Unique Wine Glasses for Sale Online

by Regi_B

Why buy something average? Make a statement with a unique wine glass!

How do you pick a unique wine glass? You "nique" up on it!

Okay! Let's just pretend that never happened.

One thing that I think is true is I do not want pedestrian, everyday things in my home. If I am going to buy a statuette of a hedgehog -- well -- it is going to be a unique statuette of a hedgehog.

Wine glasses -- to me -- are like hedgehogs. I want mine to be unique.

Does any of this make sense? Whom am I kidding! Of course not!

Should you keep reading? Of course you should!

The Right Wine Glass for the Occasion

Wine glasses should fit the occasion -- and the wine.

We need not be going crazy and drinking beaujolais from flutes. That is -- for sure -- unique, but also insane -- just plain batty!

What we need to do is select select glasses that are unique and have a purpose. Let us look!

It's a Schott Glass -- Not a Shot Glass!

If you are going to get yourself a great set of crystal stemware, why not make it a unique, great set of crystal stemware? There is a German brand of crystal glass makers called Schott Zwiesel. They use a lead-free crystal "concoction" called "Tritan crystal" -- which employs titanium oxide and zirconium oxide -- to make their stand-out crystal glassware.

I like the angular nature of their Pure Collection. It catches the eye -- for sure.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Stemware Pure Collection

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Stemware Pure Collection Bu...
$96.0  $86.17

Now, for Something Truly Unique in Stemware

Turning 40 need not be a bad thing -- especially not these days! They say 40 is the new 20. I say it is the new drinking age -- the wine drinking age!

Make your lady friend happy to be 40 on her birthday with this painted crystal 20-ounce wine glass. (Yes, 20 ounces is a lot of wine!)

Be sure to note that this item is hand-wash only, brocephus!

Govino -- Now, that's Unique!

I certainly like the look of Govino glasses. Now, we must not call it "stemware" -- because it "ain't got no" stems! (What! A piece on wine glasses has to use proper English? Pish-posh b'gosh!)

The thumb notch and plastic aspects of this unique wine thingymabob are certainly winners. With those elements, I can give the Govino glasses a pass on the no-stem part of the equation. (Holding wine in a stemless glass warms the wine with your body heat.)

The "glasses" of plastic are shatterproof and go great with a picnic. Yum!

A Wine Glass Fit for a Queen!

If you wish to please your "queen", you had best not be mean, and you had best -- at least -- consider buying her this "beautiful" unique wine glass.

Sure, it is hand-wash only! But this embellished crystal "gag" glass is worth the trouble. And at 20 ounces, it might cause trouble, too.

So, do be careful!

Bottoms up!

Unique Govino Wine Glasses for Sale on eBay

Updated: 03/21/2012, Regi_B
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