Where to Buy Double-Walled, Insulated Glasses Online

by Regi_B

A look at where you can find these great glasses that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

If you are reading this, I must assume you appreciate the potential of a drinking glass to maintain the temperature of the beverage contained within it for as long as possible. In short, you like your hot drinks to stay on the hot side, and your cold drinks to stay on the cold side.

Such is the rationale for buying double-walled thermo glasses. Sure, people could buy them just for looks, but I would think that would not be the thing to do. Most people would probably choose another glass, were they shopping just on appearances.

If the reason to buy a double-walled glass is mainly for that glass's ability to insulate its bevie contents, then perhaps, you might also want to shop from a place with a selection of styles.

There need not be buy one style of insulated glasses for sale. Taste matters! Regi B just decreed it!

Who has the best selection of double-walled glasses for sale online? Let us have a look.

Amazon Sells Double-Walled Glasses

If it is for the home and more than two people have ever bought it, Amazon probably sells it. Did you spot an over-simplification there? You got me!

Still, it is no surprise that Amazon sells double-walled drinking glasses. It is probably also no surprise that they sell the popular Pavina series by Bodum.

People trust and rely on Amazon.com. I would say the only reason to buy from another online retailer would be if they carry something Amazon does not.

Double Walled Glasses at Amazon

Target Sells Double-Walled Glasses

At Target.com, you will find a very specific brand of double-walled glasses, designed for wine lovers to keep their beloved nectar unaffected by their body heat.

The insulating nature of double-walled glasses keeps wine from warming as you hold it, so long as you have a glass like those sold by Target from The Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Enthusiast Glass

Sears Sells Double-Walled Glasses

The folks at Sears give a take on double-walled glasses that expresses color on top of insulation, with the Bartender's Choice line. If you like a colorful table, these glasses may be your ticket to kitchenware delight. (What did I just say? I have no idea.)

Sears sought to make certain they had a color for every shopper's palate, and so these glasses are available in more colors than I could count. (They tried to tell me -- stay in school!)


If you know other great places to buy double-walled glasses online, please let me know in Comments. Much appreciated! And here is to your ever-insulated drinking pleasure! (What does that mean? I do not know.)

Updated: 04/06/2012, Regi_B
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