Could this be the Best Way to Lose Weight?

by FitnessG

Are you fed up of all the fad diets and over optimistic guarantees of fast weight loss then here is possibly the best way to lose weight

How annoying is it to ration what you are eating when it comes to proper meals but then the moment you see a bag of potato chips, all caution is thrown into the air! Do not worry, I am not saying you are horrid or lack self control, I know just how hard it can be. Almost every wannabe diet-er is guilty of the same issues.

What if I could suggest an alternative way to lose weight? I might even say it is the best way to lose weight? I consider it common sense but well... You know what they say about that!

The beginning of the end of weight loss

And you started with such hope...

It is easy to wake up first thing in the morning, thinking that today is the day your diet begins.  You avoid breakfast and you feel good. And you might even say no to the first little bit of temptation.  You feel excellent again.  However, then you truly start to feel hungry so you think through what to have for lunch and you go for the healthy option, maybe a small portion of some vegetable soup.  They call it a portion; you hardly feel it in your stomach but Wahey!  You are on a diet and you can feel the pounds falling off of you.

You are feeling good but somewhere behind all this feeling of goodness and emptiness, you are hungry and also having had the savoury soup, there is an increasing craving for something sweet.

Then you have to get some gas for the car so you stop in at the gas station and suddenly the array of chocolate and sweets is just too much to resist.  So you give in, you just cannot find the energy to say ‘No’.  Your will power is suddenly gone.  What are you going to do?  How can you keep it up?  How can you keep trying to eat healthier when you just really do not like it.  Frankly, you are just hungry all the time. It is too hard.

One possible solution

Here is one tip- Just something to think about

Would it not be easier to fill yourself on 'real' food?  You know the food that makes up most of your main meals (unless you are a processed food junkie).  It is food you like anyway and it is healthy so instead of rationing portions and all that silliness, just eat until you are satisfied.

Do you understand what I am saying?  

When you sit to breakfast, dinner or lunch, do not get up until you are satisfied.  Truly satisfied, not slightly hungry and not bloated with food.  Just satisfied enough to not want to eat anything for a while.

Then just maybe the chocolates and sweets will not be so much of a temptation.  You might be able to resist for longer, what do you say?

Think about it, what is the point of dieting for a little bit, even if it is for weeks on end, only to go back to eating exactly the way you used to.  How much more weight do you think you just might put on?  Somehow, you need to stop thinking about food so much of the time.  The only way to do that is to make sure you eat as much as you need to, in order to feel satisfied.

Sometimes I wonder if the diet club industry was actually designed to keep you hooked to their various systems of weight loss because all you think of while on these various diet plans is food.  How can you then resist it?

It is a tough one really.   

Did it help your weight loss?

Appetite Suppression
If the above fails then get help with controlling your appetite.

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Updated: 06/10/2012, FitnessG
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