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A pair of tile cutters are a useful tool when it comes to cutting and shaping wall and floor tiles. The five best tile cutting tools reviewed and compared.

If you work in the plumbing industry, or install wall and floor tiles, chances are you'll either need a good quality tile cutter or need to buy a new one from time to time. They're a specially designed tool, created for the cutting and shaping a range of tiles, largely inexpensive and highly functional.

Tiling is a task that often requires tiles to be cut and the only way to achieve a professional look and finish is by way of a pair of tile cutting tools. They come in a variety of types and sizes - from manual cutters to electric models, and there's plenty of choice on the market.

The five best tile cutting tools are featured below. They're all highly rated, popular and will give a great finish - no matter how many times they're used or required.

NATTCO PC1818 18" Snap Tile Cutter will Steel Base

This is the best selling tile cutter model - and it comes in both an 18 and 16" version. The construction is heavy duty - a solid steel base with a score and snap wheel that's effective, accurate and durable.

It will cut both standard and porcelain tiles, as well as both 45 degrees and on the straight. It will cut tiles up to 18" square and makes a nice job of whatever you put through it. The overall finish is pleasing, it scores and cuts through tiles without any problem and if you're looking to buy a large, heavy duty mid-range cutter for tiles - this one will perfectly suit.

NATTCO PC1818 18" Snap Tile Cutter will Steel Base

One piece steel base with precision score and snap and replaceable wheel kit. Cuts tile straight and at a 45 degree angle, also cuts porcelain.

Only $119.99

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MK Diamond 158252 MK-145 1/2-Horsepower 4-1/2-Inch Wet Tile Saw

This one's the most popular wet tile cutter - though strictly speaking it's a tile saw. Still - it cuts tiles to a high standard, the design is compact, sturdy and user friendly and if you want or need a tool that cuts tiles wet, it's a great choice.

It runs of electric and the motor is 4 amps, which puts out 1/2 HP - doesn't sound much power wise but it's enough to get the job done safely, efficiently and leaves a nice accurate finish. It cuts through 22 1/2" miters and 45 degree angles and the cooling system doesn't require the use of a pump, so it's well designed and user friendly. It will handle both stone and ceramic tiles up to 12" square and 1 inches thick. A good quality tool, well made and worth the price tag.

MK Diamond 158252 MK-145 1/2-Horsepower 4-1/2-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Mk Diamond 158252 MK-145 Benchtop Tile Saw Mk Diamond 158252 MK-145 Benchtop Tile Saw Features: Saw is designed for small jobs, but delivers results a professional would ...

Only $163.99

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Felker TS-40 Rubi Tile Cutter

This is a professional tile cutter - and worth every cent. The build quality is awesome - this is one manual machine that's going to be going strong years down the line - and then some. It includes a 45 degree mitering feature, a top quality scoring wheel that delivers accurate results and it's all sat on top of a durable plastic anti shock base.

The adjustable gauge and breaker bar are tough enough to withstand regular daily use, it's about the right weight for transporting from job to job and the whole manufacture and design is focused purely on the professional - it promotes productivity, cuts out time wasting and it's absolutely worth the purchase price.

NATTCO BG4257 13" Easy-Score Ceramic Tile Cutter with Autoforce Scoring

The NATTCO Easy-Score Ceramic Tile Cutter is the best selling cheap tile cutter and it's suitable for home users and DIY enthusiasts. It will handle both ceramic and clay tiles that are up to a half inch in thickness, plus it does a nice clean job of cutting through the tiles. It can cut on the diagonal, and will cope with tiles up to 9" square.

On the straight it easily handles tiles as big as 13" so it's versatile enough for most home projects. The base is durable, steel, padded and reinforced so it can take a lot of use, plus the breaker bar is pretty tough and won't let you down in a hurry. In all, a good quality cutter for the price - it won't win awards but it will get the job done.

NATTCO BG4257 13" Easy-Score Ceramic Tile Cutter with Autoforce Scoring

BG 4257 Size: 13" Features: -Easy-Score Ceramic Tile Cutter. -With 6'' wide one piece steel base. -The auto force spring under the wheel places the correct pressure to score ...

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M-D Building Products 49943 Compound Tile Nippers (PRO)

These are the best hand-held manual tile cutters - or nibblers as they're better known. Useful for finishing off or for those times when a standard tile cutting machine won't do. They're extremely powerful - able to handle both ceramic and stone tiles and the manufacture is rugged, well designed and superior in relation to the price tag.

They're ergonomic, the cutting blades are 4mm tungsten - and give a great result when you snip away with care. Nothing about them feels shabby or below par, they're surprisingly good to use, balanced, don't seem to mind being knocked about in the tool bag and for the price . they're a steal.

M-D Building Products 49943 Compound Tile Nippers (PRO)

Tile nippers for irregular cuts on tile or stone. Twice the power of conventional nippers. TPR ergonomic comfort grips.

$32.81  $28.44

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