Top Ten Lady Gaga Costumes

by lou16

Looking for a popular Halloween costume what about dressing as Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga costumes are a huge hit all year around, but especially at Halloween.

Lady Gaga has become known for her avante garde fashion sense and her outfits are copied around the world. Last Halloween it was believed that Lady Gaga was the most popular female costume around and this year looks like being no different.

Every Lady Gaga Costume is different and just when you think you’ve figured her out she’ll turn up somewhere in something completely different. Whether you think of her Kermit the Frog coat or her meat dress the fact remains that every Lady Gaga costume provokes comments from around the world.

Let’s have a look at what I think are the top ten Lady Gaga costumes that you could put together for Halloween, a fancy dress event or even a night out clubbing with friends.

Lady Gaga’s Wax Museum Look

I’ve called this the Lady Gaga wax museum look, but in fact there are several different wax models of Lady Gaga in Madame Tussauds and this is only one of them.   Including the hair bow, however, I think it’s quite identifiable.

The biggest problem I've had is finding a pair of boots that are like these, I originally found a great pair on Amazon, but they've been out of stock so I've come up with a lace-up pair of beige boots for you that are a little darker than the ones featured here.   You'll need to replace the laces in them with black laces as this really makes them stand out as they did on Lady Gaga when she wore the style (and as they still do on her wax statue opposite).

Moving on with the outfit you basically need a pair of black briefs combined with a black bandeau and then cover them both with a black cross over jacket like the one I've featured here.

When it comes to the accessories you will need a pair of oversized sunglasses - classic Lady Gaga style.   You will also need a shoulder length blonde wig and Lady Gaga’s infamous hair bow.   As any follower of Lady Gaga can tell you wigs to Gaga are like shoes to Imelda Marcos!

As far as the make up department goes, as long as you keep your sunglasses on all night it doesn’t matter how you do your eyes.   However, her make up was a lot more sedated around the time that she first wore this outfit so I would go for neutral colors with lots of mascara (or false eyelashes).   As far as for lipstick and nail polish, however, the color should be black, in fact Lady Gaga does seem to like to wear black nail polish as she's been using it again recently on her Australian trip.

There you have it - a great Lady Gaga costume and one which will deck the halls of immortality at Madame Tussauds long after you've enjoyed your night out in it!

Lady Gaga’s Bubbles Costume

Do you remember Lady Gaga's bubble costume?   Mother monster must love her bubble bath as she must surely have taken the inspiration for this costume from it.

People have attempted to produce this costumes using balloons like here -

Lady Gaga!


However I don't think that this works that well as balloons don't have the same shiny and reflective surface that Lady Gaga's costume did.

The best thing to do in order to create a Gaga inspired bubbles costume is to get some of the clear, fillable Christmas ornaments that are on the market.

First of all though you're going to have to get a nude bodysuit to put on which you can then attach the ornaments to.

With the balloon costume opposite I believe that they were attached to the pink bodysuit with tape - this won't work with Christmas ornaments so I'd get the needle and thread out and attach some tabs (in the same color as the bodysuit) in various locations on the bodysuit itself.

The tags give the ornaments something to hold onto and you simply snap them together over the tags - voila!   A gorgeous Lady Gaga bubble costume.

Now the next thing to keep in mind with this outfit is that the bubbles were in a couple of different sizes on Lady Gaga's outfit.   You can either buy the ornaments in different sizes and simply 'guess' at how many you'll need or you can buy a pack that's designed to re-produce Mother Monster's outfit (see opposite).

The great thing about this costume is that you can fill these ornaments afterwards and use them as unique Christmas ornaments after your fancy dress event is all over!

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Lady Gaga Crime Scene Tape Costume

One of the most economical, but very good Lady Gaga costumes was taken from her Telephone video and is the Crime Scene Tape.   This costume couldn’t be easier to put together – simply wrap crime scene tape around your body to hide all the naughty bits and that’s the outfit – done!   You need to be very confident to wear this particular lady Gaga costume however and another way is to wear the crime scene tape over a nude colored body suit!

With this outfit Lady Gaga has short blonde hair, although the crime scene tape is also wrapped around her head.   Her lipstick is a very dark redish burgundy color and her eyes look like she’s wearing false eyelashes and has applied eye pencil and then smudged it slightly for a ‘smoky eyes’ effect.   There is more eye liner on the upper lids along with some grey on the bottom part of the eye lid and a paler color on the under the brow part of the eye.

The Born This Way Skeleton Costume

Lady Gaga surprised us again with this outfit and as I watched the Born This Way video this was my favourite costume and one that I thought could be so easily replicated into a Halloween outfit – it’s spooky and it’s Gaga what could be better?

First you need a slim fitting black tux, white fitted shirt and a black bow tie.   Next it’s time to sort out the hair which is basically a long blonde side ponytail with streaks of pink in it.

The make up is what presents the most work and luckily thanks to YouTube you can find directions on how to get the Lady Gaga skeleton look –

Now you don't even have to go to the trouble of finding yourself a tuxedo and then a shirt and bow tie, instead you can buy the whole Lady Gaga Skeleton Tuxedo outfit already for you to wear.

lady gaga tuxedo costume

I must say I've actually seen a lady dressed in this costume and it looks really great.

The pony tail wig is also available to purchase and the lady I saw had both on.   Her make up was done beautifully and I think her costume was one of the standouts of the one's I saw on Halloween 2011.   My dd couldn't stop staring at her!

Be sure to check out the video above though because it's the make up that really makes this outfit stand out.   As long as you have black around your eyes the rest doesn't have to be perfect as people will know exactly who you are.

Lady Gaga's hands also had make up on so that they would look skeletal as well as in black the words Lady Gaga were on them.   L A D Y on one hand and G A G A on the other across the bottom parts of each finger like a tattoo.

I don't think we see her feet at all in the video so I'm not sure exactly what she was wearing on them, but I would go with black heels as she never seems to wear flats!

Lady Gaga - VMA 2009 Costume

This is now available as an official Lady Gaga costume and it shocked everyone watching the VMA’s in 2009 as she sang Paparazzi and covered herself in blood!

This outfit needs to be accompanied with a pink and blonde curly wig (also available from her official costume collection), pearl necklace and white boots.

Lady Gaga VMA '09 Dress

I think this is a pretty cool outfit without any blood added to it - but that's up to you!

I love the Lady Gaga wig that was worn with this costume as well because it does seem to soften the whole look beautifully.

As far as Lady Gaga's cosmetics went for this outfit, her nails were clear and her lips were a very pale pink.   All of the attention was on her eyes.

Her eye color was dark grey which really made her eyes 'pop' through her mask and later as she took her mask off.   In fact her eye make up looked very much like that of the model opposite.

Bad Romance Red Lace Lady Gaga Outfit

This is another instantly recognizable Lady Gaga costume and a great thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about getting the make up right because no one will see your face!

A short curly blonde wig is how Lady Gaga carried off this outfit, but as it is so recognizable I don’t think you’d have to worry about getting the hair ‘right’, everyone will know you’re dressing as Lady Gaga.

Strap on a pair of heels and get ready to paint the town red in this gorgeous Lady Gaga costume!

Lady Gaga’s American Flag Costume

One of the most popular Lady Gaga costumes on the market seems to be her American Flag costume from her popular Telephone video.   This was one of the biggest selling Lady Gaga costumes for Halloween 2010 and looks set to continue to be popular with people.

What is the appeal of this Lady Gaga costume over others?   I think it embodies, not just Gaga but a feeling of Patriotism and it also feels a little like a superhero costume.

This official Lady Gaga costume includes the wig and gloves along with the headband and flag shorts and top and is bound to get a lot of attention throughout the night!

Lady Gaga 2011 Gold Grammy Costume

Most of the talk of Lady Gaga and the 2011 Grammy Awards was about her entrance in a giant egg, but she also wore the gorgeous outfit featured here.

When she burst out of the egg to perform her hit song Born This Way her outfit was very similar to this one. At the time I looked at quite a few places to try and find something like it, but wasn't successful.

Luckily for anyone who wants to wear this outfit it's now available as an officially licensed Lady Gaga costume.

You need to pair this outfit (which includes her hat) with a pair of gold stilettos like the ones I've featured below and long hair in a ponytail.   You could actually use the same ponytail wig that she uses in the skeleton tuxedo costume.   Under the lighting it was hard to tell for sure, but it certainly seemed like she was using the same wig.

Lady Gaga also used prosthetic horns on her face along with dramatic eyes and a deep wine colored lipstick. 

You can actually mimic the look of her horns using make-up and if you want to do this just go to youtube and type in 'born this way make up tutorials' there's a number of them that are really good.

Personally I think you'll be recognized even without her 'horns', but it's fun to go all the way with these costumes sometimes.

Lady Gaga's Parisian Chic Look

The 'Look" That Shocked Paris!

It takes a lot to shock the French or so they say, but when Lady Gaga stepped out in Paris in this next outfit it made headlines around the world and the passing by Parisians were definitely taken aback!

First you need a nude bodysuit or leotard which you then pair with a grey blazer, a large bag and Harry Potter inspired glasses.   It looks like you've forgotten to put any pants on which is what caused all of the scandal in the first place!

The grey jacket should be left open so that people see you have a nude leotard underneath and you should also don a single stand of pearls (preferably grey).   If you can't get a grey jacket then that's okay because any jacket will do provided you have the glasses and hair bow.

Lets move upwards then - the Harry Potter style glasses that we've already mentioned really set this outfit apart - sort of a sexy librarian vibe really.   The hair should be blonde and just below the shoulders with her then trademark hair bow sitting pretty on top.

Make up should be very understated with this costume.

The other accessories include nude colored stiletto heels, leather gloves and a big oversized tote bag, similar in look to the Downtown bag that was popular with celebrities that year.   The bag was actually a pale pink color, but I doubt many people remember the color of the bag!

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Lady Gaga's Hood Outfits

A Classic Lady Gaga Look

One of Lady Gaga's early classic looks was that of the Gaga hood.   This was a look that she used on a number of occasions and with several different color combinations.

The image that you see opposite is of Lady Gaga in a black hood along with her trademark pair of sunglasses (in this case wayfarers), a black bodysuit, red belt, black gloves and long straight blonde hair.

There are lots of different ways of obtaining this classic Gaga look which you can find at Lady Gaga Costumes.

For this particular costume you will need to purchase a Lady Gaga headscarf (official ones are available in red or black) or use a long scarf over your head to create the look.   A long straight blonde wig to wear (unless you're hair is long and blonde that is) is also required.

Next you'll need a black bodysuit or leotard along with a red belt.   A pair of opera style black silk gloves will also add some authenticity to the costume.   If you only have a pair of Lady Gaga's usual mini gloves then this will be fine (she used to wear this style of glove with her red bodysuit and 'hood').

Wayfarers are an important addition to the costume and because you're not going to be taking them off it's completely up to you as to how you want to do your eye make-up.   Lipstick should be either a soft, pale pink or even a nude color for this look.

As with any Lady Gaga costume you will need to finish it off with a pair of high heels - for this one I would recommend black pumps.

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I hope you've enjoyed these top ten Lady Gaga costumes and have chosen a great look for yourself.   If you're still looking for a different Lady Gaga look then maybe you'd like to check out some of the other Lady Gaga costume sites that I've found for you below.

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Will You Be Dressing As Lady Gaga This Year?

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Seelyon on 06/20/2015

She definitely has a strange array of dress styles which have only gotten weirder over time, what a better way to dress up for Halloween!

Guest on 07/24/2011

Another great halloween collection. Love the lady gaga costumes - well actually I don't really like them at all, but I do love the page :)

kajohu on 07/23/2011

I won't be dressing as Lady Gaga this year, because it would look a little scary on me, being a few decades older than she is.....oh, wait, scary Halloween costume.....hmmm, that could be fun! I enjoy watching Lady Gaga videos even if I won't be dressing up as her!

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