Tinkerbell Party Favors

by joyyuan34

Complete your child's birthday with great party favors and games.

Fairy accessories as Party Favors

To make the children reminisce the party after they all go home, give them fairy accessories as their party favors. These will match the theme of the party and the girls will love the feeling of being a fairy.

There are different kinds of wands that you can choose as party favors like:

  1. Disney Tinkerbell Party Wands- these come in four counts in one package. At the end of each wand, is a star shape with the picture of tinkerbell. There is a string that attaches to each of the wand so that every sway will become more amazing. Girls will love its pink color.

2.    Tinker Bell Bubble Wands- children will enjoy these bubble wands since these will give them double purpose. They can use these as their wands in their role playing. And, they can also play with these by creating bubbles.

3.    Child Princess Party Favors - 12 Fairy Wands w/ Feather - Princess Wand- these wands have different colors or feathers. These are perfect for any child who wants to act as a real fairy or princess.


Rainbow Fairy Wings- this will complete the party favors. Let the children wear their fairy wings. These fairy wings have rainbow colors which make them looks lovelier and straps to be put on the shoulders which make them more convenient to use.

Fairy Accessories

Disney Tinkerbell Party Wands 4 Pack
Hallmark Mktg Corp
Only $7.99
Tinker Bell Bubble Wands 4ct
Hallmark Marketing Corporation
Only $6.99
Chilld Princess Party Favors - 12 Fairy Wands w/ Feather ...
Private Island
6 Kids and Toddler Rainbow Fairy Wings
Lil Princess
Only $29.00

Games before giving the party favors

This game will give them fun as they will be dancing like real fairies in the tinkerbell movie. The parents and guardians will also love as they'll watch their children dance in their beautiful fairy dresses, colourful wings, and magical wands.

Instead of giving the party goodies immediately, try to add some thrill by giving them games in exchange of their party bags with favors like:


Statue Dance


Play the theme songs of tinkerbell the movie like “Fly to your Heart” by Selena Gomez, “How to believe” by Ruby Summer, and a lot more. Instruct the children to dance with the tune. If the music stops, they all should also stop dancing. The one who will move will be out from the game.


Or, let’s reverse it. If the music stops, the children should dance. When the music plays, the children will stop dancing. In the same manner, if anyone who will move will be out from the game. Until one child will be the winner. You should have a good music operator who will be the one to play and to stop the music.


Party Favors in Package

Tinker Bell Favor Purse Party Supplies
Tinker Bell Goody Bag with 6 Favors
Hallmark Marketing Corporation
$7.42  $2.49

Fairy Party Favors

Updated: 07/12/2011, joyyuan34
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