Unique Halloween Party Themes, Games and Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is marked by celebrations and customs of Halloween Parties, Decorations, Haunted houses and Scary movies.

Halloween is a significant event in the Festival Itinerary of the world. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October all over the world. As prevalent in other religions of the world, this festival is dedicated for remembering the dead, Saints, Martyrs and departed souls yet to reach heaven. Halloween is observed on the eve of the All Saints day 1st November and All Souls Day 2nd November. It was believed that spirits from the other world could visit the world of the living on the night of October 31 every year. These three days are collectively called ‘Allhallowtide’.

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Unique Themes

Decor Ideas

Theme, Costumes and makeup play a big role in all these events for Halloween. There are many Halloween themes that would catch reader’s attention. People are forever looking for unique, creative ideas.

 To set the stage we need carved jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkins, decorative gourds, fake cobwebs, fake spiders, paper bats, balloons, candles. Spooky music, Spooky movies and spooky costumes with scary costume accessories, makeup kits and lastly a good camera for participants are needed too.


Jack-o’-lantern carving

It is a pumpkin carving competition amongst children. The spookiest and goofiest carving takes home a prize. In the night, the pumpkins carved can be lighted and used as a décor item.

Monster Mash Cake Topper

Halloween Party Cake Topper
Monster Mash Cake Topper, Halloween Party Decorations, Ha...

Monster mash


Halloween belongs to Frankensteins, Draculas, Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werwolves, fairies and angels. So why not throw a Monster Mash by decorating the house with various Monster characters. This will be a unique idea for the décor with as many elements that the host can afford.

Willy Wonka Theme

It would not be wrong to call candy the star of Halloween. This party is about hosting a candy buffet with favourite Willy Wonka candies and chocolates. Invitations should also carry the sweet spirit of candies.

Halloween Table Decoration

Haunted House Tabletop
Halloween Table Decorations, 10.8 x 8.3 Inch Lighted Pump...

Haunted house

This is one of the most popular Halloween themes – A haunted house which houses ghosts, goblets, skulls, spider, Vampires, Werewolf and even fairies and angels. Having live actors would be taking it to the next level. Entertainment is through terror, horror, blood and drama.

Ghost Bash


This comprises of ghost decorations, ghost cake and spooky ghosts, ghouls stories. Zero in a nice scary ghost movie for the night.

Halloween Carnival

This is children’s event with Devils and monsters behind the scenes suddenly making an appearance to scare. Popcorn cakes, cotton candy lollipops and cakes mark this event. Games can include ‘guessing how many candy corns are in the jar’, tossing beanbags into the zombie’s body, decorating faces with creepy designs and tarot card readings. A community event to engage all with the help of volunteers will make it fun and frolic.

Halloween Carnival Can Bean Bag Toss Game

Kids and Adults Party Theme
JOYIN Halloween Carnival Can Bean Bag Toss Games for Kids & Adults ...

Graveyard Decorations

Create a graveyard setting at home by decorating with hay, overhanging branches, leaves, lighting, tombstones, coffins, skeletons, body parts, sound effects, dirt and large plastic garbage cans, pumpkins, black lighting, etc..

Graveyard Tombstones Yard Decorations

Halloween RIP
9PCS Halloween RIP Graveyard Tombstones Yard Decorations,...

Autumn harvest

Departing from the favourite theme of the dead, decorations could be a few bales of hay for seating, some pumpkins and gourds, crunchy leaves and autumn branches. This rustic theme will make your party look at its best. Have seasonal drinks to serve your guests. A gory, red blood color drink and cocktails will take it to a new height.

Murder mystery

A murder plot to be unraveled and solved during the party with all the participating guests in costumes. There will be fun and suspense for the participants. Place clues in form of props or give riddles to solve the mystery.

Mad scientist

Mad scientist parties are basically experimenting on something new. It could be an opportunity to try out new recipes as a mad scientist in a lab. White coats and goggles are a part of the costumes for the party, bake something new. A winning prize for making a new concoction could be the agenda chosen by judges.

Mad Scientist Lab

Halloween Back drop
Forum Novelties Mad Scientist Lab Back Drop

Maleficent party

Home becomes a forest with menacing trees and guests become evil queens with lot of purple and greens. Spooky movies could be an added attraction.

Harry Potter Wizardry

Harry potter theme with decorations like double decker bus, sorting hat, broomsticks, golden snitches, magic wands and a cauldron. Invitation can be with Marauder map and invisible ink. Magic games and dress code consisting of wizards and magicians.


Children wear Superhero costumes for Trick or Treat. Guests can wear a superhero cap or mask and the cupcakes can bear the superhero logo.

Edgar Allan Poe

Set the mood by asking the guests to dress like the horror and suspense author Allan Poe. The invitation can be in burned paper, and decorations with spiders, skulls, cobwebs. Menu can be black linguine, cupcakes and red grapes.


Spooktacular Retro Hollywood Set

Retro Timeless Woman Dress
Spooktacular Creations 1920s Retro Timeless Old Hollywood...

Hollywood Theme

Hollywood theme parties having flashy invitations. The party starts with pomp and show. Guests wear costumes and makeup of their Hollywood favourites and celebrities. Don’t forget to bring in the glitz and glam in the decor. A mock Oscar awards show can also be an add-on.

Glow-in-the-dark Party


Since Halloween parties are after dark event, glow-in-the-dark suits it well. This theme uses the darkness of the night. Decorations can be minimal. Costumes and necklaces and anything else which glow in the dark can be used. All guests should follow the theme in their costumes and makeup. Wear stuff that glows in dark.

Rocky Horror

Play the movie Rocky Horror, Enact the scenes from the movie and decorate the home with posters of the Rocky Horror. Guests can wear their favourite costume from the characters of movie.

Politics Endeavour

Dress like a politician with mock election rallies and ballot.

Pirates Adventure

Organize ‘Treasure Hunts’ with treasure chest overflowing with golden chocolate coins, mixed in faux jewels and jewelry. Guest will have a blasts searching for the treasure. Pirate booty could be eatables like sea themed fish sticks, salmagundi biscuits and punch. Other games could be walking the plank and capture the flag.

Gothic Theme

It is a traditional Gothic Halloween party with guest coming in witch and wizard costumes. Decorations can be black or of any dark shade like maroon or grey. Glittery skulls, cobwebs, spiders, dripping candles, ravens, gourds and skeletons would all be great items for the decor. A dark drink on the menu and a horror film to finish the night with.

UFO Space Theme

Alien Theme Party

UFO shaped invitations, decoration with UFOs, glow in the dark Aliens and a star wars theme. Flying saucer cookies could be on the menu. Star wars or Star Trek costumes for children and guests.

Hanging Corpse Decoration

Halloween Motion Animated Cocoon Corpse
Halloween Motion Animated Hanging Cocoon Corpse Decoratio...

The Mummy’s Curse

A Mummy Party with dress code of favourite Egyptian Character face painting on Egyptian theme, Pharaoh hairdressing. Menu items could be based on Egyptian themes like mummy hotdogs, sausage mummies, white chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies/mummies, cupcakes with white icing strips or mummified rice crispy treats. 

Zombie Menace

Undead smash party with zombies. Play horror zombie movies like “World War Z” or “Warm Bodies.” Decorate the party area with bloody handprints on the wall, a few plastic body parts and ripped/old clothing strewn across the floors. Menu could be gelatin brain molds, toxic drinks and “finger” foods.

Alice in Wonderland

A night party where guests wear different costumes like that of Mad Hatter, Alice, the Cheshire cat, the White Rabbit or the Queen of Hearts and arrange a game of croquet or cards! Play the games with Ouija and Tarot Cards to make it more spooktacular.

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Holistic_Health on 10/26/2022

Decorating for Halloween is the best part for me, since I'm too old to go trick or treating.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/06/2022

In particular, I appreciate the attention to Edgar Allen Poe, who modeled for us all how non-scary and scary mysteries need to be communicated.

Additionally, I particularly like the Alice in Wonderland-, the glow-in-the-dark- and the UFO-themed party ideas.

The Cheshire Cat probably would most appeal to me among the fun costume notions that you suggest. Which character would you choose?

Holistic_Health on 10/06/2022

These are all great part games. I'll likely use some for Halloween.

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