Vintage Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers

by Digby_Adams

Create a timeless Holiday table decor with these vintage Santa salt and pepper shakers.

You'll love any of these vintage salt and pepper shakers on your Holiday table. Whether you choose a bust of Santa Claus, Santa Claus with his reindeer, Santa Clause and a Christmas tree or even Santa kissing Mrs. Claus - you'll love the way his jolly personality and vibrant red Christmas suit bring cheer to your Christmas table. From late night snacks to a Christmas brunch buffet, vintage Santa salt and pepper shakers will brighten your Christmas decor. Lefton salt and pepper shakers are a favorite of mine, so I've shown you some wonderful vintage Lefton Santa salt and pepper shakers below. All the salt and pepper shakers you see below are selling on ebay today. So you can easily and quickly buy any of them.

The only person more beloved than Santa could very well be Mrs. Claus. I mean we all know who really keeps the North Pole humming. She makes meals for all of those busy elves, keeps their elf suits clean and cheers everyone up when they think might miss their big deadline. We all know that Santa never misses the 25th - and we know why. Mrs. Claus is quite the organizing force.

So celebrate them both on your Holiday table. They've got to be the cutest Senior couple in the world. In some of these vintage salt and pepper shakers they're actually kissing. If you know a couple whose getting married during the holidays, this is certainly a perfect little gift. It's also a great Happy first Christmas gift as well. Romantics certainly can't resist and kissing Santa couple.

You've got lots of vintage Santa and Mrs. Santa salt and pepper shakers to choose from on ebay. I can't think of any mall store that would have so many different kinds of Santa salt and pepper shakers. When you're shopping for a very narrow niche gift, ebay really is the best place to shop.

Vintage Santa and Mrs. Claus Salt and Pepper Shakers

Find It on Ebay!

Santa Claus standing beside a Christmas tree filled with ornaments and presents in one of the happiest pictures any child can have in their mind as they close their eyes on Christmas Eve. Although we never want to turn Christmas into just a gift and toy extravaganza holiday, lets face it, those things are front and center on many minds.

When you decorate your home, you extend the fun, because you think about the day and its enjoyment. I love colorful trinkets that make me remember happy times. I love those trinkets even better when they do something practical. You bet I have lots of figurines and collectibles scattered about in my home decor and curio cabinets. But they are just pretty faces that collect dust. My collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers earns its keep. As the holidays roll by, I just keep swapping them out.

It's the easiest possible holiday decorating. We all know that people hang out in the kitchen. This is certainly true for my huge family that is composed of foodies. When we aren't having coffee and eating cookies, we're making them for food sales and parties.

Vintage Santa and a Christmas Tree Salt and Pepper Shakers

Fantastic Deals on ebay!

When you want cute and heartwarming, Lefton figurines are the best! Take a look at the vintage Santa salt and pepper shakers to the right and you'll immediately see some great examples of Lefton designs.

I love shopping on ebay for specialty niches. If I went into a mall store or even an antique store, I'd be lucky to find one or two Santa salt and pepper shakers. But when you shop on ebay, you have thousands to choose from. I really love the ebay market place. I can peruse the inventory of the sellers and watch how quickly items sell. If I'm lucky several will have the same set of vintage salt and pepper shakers. I can see the different prices and number of bids. That way I can know if an item is hot or if it's languishing.

I've gotten to know which ebay sellers have the kind of vintage items that I love and I check their stock regularly. If it's a new seller that I haven't bought from before I always check their Positive Feedback rating to see what kinds of experience other shoppers have had. It's this kind of information that has made ebay one of the most popular shopping sites in the world!

Lefton Vintage Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bargains Galore on ebay!

Vintage Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers

Great Items at Great Prices on ebay!

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Digby_Adams on 07/05/2013

I know what you mean. Those little items that grandparents and parents always had bring back the memories!

ologsinquito on 07/05/2013

My grandmother had the exact set you've pictured. What memories.

katiem2 on 09/23/2012

These cute shakers remind me of Grandma and Grandpa's house at the holidays, good memories. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? :)K

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