What is a CardioCore Elliptical?

by NoShinSplints

Ever heard the term "CardioCore Elliptical"? It's a patented and trademarked technology exclusive to Yowza Fitness, learn more about it here.

Why CardioCore Technology Changed Ellipticals

A Yowza Fitness Exclusive and Trademark

The elliptical training market has seen a number of improvements since Larry D. Miller invented them in the early 2000's for Precor, and among some of the better advancements have had to do with improved ergonomics, low-maintenance roller-less designs, improved resistance systems and on that note, innovations like the CardioCoreTM ellipticals from Yowza Fitness.

Note that Yowza Fitness holds the trademark on the term and technology "CardioCore" and it's used with permission here.

What is the CardioCoreTM technology all about?

This unique action of the upper action arms on their CardioCoreTM elliptical machines (Yowza Pompano, Yowza Bonita, Yowza Sanibel and their top model, the Yowza Captiva elliptical) results in a counter-rotational movement of the torso.

As the left knee rises, the user's left elbow descends. Seeing it in action, it's like a standing crunch (minus the lower back pain or neck strain sometimes attending sit-ups or crunches).

Benefits of the CardioCore Ellipticals

Is this an Advancement or Just a Gimmick?

The upper body motion on many elliptical machines (especially under $1,000 or bargain-bin ellipticals) is often used for stabilization, a means to support yourself while elevated during your workout.

In other words, the impact they have on your calorie burn is normally nominal at best.
One of the benefits of the CardioCoreTM elliptical design is that the upper body is fully engaged, and your core muscles in particular (otherwise commonly called the abdominal muscles). 

The benefits are that:

  • You burn more calories in the same timeframe for a more efficient workout.
  • You get to work your core muscle group and build tone in more than just your lower body.
  • Fat loss workouts and HIIT take on a new meaning with the full body engaged, even moreso than average elliptical machines.
  • The position of the body during these workouts is ergonomically correct, unlike an average crunch or sit-up where your lower back and neck can become strained for improper form.

It's much easier to do a standing crunch while working your entire body on a CardioCoreTM elliptical machine.

CardioCore Elliptical Trainers

And Other Bestsellers
Captiva - Elliptical Trainer Machine (cardio core training series)

The Captiva Variable Motion Elliptical (VME) allows users to change the motion of their elliptical stride on the fly. Go from an 18" easy motion to a large 32" hurdling type ...

Only $1699.99
Sanibel - Elliptical Trainer Machine (cardio core training series)

The NEW Sanibel Elliptical is the industry's first elliptical core trainer. Yowza's patented counter-rotational Core motion targets the muscles of internal and external ...

Pompano - Elliptical Trainer Machine (Cardio Core Training Series)

Yowza Fitness is proud to introduce Cardio-Core Training made simple!!! The NEW Pompano Elliptical is Yowza's newest Cardio Core trainer. Yowza's patented counter-rotational ...

Only $1399.99
Bonita Elliptical with Counter Rotational Core Motion and 'Ramp-less' Incline.

Join the Cardio Core Revolution with the this value priced offering from Yowza Fitness, The Elliptical Company!!! With its Unique Counter Rotational upper body movement, ...

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer (2011 Model)

The E55 elliptical from Sole® is designed with a vibrant LED readout, and a built-in cooling fan and water bottle holder offer total convenience. Fluid, natural motion is ...

Smooth Fitness CE 3.0DS Elliptical

The Smooth CE 3.0DS is a space saving elliptical that is two machines in one. This elliptical allows you to quickly and easily convert the machine from an elliptical motion to ...

Yowza CardioCore Elliptical

Yowza Fitness Captiva

Where to Find CardioCore Ellipticals

These are NOT Sold In Stores

These ellipticals are only sold online, not in stores.

When people read, "Not sold in stores," especially with fitness equipment, some amount of skepticism arises and it's entirely understandable. However, in this case it's due to the business model of the company, Yowza Fitness.

Along with the likes of Smooth Fitness (which helped inspire this company in the first place, long story), Yowza Fitness decides to do business online exclusively.

The strategic reason is that middle-man retail markup is incredibly expensive. It's much easier to ship directly to the consumer from their main office in Bonita Springs, Florida, than it is to use local shops as staging areas.

Actually the entire process of retail stores is an inefficient business model (ever since the convenience of online shopping), and the savings are passed onto the consumer.

For all these reasons, these elliptical machines are considered "mid-range" in price ($1,000 - $3,000), and are sold to Canada and the U.S.

Updated: 12/05/2011, NoShinSplints
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