Valentine’s Day Cocktails for Two

by lou16

Cocktails are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a cocktail made for two sounds very romantic, so let’s check out some cocktails for two recipes.

I love the idea of a drink to share on Valentine's Day whether it's a cocktail made for two (like the ones on this page) or a simply milkshake with two straws. What could be more romantic than sharing a delicious drink together?

Romantic Cocktails for Two

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

If you ask me any cocktail is great for Valentine’s Day, but some people prefer cocktails that are red or pink, chocolate or strawberry etc   In my eyes as long as it tastes good and you stay away from the likes of the Garlic or Onion Ring Martinis then you’ll be fine!

I’m going to start with a sweet cocktail based on the classic Bee’s Knees we’ve managed to give it a little French twist and you know how romantic the French can be…….

The New Bee’s Knees


¼ cup hot water

1 tsp dried lavender blossoms

¼ cup honey

6 tbsp gin

2 tbsp lemon juice

First you will need to steep the lavender blossoms in the hot water for 5 minutes so that it makes a lavender tea.   Next you whisk the honey in to the lavender tea and once it’s combined strain into another bowl.

Take a cocktail shaker full of ice and add 3 tbsp of the sweetened lavender infused liquid, the gin and lemon juice and shake well.   Strain into two martini glasses to serve.   If you get a little extra lavender blossom you can float a couple on the top of the cocktail.

The delicate fragrance of lavender really makes this cocktail seem extra special.

If you like the subtle flavor of lavender then you might want to try some infused cocktail recipes that are available on the site below.   Personally I like the Lavender Ice Cream Martini recipe.

Cocktail Infusers
Cocktail infusers are like a tea bag that you soak in alcohol instead of hot water and they come in various flavors such as Lavender Citrus and Lemongrass Mint. These infusers allow you to take your cocktail skills to a whole new level.

Rose Petal & Lychee Martini

Very Romantic

Now whenever I think of lavender I think of roses so I thought I’d add a rose inspired cocktail, after all roses and Valentine’s day usually co-exist very happily don’t they.

Rose Petal & Lychee Martini


3 shots gin

3 shots of rose petal vodka

3 shots lychee syrup (taken from canned lychees)

Shake all of the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into two martini glasses to serve.   If you want to float a rose petal on top of the martini it does add a beautiful and romantic garnish.

Not everyone can appreciate gin though, which has been used in both of these recipes so far, so let’s look at some other Valentine’s Day cocktails you can try.

Champagne Cocktails for Two

Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Valentine Sparkler


1 ½ cups Champagne

2 tbsp raspberry syrup

Divide the Champagne evenly between two Champagne flutes and add 1 tbsp of raspberry syrup to each glass, stirring gently.

Blood Orange Bubbles for Two


3 blood oranges

30 ml Campari


Juice the 3 blood oranges, divide the juice between the two Champagne glasses.   Add 15 ml of Campari to each glass and then top them up with Champagne (no stirring or shaking required!) – voila!

For more Champagne Cocktails you might want to check out these delicious ideas –

Champagne Cocktails
Although Champagne is pretty special when drunk on it's own it is taken to a whole new level when it's part of a cocktail. What ever the celebration these Champagne cocktails will be a great addition to it.

Creamy & Dreamy Romantic Cocktail

This next cocktail is to die for, it’s sweet, creamy and altogether dreamy and that’s why it goes by the name Ambrosia Dream.   Doesn’t Ambrosia mean drink of gods by definition?   This means that you’re saying your partner is your god/goddess when you serve them this cocktail, what could be more romantic than that?


Ambrosia Dream


½ oz curacao

2 oz fresh orange juice

1 oz heavy cream

1 oz coconut cream

¾ oz dark rum

8 oz crushed ice

This cocktail is made in a blender so simply throw all of the ingredients into your blender of choice and blend until the mixture becomes creamy.   Serve in two martini glasses.

Chocolate Cocktails For Two

More Valentine’s Day Cocktails

White Chocolate Martini for Two


2 oz Amarula

2 oz Godiva white chocolate liqueur

½ oz white crème de cacao

½ oz Chambord

2 oz cream

Place all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well.   Strain into two martini glasses to serve and enjoy.

Chocolate Peartini


2 oz pear vodka

2 oz chocolate liqueur

2 oz cream

1 tsp hazelnut liqueur

Put some crushed ice into a cocktail shaker and then add all of these ingredients.   Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass to serve.

Chocolate and pear is a lovely flavour combo that isn’t often found in cocktails so this should seem extra special to your Valentine.

There are lots more chocolate cocktails and any of them would be a delicious treat any day of the year, but especially on February 14th.

Chocolate Cocktails
Chocolate and alcohol are a combination made in heaven and these chocolate cocktails are no exception. Whatever type of chocolate martini you prefer you are bound to find the perfect recipe right here!

More Valentine's Day Cocktails

There are lots of other cocktail recipes which are great for serving up on Valentine’s Day and these include  the Valentine’s Day Cosmo and the Venus Martini the recipes of which can be found at these other Valentine’s Day Cocktail links –

Valentine's Day Cocktails
Delicious cocktails created with your Valentine in mind we travel through chocolate flavored cocktails, strawberry flavored cocktails, Champagne cocktails and more.

Top Five Red Cocktails for Valentines Day
These red cocktails really embrace everything about Valentine's day......and they taste good too! Whether the flavor is strawberry or raspberry the color is always red and they all say Happy Valentine's Day!

Will you be drinking cocktails on Valentine’s Day?

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