Vintage Wedding Rings for Romantic Gifts on Valentine's Day

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Romantic Vintage Wedding Rings for Valentine’s Gifts are perfect for Valentine’s day because vintage and Victorian era has always fascinated people of modern generation.

Probably the Victorian and Edwardian era provide best of the exquisite and intricate designs in jewelry and still woo the hearts of millions of people.

Is there anyone in the world who is untouched by the charm of adornments? Perhaps a saint but ordinary people like us cannot question the loveliness of the jewelry and their importance in key events like weddings, catwalk.

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Why Vintage Designs?

Whether they adorn the beautiful necks of the models who seduce the audiences on the ramp or the actresses on the movie screens, they are capable of turning heads all around. Whether they embellish the necks of the brides or sit on the crowns of Miss Universe, jewelry is something that has pervaded the life of everybody. Beautifying hands and fingers they adorn the brides with bracelets and rings.

Which Jewelry Qualifies as Vintage?


 A crude method to define vintage jewelry is by identifying its manufacturing date. Anything that is 50 to 100 years old is defined as vintage. High quality, rare designs that are older than a century can be considered antique pieces. Jewelry that is designed 100 years back can also be called vintage. Bottom line is such jewelry designs are outdated and obsolete and yet they are brilliant delicate and authentic.


Jewelry has provided mankind the expression to emotions like love and trust. It has helped to kindle the passion of love birds by providing a bridge for exchanging romantic feelings. Jewellery was used in ancient days for romantic gifts.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Wedding Rings
Vintage Wedding Rings

What to Look for While Buying Antique Engagement Rings?


Any jewelry that has sustained a long period of time is bound to get worn out and requires maintenance.



That does not mean you cannot buy antique pieces. Some of these antique rings are very beautiful and rare.



You can strengthen the antiques by providing new prongs and shank replacements.



The gem stones in the ring may need a bit of polishing.



Get the antiques scrutinized by jewelers for hairline cracks and scratches.



They can be rectified by certified jewelers.



Also size them for the correct size of your finger. When they are repaired and set you are ready to go for the final moment, the wedding. 




The Vintage Georgian Designs


The four Hanover monarchs gave the period a name called Georgian era. George I, George II, George III, and George IV from the royal family who ruled England from 1714 to 1830 gave Georgian era its true name and fame. The jewelry at that time consisted primarily of gold and silver. You can also see the delicate and intrinsic use of gemstones, pearls and diamonds in the designs.

Vintage Rings from the Victorian Era



Since the Victorian era is considerably long we see many styles emerging from the era. We can see tassel designs, bezel sets with gemstones, lots of enamel and diamond solitaires.




It is interesting to note that when Queen Victoria entered into mourning when Prince Albert died in 1861, she paved a way for black designer jewelry.




The grieving Queen did not ever come out of the bereavement but created the trend of magnificent line of black jewelry designs that lasted till her demise in 1901.




Black and chocolate colored diamond look extremely romantic when used in jewelry designs, they rather cut out for the dreamy occasions exceptionally well.




Jet and onyx patterns look tremendously exquisite and discriminately outstanding in the natural crowd of jewels.


The Art Deco Era Vintage rings


The Art Deco years approximately lasted from 1920 to 1935 giving rise to discrete and divergent designs which were borrowed from the dictionary of geometry. The symmetry wooed the designers and it gave rise to a new craftsmanship that is typical of the Art Deco era. It was a revolutionary design displacing the existing norms of the 18th and 19th century. This era is also known for the propagation and introduction of white jewelry. White diamonds and platinum formed the cynosure of this era where one can see the streamlined, linear pattern designs instead of curvilinear shapes. For this reason you will hardly ever see any yellow gold in an Art Deco piece.

What jewelry can be called vintage?

Vintage Engagement Rings on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/10/2023

The two samples on the top line of the product box under your heading Vintage Engagement Rings particularly appeal to me.

Would they happen to be that beautiful combination of green, rose and white golds?

VioletteRose on 01/22/2015

These are really beautiful designs!

LindaSmith1 on 01/21/2015

I love vintage jewelry. It is different than what you see everyday.

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I love anything vintage. Thanks for telling us the definition of that, because I wasn't quite sure. Pinned to our Holiday Cheer board.

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