Wedding Makeup Tips: How to Get those Beautiful Smokey Bridal Eyes

by RobertKeith

How to get the classic "smokey eyes" look for your bridal makeover.

Every prospective bride has looked - with no small amount of envy - at the beautiful smokey eyes of models in glossy wedding magazines. This amazing look makes the eyes look significantly larger (especially in the evening), bringing out the best in any happy newlywed's face.

This effect is particularly effective for those with smaller lips, as it draws the attention up to the eyes. However, there is simply no complexion or face type that can't look stunning with this look!

The key is in the choice of colour, with the lighter shade seamlessly blending into the darker. Avoid anything too dark (such as black or brown). Instead, try deep or bronzed colours for your darker shade, such as brown, gold, champagne, purple, blue, or even green.

What You'll Need

The Essentials

  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Make-up brushes
  • A lighter eye shadow
  • A darker eye shadow
  • Eye primer

Optional Extras

  • Eyelash curler
  • Blush (as natural looking as possible)

How to Apply

The ideal process, as provided by Wedding Makeup Brisbane, is as follows:

  1. Ensure your eye area is clean and free of oil (which could cause running or discomfort).

  2. Apply the lighter eyeshadow (or a decent mineral concealer) to the top and bottom eyelids, as well as the general under-the-eye area.

  3. Line your eyes with your choice of shadow (generally a deep shade of blue, green or purple).

  4. Use your eye shadow brush to blend the colour from your lash line outward, creating the effect of a gradual transition.

  5. Curl your eyelashes (if desired), which you can then enhance with mascara.  Continue applying this until you're satisfied.

  6. If you still find yourself wanting more color, add a dash of metallic shade (such as blue, gold or lavender) to the inner corner of each eyelid (closet to the note).  It's a subtle effect that works surprisingly well.

Finding a Suitable Matching Lipstick

A big, bright and colorful lipstick shade will complement the look nicely, drawing away attention from the "sleepiness" without diminishing the effect.

if in doubt, go with red, plus some lip gloss in the center of your lips for an even fuller appearance.

Another great strategy is to add a little natural blush to your cheeks.  This will offset the illusion of paler skin that can come with darker eyes.

Additional Tips

  • The lighter and more vibrant the shades, the more open-eyed and awake you will look.  This is particularly effective if you've had a sleepless night before the big day!

  • Inversely, can apply black eyeliner afterwards to give yourself smaller, more intense eyes.

  • Smokey eyes aren't just a bridal affair - they can look wonderful for more casual, everyday application too.  If you're wearing black, deep violet eye shadow tones will look absolutely stunning.

Additional Resources

Still need assistance? Here are some additional guides from around the web:

Video Demonstration

As Modeled by Lea Michele (of "Glee" fame) for Makeup by Eman
Updated: 12/04/2012, RobertKeith
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