What Happened to Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel?

by NateB11

Elisa Lam was found deceased in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in LA. The case is considered solved but there are many mysteries left unanswered.

It was back in February 13, 2013 when people staying at the Cecil Hotel had been complaining about the water coming out of their faucets; it smelled strange and tasted strange. Investigating the water tanks on the roof, staff found the dead body of Elisa Lam in one of the tanks.

Eventually the police ruled the death an accident. But it’s a weird accident indeed. First off, the roof of the building is secured with locks and an alarm system. It would have been difficult for her to get access to the roof undetected. Second, the lid to the water tank is super heavy and would be difficult to close behind her when she somehow got through the 16 inch opening on top of the tank; the lid was closed when she was found in the tank. She was also nude. She also would have had to climb the tank to get in; it’s about 10 feet high.

The Video

To make matters odder, surveillance video shows her exhibiting some bizarre behavior on the elevator of the hotel just prior to ending up in that tank. She is going in and out of the elevator, appears flustered, tries to hide in the corner of the elevator, pushes a bunch of button on the elevator and the doors never close; she seems to be talking to someone who isn’t there and begins waving her hands around, with her wrists and fingers contorted, in a creepy, eerie way.

It is known that Elisa had bi-polar disorder and her personal blog reads like a person deeply sorrowful and distressed.

She had decided for some reason to travel from her home of Canada to California, all alone. She stayed in Los Angeles and planned to go to Santa Cruz after that. In LA she stayed at the Cecil Hotel, where she died, a hotel known for a rather scary past, with murders and suicides occurring at the hotel; it also housed the famous Black Dahlia, for a time, the young actress who had met a grizzly demise back in the 1940s. The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, infamous serial killer, also stayed at the hotel at one time.

Many people have been searching for clues about Elisa and her fate. One of these clues some people point to is a postcard she’d sent to a friend on which she had written she was being stalked and felt creeped out; and on the postcard, she made reference to Ryan Gosling whose song Buried in Water seems sadly relevant.

There are even people who connect her to military cloaking experiments because supposedly a military man stationed in South Korea had friended her on social media and she posted articles on the subject of cloaking on her Twitter account. Others point out that creepy guy Alistair Crowley had stayed at the Cecil Hotel in London in the 1800s and while there wrote a poem about someone dying on a tower; and he supposedly summoned up a spirit called Lam. In addition, a Tuberculosis outbreak occurred in LA while Elisa was there and the kit used for TB is called LAM-Elisa.

Strange coincidences indeed. While the coincidences can’t be proven to be connected to her death, her death nevertheless is mysterious and troubling.

Updated: 02/20/2021, NateB11
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