Whiskey Stone Review

by Kalafina

Whiskey stones will never water down great whiskey like the typical ice cube. Keep your drink cool and fresh with affordable whiskey stones.

To ease the discomfort of my latest flight, I picked up the latest issue of SkyMall and shared a few laughs with the person next to me. We saw the "whiskey stones" and laughed about it. Cold stones instead of ice cubes to keep your whiskey cool? The whole idea seemed like another Skymall novelty which you buy and never use.

After getting off the plane and into my friend's place, I glanced in her freezer. There were whiskey stones sitting inside! I was floored. Someone actually bought those? "I got them for my boyfriend. He loves them!" I wasn't sure if that statement was believable or not. Then he chimed, "I LOVE THOSE! They keep my whiskey so cold. They are the best SkyMall buy of all time."

So I decided to try them. I can't drink whiskey so I put them in a glass of wine. A major wine faux pas but I had to try it on something. And guess what? They were amazing. I need to buy my own. The beauty of them is they do not water down your beverage like ice. Your beverage stays cool on the hottest days without being diluted by messy ice cubes. Perfect for you or as a gift for a whiskey lover you know.

5 Reasons to Own Whiskey Stones

1. They will never dilute your drink like melting ice does.

2. They are completely reusable. Just return them to the freezer when not in use.

3. They work on more than just whiskey.

4. They may look expensive but are completely affordable.

5. Let's face it. They just look cool.

Which Stones Should You Choose?

Soapstone is Key!

Whiskey stones/rocks come in a variety of types and materials. By far the best choose of all for those looking to purchase a set of whiskey stones are those made of soapstone.


Pure soapstone (that´s right no fillers!) retains its cold temperature much longer then other materials like metal. Soapstone is made up of talc. The mineral talc does not react with water, alcohol, other beverages etc when immersed in them. Imagine your stones dissolving into a guest´s beverage. Embarrassing and potentially hazardous so don´t take the risk. Soapstone is rated safe by the FDA making it approved for use.

The last reason to use soapstone is more of a personal choice. I prefer it´s light feel as opposed to heavier substances. You shouldn´t have to carry around an extra pound just for a cool drink. Keep it light and simple with soapstone.

Guaranteed Satisfaction. Whiskey Stones in Pure Soapstone

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Do Whiskey Stones Make a Great Gift?

Absolutely! If you know someone who enjoys a good whiskey then whiskey stones are a perfect gift. The same goes for other types of alcohols. Sometimes just being able to enjoy a soda sans ice cubes is wonderful on a hot day.

If you are worried over how best to present whiskey stones as a gift Amazon makes it easy. You can find whiskey stones complete with gift box and carrying pouch.

Perfect for the Whiskey Lover

Anyone who loves a cool drink!
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Whiskey Glassware-Complete the Look

Classic Hollywood films often showed off the man pouring a drink of whiskey after a long day from pristine whiskey glassware. Nowadays you can still find the classic Hollywood look for a modern price.There is no substitute for the feeling of enjoying a great whiskey in a perfect whiskey glass chilled by your whiskey stones.

Updated: 12/14/2015, Kalafina
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frankbeswick on 12/22/2015

I suggest that the stone be of size suitable to fit into a decanter. Maybe it might be selected for nice coloration.Granite has a nice range of colours and is neither porous or easily dissolved, so it will not affect the drink's flavour. You might get smaller stones for wine glass. They should be kept in a freezer to make them really cold. Wales is a place for great pebble beaches with old hard rocks. That would be a good place to look for something suitable.

frankbeswick on 12/22/2015

Buy one, there is no need! Just ensure that the stone is the right size and is not of porous material.A round beach pebble made of igneous or metamorphic rock will work perfectly.

Veronica on 12/22/2015

woooowww!!! they don't dilute the wine ! sounds good to me...

Maybe my big brother will buy me a whiskey stone

frankbeswick on 12/21/2015

This is a great idea. However,the use of stones for heating water is very ancient, going back well into the stone age, but for cooling it is quite new.

When I visit Ireland I drink whiskey with my wife's uncle, he's great crac ,but he says that I drink whiskey like a Scotsman, undiluted, which is how I like it, but a whiskey stone would keep it cool.

candy47 on 12/21/2015

I never even heard of whiskey stones. They're a great idea though. Thanks.

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