Team Alcide: True Blood Gifts

by JoHarrington

On the hunt for gifts for fans of True Blood's Alcide? Come see what treats we have in store for you!

Fans of Alcide Herveaux are a small, but loyal pack. Who wouldn't be after gazing at a physique like that?!

The fact that Team Bill and Team Eric, and Sookie herself, seem to opt for the vampires says something perverse about them. Alcide is the good guy! He's warm, generous with his time, caring and handy in a fight. Plus he isn't dead, which is unusual for one of Sookie's men.

He should win hands down, but life isn't fair. If you agree, then you may enjoy this little collection of Team Alcide goodies.

Alcide Herveaux Giant Wall Poster

Who needs wallpaper, when you can have a shirtless Alcide splashing out of the ocean towards you?  It would certainly help stimulate a few worthy day-dreams.

This gigantic picture is actually billed as a Joe Manganiello giant wall poster, but as he is the actor who plays our man, it's all good. The wall covering comes in two parts, which fitted together complete the scene.

All told it measures 120 x 90cm, or nearly 47" x 35". A Joe Manganiello poster four feet high and three feet across would certainly give you plenty to look at!

"My Name's Alcide Herveaux. I'm Here to Look After You."

Enjoy the first meeting between Sookie Stackhouse and our favorite werewolf building surveyor.

All About True Blood's Werewolf Alcide

*Spoiler Warning! Skip if you haven't seen to the end!*
  • Alcide was born to werewolf parents, Jackson and Grace Herveaux, in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • As packmaster, his father was a highly respected leader in the werewolf community. Alcide grew up proudly knowing that he was being raised by a great role model.
  • Werewolves are born, not made, in the True Blood world. At puberty it became clear that Alcide was one.
  • When he met his childhood sweetheart, Debbie Pelt, it seemed that his life would be idyllic.
  • But Grace died when Alcide was just a teenager, and his father sought refuge in gambling.
  • As gambling addiction turned to debt, Jackson lost the respect of the pack, and his son.
  • Alcide's disappointment in life was complete, when his fiancée Debbie left him for drugs and another man.

Alcide Herveaux Posters

Team Alcide Phone Skins

Alcide Herveaux Meets Sookie

It wasn't the greatest start to a friendship or romance. When Alcide met Sookie, it was because he had no choice. As long as his father was in debt to Eric Northman, the vampire could order Alcide into danger.

It doesn't get much more dangerous than acting as bodyguard to Sookie Stackhouse.

Within hours they were in a bar, surrounded by drug crazed werewolves intent upon violence. It only went downhill from there, as their destination was the home of the ruthless Russell Edgington, a vampire positioned right at the top of their state's supernatural food chain.

Alcide didn't need any of this. He had a broken heart to nurse, after his break-up with the love of his life, Debbie Pelt.

But he and Sookie had clicked too. Even if the chemistry between them never explodes into a great romance (and it might), Alcide had gained a new best friend.

Alcide: "I'm on your Side, Sook, Whatever Happens."

Team Alcide T-Shirts | Team Herveaux T-Shirts

Team Bill, Team Eric... or Team Alcide?

For too many uninformed people, it's a two-horse race to gain Sookie's affections. But a lone wolf has crept up on the vampiric bad boys.

Team Alcide fans know that this isn't a case of 'also ran'. The hunky builder has been steadily gaining ground for several seasons. Alcide and Sookie have both admitted that they would be together already, but for one thing. They are both in love with other people.

But a season is a long time in True Blood, and one of those rivals has gone. Who knows what could happen next?

Reasons to Join Team Alcide

  • You have taken a long, hard look at him, haven't you? Great! Case closed.
  • Alcide is alive, warm and good around the house.
  • He doesn't burn up in daylight, so he's available 24 hours a day.
  • Unlike either Bill or Eric, Alcide is no murderer. Even when he turns into a werewolf, he only hunts rabbits and squirrels. He's the good guy.
  • Even in human form, he is good for close protection. In Bon Temps that counts for a lot.
  • He comes complete with a pack of werewolves to watch Sookie's back.
  • Alcide is the perfect choice should Sookie ever need her building surveyed.

More True Blood Alcide T-Shirts

Sookie and Alcide from True Blood Season Three

Sookie: "If I knew what was best for me, I'd have fallen in love with someone like you."

More Team Herveaux Gift Ideas

You can't argue with those first two slogans. They read:

  • Alcide makes me growl
  • Alcide is yummy

The final item of merchandise for Team Alcide is that clever baseball cap, which advertises our man's family business. I wonder how many people will know what it is; or if those you pass in the street will think you're heavily into construction.  

It amused me anyway.

More Presents for True Blood Fans

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JoHarrington on 06/17/2013

I'll have to see how I can wrap him up for you, assuming that he'd be happy to be gifted. <3

Jenny on 06/17/2013

Alcide would do as a gift for me!

JoHarrington on 06/15/2013

I would so do Alexander Skarsgard. Just saying. :) (And we're so going to get battered by Team Alcide, when they find this article.)

Audioworm on 06/15/2013

The entire show has far too many attractive actors in it. Skarsgard is probably my man-crush

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