Weight Loss Success Stories

by grandi

Your Motivation To Lose Weight

After a rich, prolific dieting history I have behind me, people in my surrounding look upon me as a dietetic authority.

Everyone Is Welcome!
Everyone Is Welcome!
Pen Is Mightier Than Sword
Pen Is Mightier Than Sword
Yes, It's Me!
Yes, It's Me!

My Personal Dieting Testimony

 It may be that mine is not a typical dieting story, but the point is – it issuccessful. Anyway, I wish it is just that tiny bit of motivation you lack to win the struggle against superfluous weight.

I remember being skinny as a grasshopper as a kid. In high school, I literally burst into a bombastic, voluptuous figure. Growing bigger, I turned a blind eye in apathy at first. However, later on...

You should have seen the stretch marks (striae) and rashes in the folds of the skin that developed as a result of rapid weight gain and excessive body fat. Ugly!


Since then, my weight had been up and down all my life, and it still is. However, I am proud to tell I manage to keep it under control, slipping a pound, maybe two, over and under (less likely!) my ideal weight most of the time.

 In spite of gained weight, I was a kind of lucky girl – the killing aching in my back saved me! Not only I suffered of hardly bearable, strenuous pain in my upper back, each morning I woke up by terrifying numbness in my hands, palms, and fingers, along with extraordinary, frightening stiff sensation. As the pain and numbness were both getting worse and persistent, I knew I have to react. At first, I tried helplessly to postpone the »D« day with empty »tomorrow« promises. Finally, I woke up one morning and said to myself: »Enough is enough!«l. At last, I took a conscientious decision.

I started dieting. Oh, my God, I do not want to recall my beginnings.

I tested and checked, set out and dropped dozens of different diets, all in vain. My weight loss efforts and endeavours ran in cursed circle with newly gained weight as soon as I finished the diet – or even before. 

Until I collected all my will power and discipline to take off serious. I read tons of books; I made numerous researches to get an in-depth knowledge about human body, metabolism, and psychology. I went bravely and audacious into zillions of weight loss methods such as diets, quick weight loss schemes and plans, supplements and formulas, commercial weight loss programs, and never allowed the failure to stop me.  At last, I found out it is all rather simple.

Rule number one: eating.

If we do not eat, our clever body saves the stocks and prevents weight loss.


but never ever starve!

Eat five meals a day, full of as much »empty« food as possible – food that is poor in calories and salt, but rich in fiber, water, and vitamins.

Fight off deceptive advertising techniques and learn what kind of food is good for you.

Bear in mind, the more you eat, the more your metabolism works. With empty food, you trick your metabolism to burn out fat deposits.

Rule number two: drinking plenty of water.

Not only water is natural appetite suppressant, but it also

contains no calories,

is low in sodium, and

it boosts the body to metabolize fat.

Besides, water is crucial for appropriate function of both the kidneys and the liver. By emptying buckets of water, you will never hit the plateau of weight loss!

Rule number three: moving.

Do whatever you like at home, in the gym, or outside, to move and to spend the sufficient energy you have and acquire while you are feeding properly and decently.

Just find an activity you enjoy; if you hate sports – walk, dance, find a hard work. I have discovered beauties of various sports: outdoor hiking through most wonderful natural spots, in-line skating, swimming, rafting, and even climbing.

I know, I am such a lucky person!!!

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When You Lapse While Dieting

Yes, It Is So Simple:
Quote by St. Francis of Assisi
Quote by St. Francis of Assisi

If you are looking for motivation to lose weight, follow me for supportive inspiration on your path to success! For years, I manage to keep my weight under control. And I can tell you how. 

Updated: 02/23/2012, grandi
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