Welding Goggles Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A pair of welding goggles are a required piece of welding equipment. The five best welders goggles, reviewed and compared.

A pair of welding goggles are similar to standard safety goggles - only they're specially designed for welders and the welding industry. Their purpose is to protect the wearers eyes from ultra violet light, sparks and metal debris -.not to mention the harmful effects from the heat that's generated during the welding process.

Of those currently available, they're generally small by design, fit neatly around the eyes and will provide the appropriate protection despite their diminutive size. As a user, it's up to the individual purchaser to buy the correct welders goggles - as an example arc welding doesn't require the same type of manufacture as a pair meant for gas welding.

The five best welding goggle models are featured below. They're all best selling in their category, are relatively inexpensive and will provide the wearer with the protection required according to the type of welding performed.

Hobart 770096 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle - 50mm Eye Cup

This is a great pair of oxy-acetylene welding goggles - they're inexpensive, offer great eye protection and are comfortable to wear for long periods. The headband is elastic and adjustable, strong enough to keep them in place but flexible enough not to cause any real discomfort.

The shielding grade is number 5, so they offer a good level of protection against the harmful effects associated with acetylene welding. There's a set of two lenses - one clear, one with the appropriate level of shading needed for welding and for the price they're durable, fit for purpose and won't blow the budget.

Hobart 770096 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle - 50mm Eye Cup

Fixed front - rigid 50 mm dual cup eye goggles come with #5 shade for acetylene welding. Compact design with elastic headband provides years of trouble-free eye protection.Ideal...

Only $11.99

US Forge 108 Shaded #5 Economy Cup Brazing Goggles

This is are cheap welding goggles - ye they're up to standard with regard to gas welding and brazing. They're fairly comfortable - the plastic frame can dig in a little around the eyes but if you're intention is to use them for short periods, they don't cause too much of a problem.

The come with both clear and shaded lenses, they're easy to twist off and swap, and the elastic strap is adjustable and tough. There's nothing fancy about them - they're pretty basic, do the job and do give adequate eye protection against harmful UV light etc. Cheap, effective - fine for small tasks and light use.

US Forge 108 Shaded #5 Economy Cup Brazing Goggles

Safety glasses and brazing goggles feature #5 lens protection from infrared rays given off during gas welding, cutting, burning and brazing. Not suitable for arc or mig welding.

Only $9.43

Grip 85207 Welding Goggles

These are surprisingly good quality welding goggles for what has to be the lowest give-away price on the market. They not only provide the wearer with an adequate level of protection for the eyes - the design is superior and more than you'd expect for less than two bucks a pop.

The frame is plastic, yet it lacks the rigidity of the previous pair, and the elastic is comfortable once you've got them adjusted to the correct size. The lenses flip up - so you've got the clear lenses for a good line of sight, then the shaded pair flip down for when you're ready to start welding. A great pair of welders goggles - especially in comparison to the price tag - highly recommended.

Certified Welding & Torch Safety Goggles - Flip-Up Style

The welding goggles provide maximum eye protection and features soft vinyl frame for a comfortable fit. It provides enough space to wear over top of glass. Protect your eyes wit...


Hobart 770094 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle - Fixed Front 2-Inch x 4 1/4-Inch

This is almost a welders safety mask - yet they're still small enough to be classed as safety goggles. They're a number 5 shade, the shaded lens flips up to expose the clear lens underneath, and they're designed for oxy-acetylene welding.

Both the lens covers are replaceable and the mask fits securely and comfortably across the eyes and upper face by way of an adjustable elastic strap. Whilst wearing them, you'll find the remain securely in place, they don't slip or feel loose and for the price. if you're wanting a combination of goggles and a welding mask - this is the pair to buy. Good enough, decent quality, do the job.

Hobart 770094 Welding Oxy-Acetylene Goggle - Fixed Front 2-Inch x 4 1/4-Inch

Hobart 2" x 4 1/4" Fixed Front Goggles 770094

Only $10.6

Neiko Comfort-Fit Welding & Torch Safety Goggles - Flip-Up Style, ANSI Approved

These are another pair of amazingly cheap welding goggles - under 3 bucks and with an almost perfect five star rating. The frame is a soft PVC construction, the lenses are both clear and shaded - and flip up to allow for working when not welding.

The side vents do their job and the elastic is flexible, adjustable and comfortable. They more than meet with ANSI Z87.1 standards and give all the eye protection you'll need for general welding tasks. They're an impressive, well made pair of welders goggles for the price - ones to buy if you want to spend little but get a lot for your money.

Neiko 53849A Flip-Up Style, ANSI Approved Comfort-Fit Welding and Torch Safety Goggles

Protect your eyes with these convenient and comfortable Welding and Torch Safety Goggles. The soft PVC frame along with adjustable strap ensure a secure and comfortable fit, whi...

Only $16.0
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