Torx Screwdriver Set Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A torx screwdriver set is designed to deal with 6 pointed screws. The five best torx screwdrivers, compared and reviewed.

A torx screwdriver set is a specialist collection of screwdrivers that are designed to insert and extract 6 point screws. Some refer to them as star screwdrivers, due to the appearance of the bits and associated screws.

They come in a range of sizes - t8, t10, t6 and so on, and there's a variety of manufacturers that market torx sets. In short there's plenty to choose from, different prices and collections, as well as features.

The five best torx screwdrivers and sets detailed below are all on the best seller lists, rated highly by previous purchasers and each set will not only deliver the results - they're also high on quality and value for money.

Eclipse 902-097 7-Piece Security Torx Screwdriver Set

This is the best selling torx screwdriver set - and it contains a range of 7 different pieces. It will work with a variety of units and tasks - game stations, electronics and appliances to name a few. The size range is from T5 up to T15, and the manufacture is pretty solid.

The handles are comfortable enough and the steel shaft and head are a rugged enough construction to allow for plenty of torque and no real duress on either the hand or the screwdriver. Did a good job of dealing with a load of tamper proof screws on an x-box - nice little set, won't break the bank, gets the job done.

Eclipse 902-097 7-Piece Security Torx Screwdriver Set

The Eclipse 902-097 Pro-soft 7-Piece Torx H (Tamper-Proof) Screwdrivers are comfortable to use. Coated with cushioning rubber to ease stress on the hands. This assortment contai...

Only $18.09

SE 6 Piece Deluxe Torx Driver Kit w/Storage Case T5-T10

This is a cheap torx screwdriver set - includes a decent enough case to keep them all together and there's enough screwdrivers to keep even the most enthusiastic electronics guys happy. There's a set of six drivers fro, T5 to T10, and they work well enough with the usual range of electronics that use tamper proof screws.

The shafts are constructed out of chrome vanadium steel - which is heavy grade stuff and you can feel it when you're applying the required torque. The handles are user-friendly - you get a nice hold from the cushioned grips at the top end of the handle and in all they're worthy of better reviews than some of those that they've received. Better quality than the price indicates - if for nothing else they're well worth it for a one off job .

SE 7542ST 6-Piece Deluxe Torx Driver Kit Storage T5-T10

6-Piece High Quality Professional Torx Driver Kit, everything you need for Hobbies, Electronics, and other Small appliance repair. Each Driver Has Knurled Shaft for Non-Slip Gri...

Only $7.99

GearWrench 80056 Six-Piece Mini Torx Screwdriver Set

Shifting up a gear on quality with this best selling torx set, you're getting a bit more for your buck. The same size ranges in a set of six screwdrivers as the previous product - from T5 up to T10 - and it's also available in the 12 piece set for a few more dollars.

The case is good - better than the picture makes it look and the screwdrivers themselves are good quality overall. All the tips are black oxide - to reduce slipping, and they're also color coded according to size and type. The handles give a good grip, and again, the cushioned warp.around pad at the top is a nice comfortable touch. The set includes a torx 6 screwdriver - useful for Mac-books and general computing maintenance tasks. Well designed, affordable - the set for those that need a bit more from their screwdrivers.

GearWrench 80056 6 Piece Mini Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set

Innovative Dual Material Handle Black Oxide Non Slip Tip "Speed Zone" for turning in lower torque applications Cap color indicates tip style Includes: T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, and T1...

Only $14.99

Silverhill T10 Torx Driver for Tamper Resistant Screws

If you're looking for the best single torx 10 screwdriver, this is it. The shaft is manufactured from good and solid chrome vanadium steel and the handle has an ergonomic design that's comfortable, easy to get a hold on and helps when it comes to applying the torque.

The yellow tip on the handle spins - which makes loosening/tightening less of an effort. It works with the Sony PS3 - in fact it's the only torx that will open a PS3 full stop, so don't be fooled by believing the hype that you need a T8 - you don't. Also good for maintenance stiff on some of the leather man models. Cheap enough at under 3 bucks to make it worth the purchase. Will save a lot more for those with a minor issues on a PS3.

Silverhill T10 Torx Driver for Tamper Resistant Screws

If you want to open your PS3, then you need a tamper resistant screwdriver size T10 to remove the first screw. After that, the rest of the screws require a standard phillips scr...

Only $6.99

Wiha 26706 Torx Screwdriver With Precision Handle, T6 x 40mm

This is the best torx 6 screwdriver and it works with a range of electronic and non-electronic devices and products. It's the torx of choice for Mac book owners - nothing gets you into an Apple quite a easily or simply as the T6.

It's also good for some cell phones and will remove tamper proof screws from some designer eye and sun glasses. It's superior quality is evident in its manufacture - you're getting a durable premium grade steel shaft and tip, a handle that may look basic but gives a good solid grip, and finger caps that turn nice and easy. A decent pro quality screwdriver at an affordable price.

Wiha 26706 Torx Screwdriver With Precision Handle, T6 x 40mm

Wiha 26706 torx precision screwdriver, T8 x 40mm. Made of high alloy chrome-vanadium molybdenum steel.

$9.9  $8.11
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