Tinkerbell Party Supplies

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Let's try to get to know Tinkerbell and let's see why you should choose Tinkerbell as the theme party of your child.

Who is Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell is known in one of the most top hits animated movie the Peter Pan. She is Peter Pan’s great buddy. She is very cute and adorable, although she is jealous when Peter gets close to other girls like Wendy. Once she throws the magic dust to a person, that person can have the ability to fly. Another good thing about Tinkerbell is that she has lots of initiative that makes her a good thinker.

Tinkerbell has made marks in the world of cartoons. She made different appearances in many Walt Disney television series. In fact, lots of stage plays feature Tinkerbell and her adventure. That’s why children especially the girls fall in love with her.

In the year 2008, a new movie of Tinkerbell has released for the children to enjoy. Here, you can see the other side of Tinkerbell with her new fairy friends like Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Fawn.

Choosing Tinkerbell Theme party

Tinkerbell theme is best for your daughter’s birthday. No matter if she is celebrating her 1st, her 4th,or 6th birthday; you have nothing to worry since you have lots of options which you can take. And also, your daughter will look like a real fairy that is really beautiful and unique from any other princess stories.


Make the children feel like they are eating in the magical world together with different fairies by giving them plates that have features of Tinkerbell and her other fairy friends. Any money that you will spend with these plates will be worth it since you can use them for the party and right after the party. These plates are also good for any outdoor activities and for ordinary mealtime of your child. However, these plates are not to be used in the microwave. You have a choice of different sizes, colors, and designs.


If your budget is tight you can use paper cups. Besides, this will make it easier for you to clean after the party because they are disposable. But if you want the cups to be reused after the party, choose those made of plastic. You can ensure that these are durable since they come from a reliable manufacturer.


Unlike other party themes, Tinkerbell offers placemats. This will make the meal more fun and organized. Not only that, you can still use this placemat for your child during her daily mealtime after the party is done. 

Decorating Ideas

Because Tinkerbell is an attractive fairy in the magical world, fill the venue with beautiful decorations. In this way, it seems like you are taking the children into a fantastic place where all of their dreams can be possible. Here are some ways on how to decorate your venue:

  1. There is a giant decorating kit that will let you cover the whole wall of the venue with Tinkerbell in her world. You can use this one. With its beauty you can remain it on the wall even after the party.
  2. Instead of using a backdrop banner, try to use the letter banner since you already have the giant decorating kit. It will become redundant or you will overload the wall with decorations if you will still use a backdrop banner and giant decorating kit.
  3. Add the Tinkerbell danglers in such a way that they will hang on the ceiling. The children will love to see them as they dangle with the wind. If the ceiling is too high, attach each dangler to a long nylon so that the children can closely see them.
  4. Make a twist in adding the confetti. You can put the Tinkerbell confetti on a basket. Put this above the main entrance of the venue. Make sure that you will attach a string to the basket with the confetti so that you can just pull it down once the birthday celebrant is being welcomed. This will make a dramatic entrance as the confetti fall down to the birthday celebrant.
  5. Also add a basket of confetti at the center of the venue so that you can also pull it down once the celebrant and the other children are at the middle.
  6. Fill the areas with different balloons. There are mylar and latex made. There are also balloons which have the shape of tinkerbell.
  7. Lastly, cover the table with Tinkerbell mantle and add each of them with centerpieces. Everybody will feel like they are eating with Tinkerbell.

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