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by Tested_to_Destruction

A pair of tin snips are a great sheet metal cutting tool. The five best tin snips tools, compared and reviewed.

A pair of tin snips are a small but useful hand tool - a bit like the smaller, more refined version of bolt cutters, and they're designed for cutting through sheet metal. They operate similar to a pair of normal cutting shears - and are sometimes referred to as tin shears or metal cutting shears.

They're available in three standard types - left, right and and straight cutting and each one delivers a different method of cutting and results according to the design. Despite the quality of the manufacture, it's advisable to wear gloves when using a pair of snips, simply because the effort involved usually involves exposing the hand to a lot of sharp edges left behind in the cutting process.

The five best pairs of tin snips are featured below. They're all high on quality, ratings and value for money - and every one can be found the the best sellers list in their category.

KR Tools 60083 Elite 3-Pieces Aviation Tin Snip Set

This is a good quality tin snips set, one of the best sellers and includes left, right and straight metal shear. They're color coded, manufactured from tempered steel and the cutting blades are powerful chrome vanadium steel - and well up to cutting through sheet metal.

They belong to the Malco company, well known for their superior quality cutting tools, and the overall design is ergonomic, comfortable and well put together. The jaws can be locked when they're not in use, they're larger than they look in the picture and their ability to cut through steel is impressive. Great set, nice price.

Malco AV3 Combo Cut Aviation Snip

This is a single pair of tin snips - and they'll perform right, left and straight cuts. The blades are a nice length, preferable for some users and they deliver a nice cutting action. The resulting cuts are good enough and the manufacture is good and solid.

They tend to cut cleanly - there was a distinct lack of feeling as though you're sawing or gnawing away at the metal and when tested they cut through HVAC ducting happily enough. Comfort grip yellow handles, there's a good grip about them and the cutting mechanism feels rugged enough for heavy duty use. A good quality design and a very affordable price tag.

Malco AV3 Combo Cut Aviation Snip

Aviation style steel metal snips for straight cuts and slightly curved cuts in either direction.

$23.51  $19.0

Columbian by Wilton 3-piece Aviation Snips Set 30676

This is another bests selling set of aviation tin snips - all are color coded according to the cut and each one has the same quality build and design. They're up to heavy duty cutting, the blades are tempered steel and they cut through sheet metal without question.

The shape and design feel ergonomic - they're comfortable and you can get a good grip due to the jacketed handles. They're a very fair set of metal shears for the price - you can spend a lot more, especially if you start moving in the Klein Tools arena but - for what they are and the price you'll pay, they're good enough and strong enough to get the job done.

Columbian by Wilton 3-piece Aviation Snips Set 30676

The Columbian by Wilton 3-piece aviation snips set is specifically designed for easy multi-directional sheet metal cutting. Each tool features strong, durable hardened tempered ...

Only $13.5

Wiss M3R MetalMaster 1-3/8-Inch Cut Capacity 9 3/4-Inch Straight, Left, and Right Cut Compound Action Snip

These are Wiss tin snips - a company favoured for their hand cutting tools and this particular pair are up to the usual high quality that the brand name is known for. The blade's design will manage straight, left and right cuts and their power and ability is pretty good. They work off a compound action, which amplifies the pressure you exert when you start the cut - and this does take some of the hard work out of cutting sheet metal.

The grip and handle design is comfortable - regular use doesn't seem to make them feel awkward to hold or use, and the way they cut when they get going is almost aggresive. Still - we're impressive when something so simple looking can cut through metal almsot as easily as a hot knife through butter so - in conslusion - Wiss deliver a superior quality pair of sheet metal snips for an incredibly low price.

Wiss M3R MetalMaster 1-3/8-Inch Cut Capacity 9 3/4-Inch Straight, Left, and Right Cut Compound Ac...

Tool Length: 9-3/4 Blade Length (In.): 1-1/2 Direction Or Type Of Cut: Straight, Left, Right Cutting Capacity: 18-Gauge Low Carbon Steel Handle Color: Yellow.

$14.99  $7.9

Stanley MaxSteel 14-563 9-7/8-Inch Straight Cut Aviation Snip

These are a pair of Stanley tin snips and although they're moving away from Stanley's usual array of hand and power tools - they're well up to the same standard that everyone expects from such a famous brand name. They're more a general purpose pair of cutting shears - they'll cut through a range of other materials besides sheets of aluminum and overall they're capable and versatile.

They're good, rugged metal shears, the blade has a great edge to it and the compound cutting action makes them useful up to 18 gauge steel. These are a straight cut pair - you can also purchase the left and right versions for around the same price. Great quality, lots going for them and about as cheap as it gets for a good set of tin shears.

Stanley MaxSteel 14-563 9-7/8-Inch Straight Cut Aviation Snip

680-14-563 Features: -Double overwind spring for longer life.-One-handed automatic latch release with the squeeze of the handles.-Patented hinge plate for easy product identific...

$15.0  $18.08
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I need a set - very useful article.

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