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by Tested_to_Destruction

The best tool bags are durable and fit for purpose. The five best tool organizers and bags, compared.

All tradesmen need tool bags - of one description or another. Without on it's a little difficult to get through the working day. Whilst a tool box can be a a great option, they're not always practical for transporting smaller hand and power tools, plus some of the canvas tool bag designs allows for lots of organization.

A good quality tool bag will aid productivity, last for years, factor in what it is a bag designed for tools is supposed to be about and pretty much put in a hard days work, day after day. There's a variety on the market, from canvas to leather, totes to rolling bags.

The five best tool bags are featured below - covering size, design, style and price. All are best selling, highly rated are the top tools for the job.

VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag

This is the best selling of all the tool bags currently available. It's highly rated, seen in the hands of many a tradesman and it's packed with features. The manufacture is fabric - and made of pretty heavy duty stuff. It's weather proof, the base is durable and waterproof and the zips and closings are all industrial standard.

There's enough internal space to house up to 100 different hand tools, over 60 separate pockets, and the design, grab handle and shoulder strap are all focused on comfort, security and ease of transportation. Overall the bag is intelligently laid out, it offers far more scope than its appearance from the picture, and for the price tag, it's the best canvas tool bag on the market.

VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag

Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique patented fixed-center panel design and durable construction. The layout and functionality of these bags is nothing short of brill...

Only $224.95

Stanley Consumer Storage 518150M FatMax 18-inch Tool Bag

This is the best of the discount tool bags, it's a Stanley and it has a five star rating. Need more? Well for a start off it's similar to the previous product, in that the weather proofing, waterproof base and durable manufacture are all present and correct. Everything about it's reinforced and built for a hard days work.

It can hold a considerable number of tools and the outer pockets are handy for both sorting away tools and accessories, as well as good for slotting tools in when they're in use. It feels pretty comfortable when carried - though the weight will depend on what's inside it. Overall, a well made medium to small tool bag, awesome quality and worth every penny.

Stanley Consumer Storage 518150M FatMax 18-inch Tool Bag

18''. Central zipper allows for quick access and maximum visibility to contents when opened. Ideal for carrying hand tools and other medium to small size items. 600 x 600 denier...

Only $53.42

Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack

This is the best backpack tool bag, built to last and carry pretty much everything that you'll need it to. The dimensions are fairly impressive and the design is ergonomic and comfort friendly. It comes with lots of bells and whistles - flaps, pockets, mini and zipper pockets, a variety of compartments and more.

It will take a size-able drill, related cord and accessories, or pretty much whatever are the more common tools of your trade. It won't complain, fall apart and best of all, being a backpack it leaves your hands free for - carrying other stuff. Altogether a nice design, well put together, you cab feel the quality and its current price tag adds to its attractiveness.

Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack

Includes 75-Pocket Tool Backpack - 1132

$127.13  $111.8

Custom LeatherCraft 1526 23 Pocket Electrical and Maintenance Tool Pouch

This is the best electrician tool bag by a long mile, and what it doesn't have isn't worth worrying about. It's designed to carry a multitude of small to medium hand tools, most of which make up an electrician or maintenance worker's tool kit. It focuses on the need to hold a myriad of small tools, the one's that you need to locate quickly, fluidly - right when you need them the most.

The tier style makes it a lot easier to see, rather having to look inside and hunt around - a great feature and adds functionality. The manufacture is durable, the handles are comfortable and the shape adds to its stability when set down. The plastic accessories box in the base is an extremely cool feature and enhances its user friendly design. It's solid, it's roomy, it's cheap - and it wants buying. Top bag, top price.

Custom LeatherCraft 1526 23 Pocket Electrical and Maintenance Tool Pouch

The 1526 23-Pocket Electrical & Maintenance Tool Pouch from Custom Leather Craft is a boxed shape design tool carrier built to last out of rugged polyester fabric. The 7-inch x ...

$60.99  $52.04

McGuire-Nicholas 22320W 20-inch Rolling Tool Bag

The is the best of the rolling tool bags and offers a lot of value for money. Looking a lot like a flight back, it's reinforced, durable, double stitched and heavy duty. Great for carting power tools around, it feels plenty sturdy and the wheels handle terrain quite well.

If you're looking for an all singing and dancing bag, this isn't it - the design is pretty basic but -. you're paying less that 30 bucks for it and you're still getting a lot thrown in. It's spacious, there are 6 pretty roomy pockets tucked away inside and it will stand up to being lugged around full of heavy tools. A good quality wheeled tool bag, lots of bang for your buck - one to buy.

McGuire-Nicholas 22320W 20-Inch Rolling Tool Bag With Telescoping Handle

Since 1932, McGuire-Nicholas® has been providing quality work wear. Through innovative design, superior workmanship and the use of time-tested materials, They are committed to p...

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