Unique iPad Cases

by TilenHrovatic

Find the best designer and unique cases for your Apple iPad and customize the look of your favorite Apple device.

Best Custom iPad Cases

cool and personalized covers for iPad device

Do you or your friends own iPads? Are you tired of default skins for your favorite device? Want to change the looks of your iPad customize the design of your cover? Here you can find some of the best unique iPad cases and learn how to make your very own personalized iPad case online for your or for your friends. These cases make a wonderful gift too so be sure to look for some designs that your friends or family would love to have!

Scroll down and browse this page to find different categories of iPad cases that you can find and buy on Zazzle, one of the biggest provider of unique iPad cases online. Be sure to also check related links that you can find on this page and discover more cool and custom cases for your Apple iPad!

Abstract iPad Cases

If you like abstract designs and style then these cases are just perfect for you! Great colorfoul and surrealistic designs and painting will put your iPad into another dimension and turn it into a great painting. Check out these two cool cases on the right and follow the links to find more realted abstract cases for your iPad device.

Geek iPad Cases

There are a lot of very cool designs on Zazzle that are made especially for geeks and gamers. If you love computers, video games and modern electronics then you will probably like these geek iPad cases with designs related to computers and different gadgets. Show the world your true nature and be proud! Check out this two great cases on the right and then click on the links in the attribution ot find more related cases for geeks and gamers.

Music iPad Cases

let you iPad sing and play

Here are some amazing designs for musicians and for those who love music. Awesome instruments, silhuettes of musicians and other great designs related to music. Turn your iPad into a rock concert or turn on smooth tunes.

You can find different types of guitars, saxophones, pianos, notes and different musicians. I just love these designs and you can find few hundred different cases on Zazzle related to music. Check out this amazing saxophone in flames on the right and this awesome unqiue  LP below the sax. Follow the links to order these cases and explore more related cases from music category.

Retro iPad Cases

Here are some really amazing retro designs with old fashioned painting and advertisements, awesome posters, pin up girls and retro art. You can find a lot of these awesome retro iPad cases on Zazzle so just follow the links on the right to find more designs like the ones on the right.

Star Wars iPad Cases

Here you can find some really awesome designs and cases for true fans of Star Wars. Darth Vader cases, Jedi and Yoda designs.These cases for sure make an awesome gift for your friends and family if they like Star Wars movies too so be sure to find some for your friends.

Check out these two awesome cases on the right and if you want to explore more please visit my page Top 10 Star Wars iPad Cases to find the best of the best on Zazzle. This is the official Star Wars merchandise so expect top quality products and the best designs you can find online.

More Great iPad Cases

more list of best iPad Cases on Wizzley
The Otterbox is one of the toughest cases around. Let's look at the Otterbox for the iPad 2.
Your teenager will love their iPad, but it does require extra protection to stay whole despite rarely being very careful with their stuff.
A selection of cute own iPhone and iPad cases to keep your gadgets in retro modern style.
Find the best custom and unique iPad cases online and check out these awesome designs for your Apple iPad.

Amazing iPad Cases

my other lists with unique cases for your iPad

Vintage iPad Cases
Amazing and really unique vintage style design for your iPad.

Harry Potter iPad Cases

Any true fans of Harry Potter here? Check out these cool Harry Potter iPad cases with all of your favorite characters from these awesome books and movies. You can also find logos of Hogwards and lots of different designs related to Harry Potter.

Keep in mind that this is the official Harry Potter merchandise so it's properly licensed and made from top quality materials. Expect the best products you can get by ordering these cases.

Vintage iPad Cases

Vintage style is awesome! Great designs with great production make these cases old fashioned and really unique. Find different vintage flags, advertisements and posters and awesome vintage stuff printed on cool custom iPad cases.

Fantasy iPad Cases

Turn your iPad into a great fantasy world with these amazing fantasy iPad cases. Amazing digital art from top designers on Zazzle. If you like fantasy stories and digital art you will most surely love these awesome cases.

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katiem2 on 02/05/2012

So radical love Love LOVE em, gotta run have a geek to show this to. Thanks

pkmcr on 01/13/2012

Some very distinctive cases - my iPad cover in plain black seems a tad inadequate alongside these :-)

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