Whisker-Friendly Cat Bowls-Feline Dishes Made For Comfortable Eating

by LPerry

Does your cat suffer from extra-sensitive whiskers? Having touchy whiskers could signal the need for a wider food dish.

Anyone who has ever loved and cared for a cat knows that they have sensitive whiskers. However, some cats have such sensitive whisker tips that eating from a standard dish is incredibly annoying and painful. Pet supply companies make special whisker-friendly bowls that are wider than average so your cat can finally eat in peace and comfort.

How To Tell If Your Cat Has Extra-Sensitive Whiskers

If you have owned multiple cats, you are well aware that each one has its own quirks and preferences. Some adore being picked up and cuddled. Some become outraged that their human would dare touch them without permission. Some cats are ultra-finicky about their food. Others will eat anything; including vegetables.

If your cat has very long whiskers and you notice him or her cutting meals short or pawing the food out, they may be hurting. Observe your kitty at mealtime. If there is no clearance between the end of his or her whiskers and the side of the bowl, it may be causing irritation.Luckily, not all cats have this sensitivity issue.

Cat Whiskers Are Functional As Well As Stylish

Stylish Cat Whiskers
Stylish Cat Whiskers
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Hear Me Roar
Hear Me Roar
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Cats Whiskers
Cats Whiskers
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What Is Whisker Fatigue?

Whisker fatigue, or whisker stress as it is also called, happens when the sensitive nerve endings of these hairs are over stimulated by constant rubbing or touching surfaces.

If you can picture your cat out in the wild like the little Tiger that they are, finding food allowed them to eat alfresco style with their whiskers free and happy from restraints.

A Cat Eating From A Whisker-Friendly Bowl

Look at those magnificent whiskers! You can see by watching this video how challenging it would be for this cat to eat from a high-sided bowl without getting very uncomfortable.

The fascinating thing about these specialty products is that they make it easy to solve problems as a concerned pet owner.

Three Top Selling Cat Food Dishes For Whisker Sensitive Felines

Dr. Catsby Sensitive Whisker Food Dish


This Dr.Catsby food dish with its gently sloping surface gives immediate relief to sore and irritated whiskers. Just by looking at the open sloping sides you can see how the design can help your cat have a more pleasant eating experience.

Pros : Easy to clean, gets good reviews from cat owners

Cons: Could get pricey if you have to supply multiple  cats with their own dish.

 Reviews, pictures, and pricing

CatGuru Stress Free Bowl


The CatGuru dish has the same shallow design to help cats eat comfortably and without stress.

This brand offers a choice between ceramic or stainless steel materials. Choosing between the two is a matter of what suits your taste and, of course, what your cat tells you to buy.

Pros: This dish has little ripples or ledges that give food something to stick to for ease of eating. Easy to clean.

Cons: Only available in Stainless Steel, Blue, or White.

See what pet owners are saying about this dish

Van Ness Ecoware Shallow Dish


This cute little dish is perfect for small cats and as a wet food bowl that is shallow enough to leave sensitive whiskers alone.

Pros: Very affordable for humans and pets on a budget, made of durable 47% bamboo plant material.

Cons: Might fall apart with too many visits to the dishwasher. Better if washed by hand. It may not last as long as the more costly stainless steel ones, but it is definitely one of those " good for now" pet solutions.

Get a better idea of the bowl size and specifications.

Disclaimer-As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Cheap And Free Food Dish Ideas

Do you like to find cheap or even free alternatives to solving problems? I do too. Other than throwing kibble on the ground and feeding your cat like a chicken, you can make an effective eating platform out of any wide pan.

Some of the expensive whisker-friendly  bowls look like upside-down cake pans that are hammered in the center to create a little scooped section for the food. Things that are shallow and wide will help kitty eat dry  kibble in peace pain-free :

1. Pie platesEmpty Pie Plate

2. Pizza pans

3. Oval-shaped Creme Brulee Ramekins ( for fancy cats)

f you want to be very frugal, a bread plate makes a simple whisker-friendly dish for wet food.If your cat is anything like mine, they will demand a slice of pie with a bit of cream on the side; sore whiskers or not.

* Image Credit: Publicdomainpictures.net, Pumpkin Pie Eaten, Public Domain Free, https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/

Cat-Friendly Inventions That Really Spell Love

Girl And Her CatAll of these specialty-type Cat products can do one of two things; spoil and pamper your fur baby, or show the ultimate in pet love and care. Actually, they probably do a bit of booth.

The hardest thing about owning a Cat isn't their sometimes-high-maintenance ways. It's saying goodbye when their life on earth is through.

The love that is shared between a human and their precious pet is one of the deepest, most heartfelt relationships we can witness. No product can take the place of love.

Image Credit: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/888511, CCO Public Domain Free
Raised food dishes for cats are not only beneficial for their digestion and posture, they can look nice as part of your decor. See 4 of the best-rated elevated food bowls for cats

Disclaimer-As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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