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by nickupton

LEGO Uruk Hai are perhaps the most collectible of all the LEGO Lord of The Rings mini figures; collect as many as you can to build a massive army!

Uruk-Hai LEGO minifigures first appeared in the Lord of the Rings theme in 2012. Uruk-Hai are included in three sets; The Battle of Helm's Deep, Uruk-Hai Army and The Orc Forge. In addition, a promotional pack has been produced which includes a single, armored Uruk-Hai minifigure with a mini ballista weapon.

On this page I will feature the LEGO Uruk-Hai minifigures that have been produced and provide links to where they can be purchased so that collectors can build up the size of their army in preparation to attack Helm's Deep.

I hope that you quickly become fans of Uruk-Hai LEGO and are able to add to your army after reading this page.

Uruk-Hai LEGO Minifigure

The Uruk-Hai LEGO minifigures are excellent and they are extremely detailed.

These minifigures have red skin just like the Uruk-Hai in the movies and the heads are double-sided with two grimacing expressions. The faces also have a white mark which represents the white hand of Saruman with which the Uruk-Hai are marked in the movies.

As can be seen in this picture, there is also detailed printing on the torso and legs to create the look of a warrior.

Some LEGO Uruk-Hai come with hair, some with no hair and some with helmets, like the one pictured. There is also armor for Uruk-Hai and the distinctive swords and shields that they use, although not all Uruk-Hai minifigures will come with these. Some of the helmets and shields are even marked with the white hand of Saruman too.

One thing is for sure, to create a huge Uruk-Hai army like the one seen in the movie "The Two Towers" a big collection of these minifigures and a big budget will be required.

This is so cool! A few days ago (November 3rd, 2012) I was lucky enough to be able to get a couple of these mini sets free with The Sun newspaper in England. The newspaper only cost 50 pence so I managed to get two of these great Uruk-Hai LEGO minifigures, in their armor, alongside their little ballista siege engines for just one pound sterling!

This free offer was available for just one day and there were hundreds of these packs in just the store I went to; The Sun typically sells more than 1 million copies, so there are going to be at least one million of these guys out there and you can get your hands on them on either Amazon or eBay.

If you want to build a LEGO Uruk-Hai army then this 21 piece set is a great one to get. As the mini figure comes armed with one of the less popular weapons, this set is likely to be obtainable for a lower price than buying LEGO Uruk-Hai minifigures that have been split from sets. Buying this bagged set also gives you a mini ballista which can be used to besiege the enemy or the pieces can be used for something else.

Remind Me - What Exactly Are Uruk-Hai?

Uruk-Hai are the race of "super-orcs" bred by Saruman's minions in The Lord of the Rings. The wizard uses an army of Uruk-Hai to attempt to capture the One Ring To Rule Them All and to lay siege to Helm's Deep.

If you watch the video clip below you can see the first Uruk-Hai warrior being revealed - his name is Lurtz and he is a pretty terrifying creature, emerging from the muddy womb that he was grown in.


The first Uruk-Hai, Lurtz, gets his very own minifigure in the Orc Forge, Lord of the Rings LEGO set. The Lurtz minifigure has a different colored flesh, so that he can be told apart from the other Uruk-Hai, and has bare-chested torso printing as well as LEGO hair.

LEGO have done a great job of making this character into a LEGO minifigure and he is essential to lead the Uruk-Hai warriors into battle.

Berserker Uruk-Hai

Do you remember the crazy-looking Uruk-Hai who comes running along with a flaming torch and completes a suicide mission by throwing himself on the piles of explosives under the wall at Helm's Deep? He is the Berserker Uruk-Hai and LEGO have done fans proud by producing a minifigure of him too.

Again, this character has his own look with brown flesh and a grey head, but the best thing about him is that he comes armed with his flaming torch. You need at least one Berserker warrior in your LEGO Uruk-Hai army.

Watch the scene from the movie "The Two Towers" when the Berserker Uruk-Hai performs his suicide mission in the video clip above.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings Sets With Uruk-Hai Mini Figures

Uruk-Hai Army 9471

LEGO Uruk-Hai Army 9471

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan who is creating a LEGO Uruk-Hai army then this is the set you MUST get. This is the extension pack to the Battle of Helm's Deep set and it contains four Uruk-Hai LEGO mini figures in various states of armor.

This set also contains two Rohan warriors mini figures and a LEGO horse, but with four Uruk-Hai it is worth getting not just one, but multiples of this Lord of the Rings set to make for a fearsome force.

The Battle of Helm's Deep is the part of the Lord of the Rings story in which the Uruk-Hai feature heavily and this scene from the movie is one of the most memorable.

As well as other characters from the scene, this set contains four Uruk-Hai minifigures including the exclusive Berserker warrior who blows up the wall.

The Orc Forge is where the Uruk-Hai emerge from their muddy womb and this set recreates that scene from the movie. As well as two Orcs this LEGO set comes with two Uruk-Hai minifigures including their leader, Lurtz, who is currently exclusive to this set.

Both of these sets are great to collect if you in the process of building your own army of the "White Hand".

Build An Uruk-Hai Battering Ram Out Of LEGO

The video clip below delivers a tutorial on how to make a simple LEGO battering ram for your Uruk-Hai army. It is not quite the magnificent "Grond" from the movie but I hope it inspires you to build other siege weapons for your forces.

Customized Uruk-Hai LEGO

Of course you do not have to stick with the Uruk-Hai minifigures produced in the LEGO Lord of the Rings sets. Whilst these figures are really well-produced, they are fairly expensive and if you want to build a massive army it is going to cost a lot.

Using cheaper LEGO minifigures could be the answer to keeping down the cost of your army.

Given that in the Lord of the Rings movies, Uruk-Hai vary to some degree in the way they look, there is nothing wrong with having mini figures in your Uruk-Hai army that look a little different. So, use your imagination and create your own Uruk-Hai warriors using cheaper minifigures and then give them some armor. The video clip below shows Uruk-Hai warriors that use Darth Maul heads and the Yeoman Zombie minifigure from the Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO theme looks very similar to Uruk-Hai and can often be bought at a much cheaper price.


Remember, LEGO is all about building so customizing your own Uruk-Hai LEGO minifigures is LEGOing at its best!

Updated: 10/09/2017, nickupton
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