxes to do with history, geography and botany for older children and adults.

If you take into account what a person is particularly interested in and try to fit the Secret Book Box to that interest, then your gift is certain to be a hit!

Your valued and treasured possessions have to be kept  in a safe yet accessible place. 

A Secret Book Box is a practical yet classy hiding place for your beloved items that deserve the very best!

More Secret Book Boxes & Safes

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KathleenDuffy on 09/01/2014

Thanks for your nice comments - and I am so glad this article inspired you with gift ideas! :)

AngelaJohnson on 08/20/2014

What a great gift idea! I have seen "book safes" for sale before, but none as classy as these.

KathleenDuffy on 05/31/2013

Hello Paperfacets - I suppose you could say, "Well, it's hasn't got much substance to it" or "There's a big hole in the plot!". Thanks for your post! :)

paperfacets on 05/31/2013

I have had the comment of, "What are you reading?" when I carry my box around. It holds paper for folding.

KathleenDuffy on 05/22/2013

Hi Kimbesa - Ha! Yes, I know someone too! :)

kimbesa on 05/21/2013

Lots of classy book boxes! And I know someone who would love that Harry Potter monster book!

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