Treadmills for Home Use: Are they a good idea?

by FitnessG

Buying a treadmill for home use is a fairly huge proposition. Are there good reasons to do it?

Treadmills for home use are one way to exercise the body while at home. They provide each user with a cardio workout doing something you would normally do- walking. If you fall into the fit category, then you can progress to a jog or a run and treadmills cater for that too.

Exercising the body is absolutely essential, particularly in these days when life is pretty sedentary. Recently, we even had the leaders of the USA and the UK get down to some exercise while discussing the issues of the world on a treadmill.

Here are five reasons to go treadmill shopping.

1. Total Body Exercise

When on a treadmill, you end up exercising your whole body. Your arms, your legs, your back - They all get a workout.  As long as you are jogging or walking with your hands free from the treadmill support handles then you will be working a great portion of your body all at once.

2. Versatile

Maybe you are unable to jog for that long without feeling as though your heart was going to pump its way out of your chest. Well, the treadmill is a machine that can be used equally by beginners or master trainers.  You can do interval training which would help you build stamina gradually.  for instance, you may only be able to jog for 10 seconds, well, start at that point.

Jog for 10 seconds and then walk for 10 seconds and then carry on going until the jog gets a bit more bearable.  At that point you can double the time for jogging and for walking thereby building up your strength.

If you are experienced at running then the treadmill is also for you as you can adjust the speed of the belt to match your experience.  As long as you are careful when treadmill shopping, you will probably get one that goes at whatever speed you need it to.

3. Indoor Fitness

Jogging, walking, running used to be things you could only do outdoors unless jogging on the spot or around the house.  Owning a treadmill will combat this assumption.

Whatever the weather looks like outside, there is no excuse left to forgo your exercise regimen. The treadmill can be assembled easily in a convenient spot in your home and exercises available on demand, dependent on the treadmill purchased.

4. Weight Bearing Activity

What does weight bearing mean? This is any kind of activity that involves working your muscles and bones against gravity.  This means you are carrying your own weight and usually on your feet therefore you are not being supported by any exercise euipment.  For example, weight bearing exercises are things like running and stepping; Non-weightbearing exercises include cycling and swimming.

Weight bearing exercises enable you to build up and tone your muscles.  They are essential for developing and keeping healthy bones.

Treadmills, of course, enable weight bearing exercises in the privacy of your home.

5. Calorie Burner

Ultimately, for most overweight and obese people, losing weight is of paramount concern.  About 3500kcal equals one pound of fat so you woulnd need to burn around that much in order to lose a pound in weight. 

With that figure in mind you are able to step on your treadmill and work towards the goal of burning 3500 calories and even without changing your diet, you would lose 1 pound.  Of course, you could assist the treadmill by reducing your food intake as well and imagine how much quicker you would then see results.

Running is a very efficiant way to burn calories, or if that is beyond you at present, try hill walking.  Most treadmills for home use will allow you to walk up an incline and you will be surprised at the amount of energy you burn off in one determined session.  (unfortunately, never as much as one could eat in the same period of time but definitely enough to feel great about your progress. :-) )

So, Treadmill or not?

These are five great reasons to consider going treadmill shopping.  It is such a convenient way to meet your fitness and weight goals.

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Updated: 05/30/2012, FitnessG
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