Tig Welder - The Multi-Welding Tool With No Mess

by Jerrico_Usher

Learn why the Tig welder is the welder of choice for many because of it's clean welding result, ability to weld in more positions, and it's unique welding concept

Tig welders are different from other welder models in that they heat metal through the use of a tungsten electrode. Gas, often Argon, protects the weld puddle from being contaminated by airborne particles. What results is a precise, clean weld on all metals.

Benefits of a Tig welder include its ability to weld a variety of metals and alloys with a clean look which is important if you want the weld to be virtually invisible. With Tig Welding you won't have to deal with sparks, spatter, fumes, smoke, flux or slag either.

This welder can be used horizontally, vertically, and overhead giving you the most versatility of any style of welder available. Argon is the only gas needed to weld a variety of materials, you can also save space in your work area which is always helpful.

Precision TIG Weleing
Precision TIG Weleing

Why Tig Welding Is Preferred

Over Many Other Methods

Although Tig welding wasn’t always the go to welding choice for many in it’s infancy, today it’s becoming more and more popular as more people discover the powerful benefits associated with it.

In the metal industry it’s well liked because of it’s safety and quality standards.

Tig offers the best potential for quality and clean looking welds that are virtually invisible, making it's results aesthetically superior to any other welder type available today.

Tig goes by a few names, one of which is the acronym GTAW or Gas Tungsten Inert Gas Welder.

Tig uses an inert gas, primarily argon, to protect your weld puddle from things in the air that could contaminate the weld and compromising the end result.

Although one of the best and most popular today, make no mistake, this type of welding has a difficult learning curve.

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Training and practice/experience is required to master it but once you do you are in high demand!

Learning timing during the dip/feeder process requires a steady pace. The angle of the torch is also important and takes time to master.

Maintaining the right distance between the electrode and the metal you want to weld is essential and again comes only with experience and practice. Don’t worry if at first your welds aren’t perfect- they won’t be but practicing will fortify the skill set.

One of the hallmark benefits of Tig welding over other types is the variety of metals you can weld together. Stainless steel, carbon steel, (most popular ones used), aluminum, copper, magnesium, and many others can be fused quite easily with a Tig welder.

The disadvantage of the Tig welding method is that it tends to be a bit slower than more traditional welding methods but the potential for a clean looking aesthetic and more powerful welding options make this a non-issue with many professionals and hobby welders alike.

Developing a skill set for using a Tig welder actually will help make any other type easier to master as well. When seeking a job as a welder, having Tig welding expertise and experience on your resume will often help you beat out the competition who don’t have this skill set mastered!



Review of Two Popular Models


Lincoln offers the Lincoln Electric Invertec V155-S 120/230V Arc Welder/Stick Welder - 155 Amp Output, Model# K2605-1 for under $1000.

This model comes with a work cable and clamp with Twist-Mate plug, a shoulder strap and an electrode holder. Weighing just under 15 pounds, you can opt to use this unit with electrodes or as a Tig welder. Featuring auto connect input power, the V1552-S comes with a 200 foot cord for those occasions when stick welding is more beneficial. This model will strike the arc without any contamination from tungsten. It's Packaged in a heavy duty carrying case so it can be used in the field or in a shop.

This is a good starter Tig Welder Kit

Thermadyne W1003203 95 Amp TIG/Stick Welding System
Builders World Wholesale Distribution


Uses for this model include precision metal fabricating and shipbuilding tasks


350LX AC/DC TIG Runner

If a heavy duty Tig welder is needed for a permanent location, Miller has a model perfect for industrial use. The Syncrowave 350LX AC/DC TIG Runner is a popular model costing around $6200. The price is a bit steep but you may not need to buy another Tig welder again!

This is not for the hobbyist; it's designed for a master welding craftsman/professional shop. Processes include AC/DC TIG, pulsed TIG, and stick.

Syncro Start allows the operator to choose between different settings to start the unit which optimizes application based on material thickness and tungsten diameter.

A built in pulser heats and cools the weld puddle to reduce material distortion and heat input. This is just a sampling of the list of features of Syncrowave 350LX.

Good Luck!

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