Beautiful Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap for 2012

by cgreen7090

Vintage Christmas gift wrap is in for 2012. Make it a special Christmas by adding special touches.For the sentimental Christmas lover of beautiful patterns and shiny papers.

Vintage Christmas gift wrap is in for 2012. Make it a special Christmas by adding special touches.For the sentimental Christmas lover of beautiful patterns and shiny papers. As a child, you just tore into the packages, not really savoring or caring what it was wrapped in. But as an adult, you get to savor the timeless beauty. That's it...slow down. Enjoy the holiday season. Enjoy time with your family. Enjoy what Christmas stands for. Feel the love. Share the love. Make it a holiday to remember.

The patterns below exemplify the marvelous colors and themes of the wraps of the 40s and 50s. Bold, bright, sturdy. They crease well, they hold up well, and they don't require two or three layers for coverage. The stuff you buy at your local five and dime or outlet will not have this quality, nor evoke the strong visceral response that these papers do. There's just something about them that hearken us back to childhood. Something about them that puts a smile on our face. They are stylish. Classic.


Vintage Santa
Vintage Santa
Pine Decor Vintage Paper
Pine Decor Vintage Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922
Vintage Christmas Candle Paper
Vintage Christmas Candle Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922

Crazy For Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I'm sentimental.  I love the older, finer things in life.  I love the warm fuzzies I get when remembering times gone by.  Lots of things have changed over the years.  Now when you go buy your rolls of Christmas paper, you get flimsy paper that tears easily.  The patterns are ho-hum, and the variety--just not there.  Besides being crazy about Christmas, I am crazy about antiques, old books, old farms, old love letters, and old people.  There is wisdom with age.  We would do well to sit at the feet of our grandmothers and grandfathers (those of you who are fortunate to still have them) and learn all we can.  I find it interesting that even in the 1930's during America's lean years of the Depression, folks still had beautiful papers--even during the years when sparkle was hard to come by, when aluminum was being used for the war effort.  Even then, room was made for Christmas.  You just can't stop the Spirit of Christmas.  It is enduring and ageless.  It is not all about the gifts you give, but the GIFT that was given to us.  Be sure and share the message of Christ with someone this season and let's keep CHRIST in Christmas.  

Vintage Ornament Paper
Vintage Ornament Paper
Sleigh Paper Vintage
Sleigh Paper Vintage
Ebay Seller Marie1922
Gold Foil Vintage Paper
Gold Foil Vintage Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922
Green Foil Vintage Paper
Green Foil Vintage Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922

The Christmas Story: The MOST VALUABLE Gift This Year

The Short Version

 In Luke 2 of the Bible:


You will find the story of Jesus' birth.  I'm from the Bible belt, where most everyone has heard the story of Jesus.  But in case you haven't, Mary and Joseph were an engaged couple in biblical times.  An angel came to her and told her she would have a child who would be the Savior of the world and would name him "Jesus."  Now Mary and Joseph had not slept together, so this child was born of the Holy Spirit to a virgin.  They had to travel to Bethlehem because of tax laws of the day.  Everyone had to go, so all the inns were full.  Poor Mary gave birth in a stable to baby Jesus.  When he was born, angels appeared to shepherd in the field and sang, "Glory to God in the Highest.  Peace on earth, good will to men."  The shepherds left to find the baby.  King Herod had heard of the promised child and wanted all the baby boys killed, so he sent wise men from the East to go find him.  They followed a star to Bethlehem and brought him gifts, gold, frankencinse, and myrhh.  They did not, however, tell King Herod where the baby was but left another way.  

This child grew up and became a teacher and preacher of the word of God.  In fact, being the son of God, he taught the scribes in the temple, for who else knew God's word better.  He healed the sick, raised the dead, turned the water into wine, and caused a stir amont the Jews, so much so, that they had him crucified--nailed to a cross.  This was a fulfillment of Old Testament scripture that Jesus would become the ultimate sacrifice for our sin.  He was buried in a borrowed tomb and rose three days later to the amazement of his followers.  The Romans tried to say his body was stolen, but true believers know He lives.  He lives within our hearts.   

You will find the complete version of this in Luke Chapter 2 of the Holy Bible.

Vintage Poinsettia Paper
Vintage Poinsettia Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922
Noel Vintage Paper
Noel Vintage Paper
Ebay Seller Marie1922

A Little Mood Music Please...

Can't wait for Christmas!

They Don't Make It Like This Anymore

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Get in the Spirit

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Sharing the Love

My Christmas Wish

When you take the time to show Christ's love to someone in need, you reflect the love He has placed inside you.  Your deeds and your love and warmth are a testimony that something, someone lives inside you--a precious Light, a Love without end, a Saving Grace like no other.  If you have this gift, please share it with someone today.  You never know when it might be the last time to share it, when this might be their last Christmas.  What a joyful gift to share--the love of Christ--the gift of Hope to a dying world.  When so many are searching for what you have, how can you keep it inside and hid?  Spread the word.  He lives, and He is no longer a babe in a manger, but the King of all Kings.  He's big enough to hold this mighty universe, yet small enough to live within my heart.  

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