Which Kindle is Right For Me?

by Laura_Philips

Having trouble deciding which Kindle is right for you? This guide to buying a Kindle will help you decide which will do what you need and which won't!

Choosing Which Kindle to Buy

The Kindle Family

The Kindle ebook reader has become so popular that there are now a variety of different Kindle's on sale from a very basic model to the Kindle fire, but which one do you need? Below are the different types of Kindles available at the moment and the different features they offer as well as some common questions that people have been asking about such as, which Kindle has a built in light and which Kindle offers text to speech.

This guide is intended to help you make the right decision with your purchase because there is little worse than buying a product only to find out that it doesn't offer all the features you wanted or even that there are too many features for your needs.

Kindle Option 1

The most basic of all the Kindle's and the most affordable, on this Kindle you have built in Wifi so you can download books at home and at hotspots but not while you are out an about, for more details on this version see below.

Economy Kindle

All the Basics


Who Should Buy This Kindle? If you are a big reader and want an ebook reader that does just that then this is ideal, you can store all your ebooks (up to 1400) on this edition and download new titles over wifi from a choice of over 800,000 books, perfect for anyone who loves to read and doesn't want any other features.

The basic Kindle from Amazon is a great economic choice with wifi capabilities you can download titles is seconds, not only that but the screen has no glare meaning you can read in sunlight, on the train without having to squint at the screen or try and block the sun as you  read.

The battery in this edition lasts for a month, so you wont have to charge it too often and the text size can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

There are two choices available for this Kindle that you should be aware of.. The lower priced Kindle has special offers (ads usually at the bottom of the screen) which may become annoying in time and the slightly more expensive version has no ads or special offers. 


Kindle Basic Model

Kindle Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
Kindle Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

Kindle Option 2

Kindle Touch with 3G

Kindle Touch 3G

This mid price range Kindle does exactly what the basic model above does in that you can read and store your ebooks, download your ebooks through Wifi or out and about using 3G technology which means you can download a new novel in the car, on the train etc for no extra cost.

There are more features available than the basic model, you can store 3000 books on the Kindle touch, the battery lasts 2 months, twice as long as the cheaper Kindle and it's touchscreen.

Who Should Buy The Kindle Touch 3G?

Again this is the ebook reader for book lovers, you can store thousands of books, you have access to downloading books worldwide through 3G and the battery life is a lot longer. This is a great choice for anyone who loves to travel and read.

Again there are two options for purchasing, with advertisements and without.

Kindle Touch 3G
Kindle Touch 3G

Kindle Option 3

Kindle Keyboard 3G

Similar to the other options above, a slightly higher price and a few extra features, more details below.

Kindle 3G with Keyboard

This version is similar to the other Kindles but with an added keyboard. It can hold up to 3500 books and has a two month battery life. Like the Kindle touch you can download books over 3G but it's not touch screen. The keyboard can be used to add annotations to test, search the web for definitions and search wikipedia.

 You can also share passages from any book you are reading with friends and family using facebook or twitter social networks via the keyboard.

Like the two previous versions there is also the option to buy a cheaper version with advertisements or a slightly more expensive version minus ads.

Kindle Keyboard 3G
Kindle Keyboard 3G

Kindle Option 4 - Kindle Fire

The newest release from Amazon is everything an ebook could need but it's also a tablet similar to the ipad. 

Kindle Fire

Unlike the other Kindles from Amazon, the Kindle fire offers full web access, email, games and much more. You can watch movies and tv shows as well as store your ebook collection.

You can use the app store to download new content, send emails, browse the web and read a book or two while you are at it. It's hard to call the Kindle fire an ebook reader because it does so much more and while it offers a very competitive alternative to other tablets on the market, if you are just looking for a way to read your books then the fire may not be for you.

If on the other hand you want to be able to do everything it's a great option.

Common Questions about the Kindle

Here is the section that covers the questions that many people have been asking about which Kindle they need.

Q. Which Kindle has a built in light?

A. Kindles are not backlit, the reason is that the screen used a different technology, so unlike iphones which are, there is no glare in sunlight, this however does mean that you will need a light to read the Kindle at night. The only one that does is the Kindle fire which has a display similar to your computer screen.

Q. Which Kindle Offers Text to Speech?

A. Not all ebook publishers enable text to speech so it is only available on certain books however the Kindle touch and the Kindle Keyboard offer this option.

Q. Which Kindle has no Ads?

A. Each of the Kindle's except the Kindle fire offer a no ads option for a slightly higher price.

Q. Which Kindle Plays Games?

A. While there are limited games available on some of the Kindles if you wish to play games as you would from an app store the Kindle fire offers this.

Q. Which Kindle has color?

A. The Kindle Fire Tablet.




Updated: 01/20/2012, Laura_Philips
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kaazoom on 03/01/2012

I have a basic model, It's just right for me. Having the Wi-Fi connection and being able to download books wirelessly is great.

katiem2 on 02/15/2012

OMG I just love my fire, it is wonderful far better than I anticipated. I feel you've pointed out some very good differences. I have two one for reading while the kids use the other for reading plus all the fun apps, games and the like. The learning games are endless. Great review!

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