Waist Cincher for the Postpartum Woman

by MuminBusiness

No time to exercise and watch what you eat and all that, well here's how to get rid of that postpartum belly (at least so it will appear on the surface!)

I was forced to it!

Waist cinchers to the rescue

Have you ever had your four year old daughter tell you how big your belly is?  Well, I have and yes, its amusing but also a bit sad!

What of those wonderful strangers who ask you when you are due?!!  And then you have to laugh and say, "Oh no, I am not pregnant, it is just the remains of my last three little ones".  They look mortified, you seethe on the inside but have to make THEM feel better about their boo-boo.  And then you both rush off in separate directions and hope never to meet again!  

Even worse when it is your friend, who really should know better!

Anyway, as a result of some of these experiences, I have had to find a way to deal with my postpartum belly hastily.  No time for exercise, diet and all that, I just need to 'appear' pulled in.

Waist Cinchers to the rescue!

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Why do women need Waist Cinchers?

Waist Cinchers?  What do they mean to me?  These are any piece of shapewear that pulls my mid region in and leaves me looking great without spending hours and hours exercising myself to death.

Now, most women have needed a little help at times particularly after giving birth.  I still remember being asked by my brothers to pull my stomach in just after giving birth and I said "I am!"  Nope, no matter how hard I tried, I still looked and felt huge around the center.


Leonisa Shapewear

There are some who spring right back into place after giving birth and if you are one of those, click away now! I am so envious but no, I am nothing like you lucky ladies. I need all the help I can get.

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Post Pregnancy Stomach Troubles

Time to exercise for most of us women can be quite non-existent as we spend a considerable amount of time juggling running after the children and working and so on.  You would imagine that the time we spend running after the children would help us with the return to our previous figures but no, somehow, no matter how tired one feels, your body, if anything, may be getting bigger rather than smaller!

Leonisa Shapewear

If you are anything like me, then for a year or so, you still look six months pregnant and then after you struggle through a vigorous exercise plan but gentle diet plan as you are still breastfeeding so you cannot afford to lose weight too quickly, you may lose some or all of the baby weight but your stomach still looks about 4 months pregnant - Aargh!(Some improvement, I suppose! :-) )

In order to avoid all this, I have found the perfect solution which can be started fairly quickly after giving birth - A waist cincher!

The different kinds of shapewear for the postpartum period

Which can last forever!

You can have an actual waist cincher which just works around your waist.  I quite like these as they do not affect the act of nursing your baby as they are below the bra and also going to the restroom is not a juggling act as you try to squash out of your shapewear.


The Bum, Tum and Thigh Shaper

There is also the Bum, Tum and Thigh Shaper (at least that is what I call it - instead of going to the exercise class, I just wear the shapewear.)  For times when you need your bum and thighs looking good as well as your tummy and yet it still does not cover your bra so discreet nursing is still possible.  There is also less chance that your postpartum belly will droop at the bottom above your pants.  This covers everything and holds it all in place.

Get it in the right size for you! Do not be tempted to go one size smaller as you will probably just end up with it rolling down your front.  Who wants another bulge instead of the ones we have already?  Getting the right size will still hold you firmly in place.

The Onesie

Then there is the all-in-one or the Onesie for women. This one I keep for when the baby is nowhere in sight so no need to keep my upper half available.

I wear this when I am going to wear a dress and I want all of me to look great then I pick out the onesie and I ready to go!

For postpartum mothers who need extra support for their backs and bellies

The pharmacist in me also has to mention items that will help you if you are struggling with backpain or if you had severe separation of the stomach muscles (diastasis recti). You want to look good but for the first few weeks, it may help also to provide a lot of support for your still-recovering postpartum core.

I found that I needed to wear the girdle all the time as my back really was weak to start with. Being able to pull it to the size I required was very handy.

Updated: 02/14/2012, MuminBusiness
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Maggie Crooks on 08/22/2013

Good article. I love waist cinchers.

Stephanie on 02/09/2012

uhhhh those waist cinchers saved my life! i love squeem in my experience its the best i got this one rubber and cotton model http://www.classicshapewear.com/squee... its comfortable and my belly looks awesome now.

MuminBusiness on 01/22/2012

Thank you! Unfortunately, I know too well what you mean. Its been over a year since my last one and even though I have lost most of the weight, the belly remains! so shapewear is a must for me.

Angel on 01/21/2012

After 4 kids I need things like this! I have still got that little belly pooch that won't go away no matter how much I exercise. It is so annoying.. But thank goodness for things like this. Great article.

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