Walnut Christmas Tree Ornaments - A Symbol of the Season

by SusanM

Why walnut Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for the holiday season.

Walnuts are a simple thing you wouldn't automatically connect to the Christmas season. But walnuts are a wonderful symbol for Christmas.

The walnut tree was thought to be a holy tree in the same sort of way as the pine or fir tree. Walnuts were also thought to be a symbol of immortality and fertility. This means they're a symbol of birth. So there's a deep connection between this plant and the season of Christmas.

Walnuts are also a unique Christmas ornament. Depending on which type you choose they can work well with modern or more traditional looking decorations. Walnut shells can also be used to craft your own ornaments if you enjoy making craft items for your home.

Images of Christmas

These dainty walnut miniatures come with both religious and secular themes.

They mix many symbols of the Christmas season together. So they're unique Christmas ornaments that are sure to draw attention to your tree. 

By placing a small angel inside the walnut you increase the feel of sacredness. This is because you're mixing something natural from a sacred tree with another holy symbol - an angel.

Even if you aren't religious the mix of Santa and the walnut adds a timeless feel of tradition. This is because of the earthiness of the natural materials as well as the tree's history which goes back to ancient times.

If you're very crafty you could even try creating one of these walnut miniatures yourself to decorate your Christmas tree with.

Make a Walnut Mouse

Easy Walnut Craft Idea

Unfortunately there aren't many videos with walnut Christmas crafts. But this is a cute and quick craft using a walnut shell. 

Even though there aren't a lot of ready made walnut crafts about - don't let this stop you. You can use this video as a springboard for imagining and creating other craft ideas.

The video needs to be watched on YouTube so just click the link that comes up when you press the "play" symbol and you'll be taken straight to the video. 

Traditional Looking Walnut Ornaments

This engraved bauble made from walnut wood is one of my favorites.

I especially like this one because it uses a symbol that immediately makes me think about Christmas - the bauble. It also has the most amazing pattern engraved into the wood. These engravings also are symbolic of Christmas. As they are stars - or the middle one could even be a poinsettia flower. The wood gives it a nice sense of tradition and Christmas through the centuries too. Lovely. 

If you like the look of this you can find other traditional looking walnut ornaments in the article 'Traditional Wooden and Straw Christmas Ornaments'. 

Engraved Walnut Wood Bauble

Engraved Walnut Wood Bauble
Advent Ornaments

This Christmas snowflake ornament has a nice mix of modern and traditional. The wood gives it that natural and earthy look. This gives it a traditional feel - as does the star-like shape the snowflake has been made in. 

The use of porcelain adds the feeling of a cold winter's day to the ornament. It also gives it a more modern feel as we don't associate porcelain with ancient times. But because porcelain still has a history it's use doesn't make this ornament lose any of it's classic feel. So it's a nice choice I think.

Christmas Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Walnut and Porcelain Ornament
3dRose LLC

Something A Little Different

This walnut inspired ornament is made from glass using traditional techniques. It's then been painted by hand. Although it's not to my own taste (I'm not a big fan of glass Christmas ornaments) I can't ignore it impressive classic look. 

A collection of these glass walnut ornaments would look lovely in a tree that's been decorated with other glass ornaments. I think it would add some lovely color without making the tree look any less delicate or changing it's mood. It's also a style that would go well in a tree where gold, silver or white were the main color. 

Walnut Christmas Ornaments on Ebay

More Christmas Decorating Ideas

Give your Christmas tree a timeless look with traditional wooden and straw ornaments.
Christmas trees are the central part of seasonal decorating. So how can you celebrate the season without one. Here's some creative ideas.
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