Tinkerbell Cakes

by joyyuan34

Tinkerbell cakes are good to have at a children's party.

Selecting the best cake for your child

This is in case you don’t want to bake the cake for your child’s birthday.

Are you having a Tinkerbell party for your child? Then a Tinkerbell cake must be present at the occasion. If you are not good in cooking or baking, you can order the cake at the party supplies store or cake store that has the following characteristics:

  • Has credible record in creating wonderful and delicious cakes- there are plenty of party supplies stores and cake stores which tell the people that they are good. But once tested, most people fail because they don’t get the right taste and design of the cake. See to it that a friend or one of your loved ones can recommend a party supplies store or cake store that offers one of a kind cake. Hence, you can get their referrals and suggestions.
  • Offers discount- It will be great if they offer discount for any purchased cake so that you can lessen your expenses for the party.
  • The place is accessible and clean- the appearance of the store will reflect on their products. If their location is accessible you can easily reach them if in case you have other concerns. And, if they have a clean area, this may mean that they have good quality products.

You can try to ask the store for some samples of their Tinkerbell cake and choose the design, flavour, and size. However, do you know what makes a Tinkerbell cake tastes and looks good? If you don’t, try to read the tips below:

  • It looks naturally attractive. Perhaps, your Tinkerbell cake is a single layered cake only. But by just putting an edible image at the center of the cake, it will look fabulous. So, no matter how simple your cake is, with a touch of Tinkerbell design, it will turn great for the kids.
  • It comes in total package. Unlike the other theme party, you can put your Tinkerbell multi-layered or single-layered cake in its stand kit. It also comes with a Tinkerbell server. The children will love each slice they’ll take.
  • It has fabulous cake toppers. Your child will feel like her wish will magically come true with the help of Tinkerbell who is on top of the cake. Not only that, there is also a Tinkerbell cake candle that your child blows before making her wish. Tinkerbell is really a good thinker because in other theme party, they only have the cake topper but they do not have the cake candle of the character.
  • It is economical and convenient to have. You don’t have to worry whether you will have it as readymade or you will bake your own. This is because it also has Tinkerbell cake pan to be used in moulding and Tinkerbell icing color set to be used in decorating the cake.

Cupcake ideas

 Other than the cake, you can also serve cupcakes. Tinkerbell has also her own cupcake stand that is really adorable. You can put up to three layers of cupcakes. The children will enjoy its lavender color with Tinkerbell on top.

Instead of putting the cupcakes into plain baking cups, you can put them in the Tinkerbell baking cups. Each baking cup has the feature of tinkerbell. If you don’t want to put the cupcakes there, you can also put nuts, candies, and small chocolates on the baking cups.


Updated: 07/12/2011, joyyuan34
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sheilamarie on 07/14/2011

I vote for cupcakes, too. That display is really pretty!

ohcaroline on 07/13/2011

I like the cupcake idea best. Kids can handle cupcakes better than cakes. The cupcake liners are so cute.

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