How to Raise the Tower of Light as Psychic Protection in Wicca

by JoHarrington

Frightened by a supernatural presence? Feeling overwhelmed by other people's emotions? Or drained by a psychic vampire? Wiccans might raise the Tower of Light.

There are many ways in which Wiccan psychic protection might play out. The Tower of Light does not mess around.

It's like encasing yourself in a fortress, locked away where neither entity nor energy can reach you.

As psychic self-defense, the Tower of Light occupies a position right at the extreme end of things. Only an idiot would leave it up indefinitely, divorcing themselves from all that is and might be in our world of everyday wonders.

But as a knee-jerk 'get me away from THIS!' response, the Tower of Light is unparalleled as a Wiccan method of psychic self-protection.

Why Might You Want Psychic Protection?

If you're attacked by something tangible, then you'd want regular self-defense techniques. The intangible calls for techniques of psychic self-defense.

Image: Psychic Attack

  1. Block out a Supernatural Entity. Be it a haunting or something nasty on the astral plane, we're not always open for business.
  2. Block out Background Psychic Noise. This tends to be the myriad emotions found in crowded places.
  3. Repel a Psychic Vampire. Ever felt like all your energy has been sapped, or your feelings of inadequacy grow by the second, in the presence of a certain person?
  4. Repel Psychic Attacks. Unfortunately witch wars can and sometimes do erupt, reacting with defense means not giving up on 'harm none', even the likes of them.
  5. Peace of Mind. Don't laugh, we all have the capacity to freak ourselves out, and throwing up the Tower of Light is one way to trick ourselves into believing we've fought off the baddie. You never know. Perhaps we have.

Those are the five major reasons why Wiccans might seek out psychic protection methods. 

I've personally gone for the Tower of Light several times in the first category. Once in the fourth, wherein my experience in psychic self-defense was fortunately able to cut through my shock in discovering psychic attacks were actually real. Until then, I thought it was all the power of suggestion triggering some serious episodes of headology.

But the vast majority of occasions when I've raised the Tower of Light belong to that final category. I panicked, threw the psychic protection up, took a breather, stopped panicking and brought it down again. I strongly suspect that's true for most Wiccans.

How Can Wiccans Raise the Tower of Light?

We are surrounded by powerful Earth Energies. None more so than those we carry within and around ourselves.

We protect ourselves every moment of every day. Human beings are exposed to so much stimuli - sights, sounds, smells, things we touch and things we taste - instincts ringing from a trillion different messages channeling through our nervous system and our brains.

Minds which take all that knowledge and experience - from the instant we were able to conceive of either - and use it to interpret all that's happening to us right here and now.

Our nature, our genetic code, our personalities, all conspiring to bombard us with more stimuli than we can possibly sanely exist beneath. An onslaught destined to drive us mad.

So what do we do? We filter it out. At least those bits which aren't entirely necessary to keep us alive and present in our surroundings. It's all still there. We just learned how to be discerning.  Human beings have such a great capacity for ignoring what it pains them to acknowledge.

In part, this is what we're going to invoke, when we raise the Tower of Light. The rest is reaching into the great Earth energies, and more specifically those we conduit through ourselves, then dragging them like a comfort blanket or a cocoon about our psychic field.

Or, as I like to describe it, sticking a Ready Brek glow onto our auras.

If you have any understanding of Chakhras or the Qabalah, then you'll grasp the esoteric rationale behind the Tower of Light. If you're familiar with the work of Dion Fortune, then what are you doing here?  You already know way more than there's scope to discuss in a basic tutorial like this.

As for everyone else, you'll just have to trust me. The Tower of Light works. Just remember to take it down afterwards, if you want to feel anything ever again.

The Late and Extremely Great Dion Fortune

This lady once orchestrated the raising of the Tower of Light over an entire country. 'Psychic Self-Defence' will teach you many ways to protect yourself.

How to Raise the Tower of Light in Psychic Self-Defense

This is so much faster when you've done it in an emergency half a dozen times. On the first occasion, it'll take forever to do.

Step One: Don't Panic

  • Stand up (if you're able, no biggie if you can't). Back straight, shoulders back, arms limp, legs slightly apart, relaxed.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Concentrate on your breathing - inhale for the count of six, hold for three, exhale for the count of six. Continue until it's so natural a rhythm that you don't even have to think about it.

Step Two: Raise your Arms Above your Head

  • Keep them relaxed, you're not doing aerobics.
  • Palms turned inward, like you're holding a huge beach ball wider than your shoulders.

Step Three: Imagine a Big Ball of Glowing Light

  • Turn the beach ball of your imagination into a ball of light. You'll know you've got it, when you feel the warmth in your hands. Some people even glimpse the glow through their closed eyelids.
  • Hold the energy. Play with it. Feel it latch onto your hands. Know that it's in your grasp. Let it grow and shrink with the movement of your palms, closer, further away, it's your ball of light.

Step Four: Draw the Light Down Around You

  • Lower your arms in an arc on either side.
  • Know that you pulled the light downwards attached to your hands.
  • Picture the light flowing around your whole body.
  • Envision the light continuing down through sheer momentum, as your arms reach their limit.
  • Let your hands meet naturally in front of you.
  • See the light closing beneath your feet, under the ground/floor. (It's light, it's not confined by matter.)
  • Understand that you are standing inside an oval cocoon of moving energy. Within a glowing egg, if you prefer, but not nearly so fragile.

Step Five: Raise your Arms Again

  • Note how the cocoon of light moves with you. It's a fortress, but a flexible one. You've bound it to your astral form, not the space in which you stand.

Step Six: Touch the Electric Blue

  • Palms out, grasping the still glowing nucleus of the ball above your head.
  • Feel the energy of electric blue particles buzzing about inside the golden ball.

Step Seven: Release the Electric Blue

  • Lower your arms.
  • Picture the electric blue energy zooming through your golden borders.

Now breathe. You have raised the Tower of Light. You ARE the Tower of Light, and you are fabulous! Nothing can attack you on a psychic level, while you are inside there.

Ghosts may stalk unseen, but you will barely know they're there (if you sense them at all). Dodgy witches can chuck their worst in your direction, but it'll all bounce off harming none. The whole world can be in crisis simultaneously - you can chat, act, see, but not feel it as an overwhelming mass. Bring on the psychic vampires and let them starve.

As for your own mind, it's in there with you, but now you've given it all the attention it craves. Let it take the comfort.

And when the universe seems safe again, just do the above in reverse to take down the Tower of Light. Your psychic self-defense worked.

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CarleyClagg on 11/10/2015

interesting! It reminds me of the kundalini shakti. Anytime I feel overwhelming emotions from people around me or sense supernatural presence (which I don't like to communicate with) I meditate and focus on my root chakra. It leaves me feeling safe and grounded.

JoHarrington on 10/20/2014

I don't know of anyone personally who has done that. I should imagine that they'd go slowly insane over time. Humanity hasn't evolved to be comfortable with isolation - solitary confinement in prisons is a recognized mode of torture - and how much worse might it feel to walk amongst folk feeling nothing? As John Donne wrote, 'No man is an island...' nor should we be.

Life is for living, as you said.

JoHarrington on 10/15/2014

That is interesting. What do you do this exercise for in Qi Gong?

Digby_Adams on 10/10/2014

We do an exercise very similar to that in my qi gong class. It's never been suggested that it's for protection. Very interesting.

JoHarrington on 10/09/2014

Dion Fortune predates the revival of Wicca, a la Gerald Gardner, but only by a decade.

frankbeswick on 10/09/2014

I did not know that she was not Wiccan.

JoHarrington on 10/09/2014

Telesto - I reckon there is the equivalent in most religions and/or spiritual paths. The Tower of Light works very, very well in my experience.

JoHarrington on 10/09/2014

Frank - While this light undoubtedly draws upon that within and around you, it does go further. I've never felt drained inside the Tower of Light, just utterly cut off. It's like walking around in a suit of armour, isolated, which isn't really that good for anyone. That's why I recommend taking it back down the moment the danger has passed. Otherwise I think you'd mentally drift away, watching society from behind a moving glass window.

Dion Fortune wasn't Wiccan, but you hear a great deal about her in the Wiccan (and Pagan generally) communities. I've had many a lovely wander around Glastonbury, looking for her grave, standing outside her home, visiting the places where she had been, while meditating upon her various teachings.

A kind, compassionate and very wise lady. I'd certainly want her on side in any psychic defence situation.

Telesto on 10/09/2014

Very interesting Jo. We do something similar in spirit work, I've tried these things and they do work.

frankbeswick on 10/09/2014

Light as an electromagnetic reality differs from light as a psychic reality. We see this in religious experience, where people "see" light whereas others around them do not. So it seems like psychic light you are rousing, the inner light of the mind. Yet the question is does this method use up your energies, and if so can it be sustained for long. Or do you draw on spiritual or divine powers to augment the power that you wield in the tower? Does it therefore have an element of prayer to it?

I have not heard anyone mention Dion Fortune for a long time. I read her book on Glastonbury and she comes over as a pleasant, kind and tolerant person. She speaks well of the pre-reformation monks at Glastonbury, laments their departure and was no enemy of Christ, of whom she speaks favourably. Certainly on reading her book, I came out as well-disposed towards her. I think that she would not be an enemy of anyone except those who wanted to be an enemy of her. This is the first picture of her that I have seen.

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