Toddlers' and Kids' Art Desks with Storage

by HomeArtist1

Art desks and tables with storage like these, have plenty of supply nooks, drawers and shelves for all those lines, and rainbows of color that somehow come together as art.

Kids love art and being naturally curious, it's important to encourage creativity, providing plenty of outlets and supplies, feeding their innate hunger for learning, exploring and expression.

As a mom, there's nothing like a handmade card on Mother's Day--each year the artwork getting a bit more detailed and complex as my child grows from toddler to teen. I can attest to the value of kids' art tables and desks; they're such a simple way to promote children of all ages' creativity. And the value art plays in cognition and learning is well documented. What better way to apply our kids' knowledge of the world around them than with art?

Scroll down to see several great example of toddlers,' kids-to-teens' art tables, easels and desks with plenty of storage room for their supplies and let their learning begin!

Getting Creative While Learning: Art Tables & Desks for Kids & Toddlers with Storage

Toddlers & Preschooler Children:

Things to Consider with Kids' Plastic Art Easels & Desks
Little Tikes 2-in-1 Art Desk & Easel

Art Desk or Easel?

Toddlers and younger kids need smooth, washable furniture surfaces, as sharp edges and angles can be a real threat to small children's safety.

These desks and easels have lots of storage for tons of art supplies; it's like the adage: 'A place for everything and everything in its place.' Indeed, the Art Master Desk by Step2 at left, is a prime example of a great asset for promoting kids' artistic endeavors.


An Art Surface that Cleans Up Well


Back to the matter: A scrubbable surface is an obvious boon to us parents and caregivers [enter your own horrendous spill visual, here]. Other great features of plastic art tables and easels is their lighter weight, as you can easily move these pieces from room to room without soliciting help from the neighborhood weightlifter. I always liked to keep my twin toddlers within sight of me, especially after the crayon-in-the-nose episode that required an emergency doctor visit, half a day's pay and applicable doctor fees.

Yes, as a parent of small children, it was plastic all the way for "matters of the art."

Toddler-Friendly Art Desk to Grow With
Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

Do you prefer an art desk or easel?

Paper Anyone? - Wood Art & Craft Table and Chairs with Paper Roll & Storage

Childrens' Art Table And Chair Set - Pink

Guidecraft Art Table And Chair Set - Pink

Deciding Among Wooden Art Table & Chairs

Wood art and craft tables with chairs are a great way for two or more kids to create art while sharing stories.

Here's a look (above and at left) at several styles of art desks with paper rolls for one to more kids. Even toddlers can roll out fresh paper, making easy work of helping themselves.

A wood art table and chairs set will last a good while; I still have my twins' set, a gift from their aunt, after a decade and a half--now that's a good investment!

Art for Everyone: Art Table for Two or More Little Artists

Wood art and craft tables with chairs are a great way for two or more kids to create art while sharing stories.

My #1 Pick for Kids'--A Bit of Both: Wooden Art Desk and Table with Storage & Stools
Guidecraft Mega Creative Art Station

Corral the Madness: Storage Abounds with this Art Table for Kids to Teens

and beyond

I love this 'does-it-all' art table with stool-like chairs for two to work on projects. Like other quality tables and desks, this art center has the convenient paper roll (paper is included, too!), canvas storage bins and storage aplenty for art supplies of any ilk. Note the vast amount of art supplies in the model image, here; that's a lot of art supplies.

Too, this desk is constricted of rubberwood and MDF, both heavyweights, so be prepared; you may need two people to assemble it.

This table is literally an art center in one tidy package.

Kids' Teens and Adults' Arts & Crafts Table

with storage aplenty
South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table, White
Art: the Ultimate Activity Not Outgrown Kids' & Teens' Art Desk & Table with Supply Storage & Shelves

With teen boys, I've a lot of experience with failed furniture and regret but these art desks for teens to adults by South Shore are real heavyweights.

The exterior of MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a very easy-clean, smooth surface, which I always appreciated; it makes sense--especially for art tables where you'll have the occasional spill or go outside a paper's boundaries.

Space-Saving Fold Up Art Desk:

Close up the clutter

If you've the space for the larger art table, it obviously offers the most storage and features and will serve you and your kids well for a good, long time; just be prepared for its heavy construct.

The art table on the above right is a great piece for kids' to teens' rooms with its more conservatively-sized frame but this piece is made of the same MDF as its neighbor on the left. I like the shelves where kids can make their own choices for storage with boxes for supplies or going straight on for paper; just remember to use a creative paperweight, lest the slightest, "OOPS!" means a floor littered with paper-gone-wild.

It's just a matter of space, use and preference with either art desk, as they're both a great option.

Where will your child/children use your art desk?

2-Kid Station Art Easels for Kids and Toddlers - Art for Two


Easels & Tips about Art Supply Storage

Easels are a great way for two kids to enjoy creating in tighter areas where floor space is at a premium.

I'm impressed with the storage these easels offer but the deeper storage bins models are my real preference. You can repurpose shoe boxes that the kids have decorated and use them for storage on the shelf model easel.

If you're looking for a sturdier box, look for plastic shoe boxes or those dollar-store finds. Anything with a lid is a storage prospect in my book.

Consider how your child works and base your decision for space and storage on her or his activities.

One thing I always thought about when investing in any type furniture is its 'sale-ability' after my kids have grown into larger pieces. I'd say these tables fit the criteria well, where your kids will enjoy it fully, outgrow the table and it still have plenty of life left in it. Selling it later is a plus-plus, as you can recoup some of your initial investment--how neat is that?

Since several kids can enjoy either art table at the same time, the art tables help with social activity and development while working as team players--both skills that will serve your kids for a lifetime.

What's your favorite feature among these easels?

Large Arts and Craft Tables for Kids

with paper rolls and drying racks

These heavyweight wood art tables (above) for toddlers and kids are more reminiscent to art class design with their sturdy-as-all construct and paper roll for at-the-ready artistic endeavors or handy drying rack for those potentially-messy paintings.

Both art tables have ample storage space; it's just a matter of preference with design with either quality piece.

colorful kids art desk set with chair and supply storage

I'm lovin' this too-cute wood art desk with its red finish, adjustable desk top, storage cubby below for a supply box and cute little star cutouts.

Obviously, some art desks for children are more decorative than others and if you've a penchant for looks and decor, this desk is ideal for little kids rooms. It's just the right size for fitting tight spaces and while it's wood, it''s still quite portable.

I'm thinking this art desk will be a long-remembered fave.

Click on the image to see more details about this desk.

colorful wooden art desk with storage for toddlers and small children
ALEX Toys Wood Artist Studio My Art Desk with Chair

It's a Colorful World

This high-energy decorative art table and chair set is great for toddlers and preschoolers. I like the soft-sided well placed storage bins for all sorts of art supplies. I like the idea of each child having her or his own storage cup for markers and crayons seen at each corner of the art table.

The best part? The dry erase board tabletop! I wasn't too keen on dry erase boards but kids will be using them throughout their school days and after I began using one I realized their value for practice artwork, drafts of any kind and as paper-saver. You don't need a fancy eraser, either; I use an occasional baby wipe to clean the surface well.

Too, dry erase boards are a real boon in teaching kids letters and numbers. Who knew?

The cute crayon chairs promise to be a fave with toddlers and I'm thinking of all the great photos these cute chairs will help make.

Why I LOVE this lighted desk . . . er easel . . . er . . . easel AND desk

Some of the art desks for kids can be a bit pricey, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this well-regarded desk with ample storage at a great price.

I noted the most recent parental reviews are more favorable which is comforting when budget is at issue (as it always was with me). There's plenty to like if your child likes to sit for a while, as the chair has a higher backrest and the tabletop is adjustable to an almost easel,drafting table-like position and that light will make the toddler to preschooler feel like a pro.

I like the handy holders for storing art supplies like crayons, markers and the like and the paper clip holds paper in place .

For the low price, I'd say this plastic version of a drafting-style art desk is a keeper.


It's a Desk, It's an Easel . . . it's an:

uber-cheap art desk converts to an easel
Kids' Uber-Cheap Art Desk with Storage Desk and Easel
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