Weight Loss Spells

by JoHarrington

Witchcraft doesn't usually cover such things, but it can if you add a healthy dash of ancient Weatherwaxian lore.

I'll admit that, as an experienced Wiccan initiated to the third level, my reaction to being asked about weight loss spells was a little dismissive. I was wrong.

In delving into my Book of Shadows, and taking advice from much wiser minds than my own, I discovered that all of the elements were there. It was just a matter of applying them.

This is extremely deep spell-work and it taught me that you're never too old to learn. Let me guide you through all that I was able to put together.

No weight loss program, even involving witchcraft, should be embarked upon without due regard for your own health.

If you experience any adverse effects, stop immediately and, if symptoms persist, seek medical assistance.

Blessed be.

Granny Weatherwax
Granny Weatherwax

Preparation for your Slimming Spell

This level of magic is quite involved, so please don't expect changes overnight.

If you are serious about harnessing the power of nature to aid you in attaining your perfect figure, then some planning is required.

I will mention some short-cuts, but for the best results it is better not to use them.

Give yourself at least a month's leeway, before starting in earnest, if you are determined to meet the full challenge. That way you can make sure that you are physically, mentally and spiritually ready.

It will also give you time to learn some local and celestial knowledge. This will prove invaluable, as you progress through the levels into truly looking and feeling like a Goddess. So let's begin.

First you need to locate some herbs and wild plants. It is better to go out yourself and look in the hedgerows for these. They might take some finding, but once you have the patch, things get much easier. 

(NB The forces of nature don't really take kindly to car fumes, hence it is better to do this on foot or bicycle.)

More about Herbalism and Wicca

Many initiates come seeking a world of witchcraft and spells. The reality of the Wiccan religion may not be the right path for all.
The primary art of witchcraft is in herbalism and other natural remedies. For centuries, the only healthcare for the poor was the village witch.

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Herbs to Harvest for Weight Loss Spell-work

Mint, parsley, sage and linden blossom are the biggies here, but be careful to note when to harvest them.

The number one herb to look for is mint. Indigenous to Europe, it was carried by the wise wives of the diaspora into just about every country on the planet.

They knew its uses and its value.

It is known to grow wild in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America and many other nations too. It's certainly to be found in every part of Europe.

You will know when you've found it. Touch the leaves and the scent is akin to spearmint chewing gum.

Note where the mint grows, but leave it there for now. It's too soon to harvest it, if you want to take on the full blessing.

On the eve of performing your weight loss spell, set your alarm clock. You will need to return to your wild mint patch just before dawn, factoring in the time to walk there.

If there is dew on the plants, then you have arrived at the perfect moment. Harnessing the energy of the rising sun. Stand for a moment and contemplate the peacefulness of this place.

Tell the mint and the dawn (the Goddess Eostre), what you wish to do. Imagine yourself looking exactly as you want to look. Then, before the sun rises too high over the horizon, ask permission of the plant to be blessed with its properties.

Carefully cut some of the tender, new leaves near to the top. They will be wet with dew. Thank the mint and the Lady for having heard you, then quietly walk away taking your bounty with you.

You may repeat this with sage, parsley or linden blossom, but I recommend mint in this instance.

If you have hunted and hunted and really can't find wild mint, then buy some seeds. Hold them in your hand and visualize your ideal weight, before planting them in your garden. Then repeat as above.

On a purely practical note, be careful to place them into containers ( a buried bucket works too), as mint spreads like it's going out of fashion. If you place it into open ground, it will take over your garden.

If you have no garden, then grow some in a pot on your windowsill.  This is a less happy arrangement, as it isn't open to the elements, so it isn't imbibing the full energies of nature. You won't be harvesting it covered in dew, though you should still do so at the dawn.

Worst case scenario (and extreme short-cut), just buy some mint tea.

Drawing on the Elements of Earth and Water

Your herbs are filled with earth magic, then you add the potency of water.

You will begin your slimming spell on the night of the new moon.

Use a lunar calendar to discover when the next one occurs, then use that date (or the one after it, if you're waiting for garden mint to grow) as Day One.

The dawn of that day is when you will set out to collect your herbs. Take your fresh leaves home and place five of them (or 2-3 if they're quite big) into a mug or cup. (Keep at least one back.) Bruise them with a silver spoon to release the oils within.

Boil some water (in a kettle is fine) and pour it over your mint (or sage/parsley/linden blossom). Cover the cup and let it steep for up to ten minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger it becomes.

Then drink it as hot as you can handle.  Try to sip it without any external distractions. Take a stroll in the garden, or sit outside, if practical. If not, then just quietly contemplate from indoors.

Imagine the mint carrying energy to your limbs. Feel the magic working through your body towards your desired end. Let it warm and carry you through your day. Tell yourself throughout that you are beautiful and make sure that you believe it.

Ten minutes before you eat any meal, repeat this process. Have another mug or cup of hot mint tea, while stating that same declaration.

Once you have finished, fill a bottle or jug with water. Take the remaining mint leaf and dip it three times into it, while saying, 'Bless this water in the name of the Lord and Lady'.  (Or insert your own deity's name, if you are more comfortable.) Then place the leaf on your doorstep, or anywhere else outside, to return it to the land. Remember to give thanks once more.

From now until the dark moon, at the end of the Lunar Cycle, you should drink mainly the mint tea or the blessed water.  Choose it over, say, soda or drinks high in sugar content, but don't let it become a chore. If you want a glass of wine, have one. If you would rather have a fruit juice, then go for that too. But it is the water and mint tea which are topping up the spell's energies.

If you run out of mint leaves, then go back out at dawn to collect some more. It works best anyway, if you do that daily, though I realize that might not always be practical.

Moon Cycle for your Slimline Magic

It takes one lunar orbit to fully complete your slimming magic. Are you up for the challenge?

Each day, the moon moves through its cycle. Each night, the Goddess shows another of her many faces.

You will be channeling all of this natural magic into your own transformation.

From New Moon to Full, the cycle is waxing, building up the energy, like a generator being cranked into life. This is when the Maiden Goddess will be hearing your plea.

At Full Moon, the Mother Goddess takes the helm. This is the Esbat, and a time of the greatest energy of all.

From Full to Dark Moon, celestial power is handed to the Crone. It is She who will take away those aspects that you don't need in your life. It is She who will hand you the lessons that you really need to learn.

By the time you hand back over to the Maiden, at the next New Moon, you will be a new person.


Ritual for your Weight Loss Spells

It's not slimming spell singular, but plural, as this will be an on-going process for one lunar cycle.

Once a day, you will need to go outdoors. Take with you your bottle of blessed water and/or a flask of mint tea. Sip it as you go.

Also pack an apple. (We'll get to that in a moment.)

Consult a map beforehand and find a practical circular walk. This could be around the block, in the vicinity of your home, or a scenic stroll through the countryside. It doesn't matter too much, as the important part is that it's round.

You are imitating the orbit of the moon around the Earth. As above, so below. Which gets wider as it progresses, thus should your walk. Each day, extend it just a little further, while still walking around. Literally around. 

NB It doesn't have to be the same location every day. In fact, it might be pleasant to keep changing your scenery.

As you walk, you need to be keeping your focus. This is visualization on top of Moon Magic. For the first part of it, chant aloud (or in your head, it doesn't matter and people might look at you funnily if it's aloud), 'I am natural. I am Goddess.'  (Gentlemen, you would say, 'I am natural. I am a God.')

Keep repeating it until it becomes a rhythm, which your footsteps are pacing out.

When that is automatic, then move onto the next step. This is to think about just one part of your body, beginning with the very bottom. It will be your feet, then ankles, calves, knees, thighs etc. Each day, the focus will move up to the next section.

Don't just think about it in general terms. You are aiming to pour positive energy into that part of your body. So Day One, as you walk, consider your feet. Give thanks for them. List all of the reasons that you are grateful for being born with them. Picture all of the things that you do with them - standing in the shower, meandering into the kitchen to get a drink, drifting through this wonderful landscape.

Throughout it all, let there be an undercurrent of 'my feet are beautiful; my feet are part of me; I am beautiful.'  If it helps, periodically tell yourself that aloud or in your mind.  But you have to believe it. You are willing it to be so, even if your own modesty or lack of self-esteem tells you otherwise.

Then Day Two, repeat this but with your calves. Day Three, with your knees. And so forth.

When you reach the end of your circular walk, touch the ground with your hands and say, "Mother Earth, I am beautiful."  Then stand (if you crouched to do that) and reach up towards the sky. Declare with all the feeling in you, "Moon Goddess, I am beautiful."

Repeat this at least nine times (three for each of the triple aspects; nine for the Avalonian elementals), but always in multiples of three.

Now stretch your arms wide, at 90 degrees from your torso, and slowly twist your body.

(Like playing at being a helicopter when you were a child. Yes, I know that doesn't sound very witch-y. Try not to think of that analogy at the time, else you'll laugh and break your concentration.)

Move your arms fore and aft, so you're tracing a circle around yourself in the air.

This time declare, "At the center of the universe, I am perfect."  Repeat this at least nine times again, as you move your arms, twisting at the waist.

Then take out your apple and eat it. Why an apple? *whispers* Study a pentagram, then slice an apple in two. Not top to bottom, through the core, but width-ways. Look at what you're holding in your hand. Sssh. Don't tell anyone. *winks*

While you're eating your apple, visualize yourself at one with deity; at one with nature; at one with the whole universe. You are part of this. You are loved and you are lovely.

Now place the apple core on the ground (or bury it) and say, "I return this apple to the Earth. Elementals of Nature, from one beautiful being to another, in perfect love, in perfect trust."

You're done for one day. It'll become far easier to remember, once you're doing it every single day for a whole lunar cycle.  Blessed be.

Natural Food During the Slimming Rites

You're working with witchcraft here! It's all channeling the forces of nature, so keep it natural!

Just a final word here about the best food to eat during this lunar cycle slimming spell. The rule of thumb is to keep it natural.

By this, I mean lots of vegetables, fruit, seeds, pulses, roots, that sort of thing. Try to avoid anything processed, synthetic or filled with preservatives.  (Unfortunately that means sugar-y foods and cheese, which is why I'd never last very long.)

Also, if at all practical around your life-style, try not to eat anything at all while the moon is in the sky (i.e. at night).

During the daytime, aim for balanced meals; and learn to listen to your body. If you're craving protein, for example, you'll really fancy something with protein in it. Eat only when you're hungry and good luck!

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