Types of Bread Making

by barbarab

This article will explore the quirky do's and don'ts of making quick breads.

Do You Love Bread and Bread Making?

What? Your Biscuits Are Being Used on the USA Hockey Team?

Bread is a universal food. Every culture has its own special type of bread, and different breads for different occasions. I think Americans number one type of bread is the loaf bread. Unfortunately, I also think we have traumatized our taste buds with grocery store bread! Just because loaf bread is soft and lasts forever does not make it good for you! In fact, the reason it lasts forever is because of the preservatives. Thank goodness for bacteria and mold, otherwise we would keep it around even longer! You disagree? Well, where did you think 'Friday Night Live' got the inspiration for the famous "What's this in the fridge" skit?

"Leave it in there!"

Seriously, even Americans have special breads that are made as needed and eaten that day. Some of these breads include biscuits, muffins, coffee breads, cornbread or sourdough breads are just a few that can be made at a moment’s notice. There are countless recipe books and online information on your favorite breads. What is harder to find is exactly how to create a masterpiece from all those instructions! That is an absolute necessity if you want your bread devoured and not despised!

Breakfast Bread
Breakfast Bread

So Tell Me How to make Delicious Bread

A Quick Rundown on What To and What not To Do

Decide the type of bread you want to make. Making a leavened bread with yeast is my personal favorite, however, as noted; this is not the only kind of bread that can be made. In fact, a quick bread is usually what ordinary people make at home on a weekly basis. There are also many mixes and frozen dough that takes all the guesswork out of the question, but remember it can take the joy out as well, if you ask me.

What do you mean, you didn't ask me? You are here, therefore, you asked! Ah me, I become way too dramatic at times. It is the kitchen, all the "waiting to be made into something scrumptious" items in the cupboards keep calling to me; "Put me [into the mix], coach, I'm ready to play, today!"

Who cares if your first efforts are hidden under the napkin or given to the dog? The Dog needs to bury something, better it be your biscuit than your shoe! The point is to keep trying; it will prove well worth the time! In addition, it is not an expensive undertaking, not near as expensive a craft as scrapbooking, with all the paints and fabric and knock-knacks and what not’s. Not to mention quilting, gracious how many tops do you have stashed in a closet? Don't forget your attempts at pottery; I am still digging clay out the grout!  

What was that? You thought this was about bread making? Oh, all right then, if you insist...

This time, let's talk about the process of making quick breads; that will be fast! Get it? Quick to fast? Oh sorry, you got it; well it took an entire microsecond here dude!

What do you need to remember?

1) Stay focused. Do not get off track. 

1A) Yes, all that comedy (or attempt of it) was the build up for the number one rule.

2) Stay clean. Wash your hands often and well, scrub your bowls, spoons, and work surface thoroughly. Many quick breads can and should be done right out of the bowl, a few will require turning out onto a surface for a few pats then cutting with a cutter or a knife.

3) Grease and flour your cooking surface or tins and preheat your oven. Rarely do recipes for quick breads call for a cold oven but read the recipe carefully first, it could mean the difference in a good versus a superb result!

3A) Do you know how to grease and flour a cooking utensil? It is different when you are making bread than when you are making a dessert, like cake.  Here is a good example of how to do this important step.

What is important Not to do?

1) Leave out an ingredient.

1A) With bread of any kind, leaving out an ingredient will make or break the recipe. Sometimes you can fake through it, other times you are just sunk. For example, leaving out the eggs when making yeast bread will result in French bread, leaving eggs out of the cornbread will result in a flat, gritty mess!

2) Go too slowly.

2A) Be really familiar with your recipe before you start. With a quick bread, the ingredients are incorporating as soon as they are put together, going slowly could result in bread that does not rise at all.

3) Do not panic!

3A) The bread Brownies are everywhere! The more bread you make the truer you will find this to be! They love to tweak your button. It is for that reason alone that I wear nothing with buttons, zippers, or hooks of any kind while baking bread!

3B) Why are Brownies in your kitchen? Well, obviously, because they want you to use more cocoa! Just plain, good bread is never enough for them! What? You mean you believed your chocolate confections were being eaten in the dead of night by your husband and teenagers? You poor naive innocent!

Our son with his sons first taste of Chocolate!
Our son with his sons first taste of ...
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barbarab on 08/18/2011

bread is delicious no matter what!! I just cant make it twice a week anymore...the two adults in training aren't here with all their friends anymore
I sure miss them

happynutritionist on 08/18/2011

I used to make my own bread at home years ago, then used a breadmaker to knead it, but still formed it by hand...lately we get it free from my husbands work...still there is nothing like the smell of bread baking.

barbarab on 08/16/2011

oh now sara dont give up!!!
the kitchen brownies will win if you do that!!! :)
keep stirring and mashing and letting the bread rise and rest and you will get it!! :)

sara on 08/16/2011

I remember my mom making dinner rolls. Tried several times but never turned out good, so gave up :(

barbarab on 08/14/2011

me as well!! hello bizlady! but oh well/I figure if I make it its better for me????? :)

Guest on 08/14/2011

I love bread but it's dangerous to leave any around me..LOL

barbarab on 08/14/2011

I have made it many times too!! easy and fast to make and smells yummy and gets eaten nearly as fast as cornread!

mivvy on 08/14/2011

I used to make Irish soda bread because it is quick and easy, but I haven't done so for years

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