Why do you want to write?

by WordGirl26

So you decided that you want to be a writer, but don't know why you want to write? Here are some tips to consider on your writing journey. ;)

You see the New York Bestselling books of famous authors on the shelf in your local bookstore, and you want to someday write your own novels. But how can you possibly reach such great accomplishment, if you don't even know why you want to write in the first place? Well, my friends, in order to be successful it takes a lot of hard work and determination. I know because through my 13 years of being active in writing, I still have yet to publish my first book.

I want to write because...

There are many reasons why people decide to write. Maybe there is something that you want to share to the world, or an experience to be an encouragement to someone else. I personally believe that everyone has a story within them, whether it is good or bad. Coming from my own experience, writing for me has been almost like a friend, and a way for me to express myself and explore my imagination. Growing up in school, I was a bit of a loner due to my religious differences and sometimes I was prejudge by my school peers. However, being a quiet person I also liked spending time alone. I first began writing mini-short stories in composition books when I was 9 or 10 in the fifth grade, and have enjoyed it since then. Firstly, I was interested in mysteries, and now I just like fiction in general, except maybe the supernatural jazz. Lol :p Sorry vampire fans, but I just don't dig the creepy vampire stories that's been spreading around like wildfire. Anyway, through my years of writing, even though I have yet to publish. I have learned a lot of information that I will gladly share on my blog. If you are serious about being a writer and writing your own stories or books, then you won't want to miss my other posts.

So why do you want to write?

  • If you want to write because you want to make a lot of money, this is NOT a good reason. You cannot just write a book and expect tons of people to purchase it, especially if it's not up to its standards. Writing is more than pen and paper. 


  • If you want to write because you have an idea for a story, this is a great reason.  I only suggest that you do research  for any information that you are unsure about. Make sure your facts are accurate, especially for writing a non-fiction book, novel or anything that is about a historical event or time period.


  • If you want to write because you think you're the best writer ever... no this isn't a good reason. A major mistake that some beginner writers make is getting a swollen head in their writing, especially if others they know have complimented them on their talent.  Some see the New York Bestselling books in stores and think, hey, I've got to be like them. This is not true. You don't have to be the best writer ever, you just have to be good enough. I read an article on this myself. Go to Author Bryan Hutchinson's website link: positivewriter.com/free-ebook-good-enough for more information. I found it very encouraging and inspiring, so check it out. ;)

Now, as far as getting compliments on your writing, my advice would be to share your work to other writers, whether published or amateurs. The best critique comes from those who know a great deal about writing, because even though family and friends might give you great comments on your story or whatever you've written, they're more than likely either just being nice to you, or saying that it's good because they know it's want you want to hear. I mean, who wants to be told that their hard work is garbage? Not many, right?  However, to bring about your best work, you've got to be ruthless. It's a long tough road, but the results are rewarding.

Looking back on how much I have developed in my writing from age 9 or 10 to age 22, I can clearly see how much better I have gotten in my writing craft. And it makes me happy, despite now yet publishing my first book. Currently for like the past 2 years (since 2012), I have been working on completing the first novel More Precious than Rubies of a Christian book series titled Words by Heart, a dramatic storyline centered on The Savages--a large, African American family and their neighboring friends in the dangerous, fictional city of St. Vincent, New York, as they must hold onto their faith in God while faced with unpredictable, life situations. (stay tuned for more about the first novel of the series). Now in the process of my third and final draft, I hope to publish the first novel sometime next spring or possibly before this year is out.

Well, this concludes my post for today. I hope that it was a help to someone to figure out why you want to write. ;)


THE NEXT POST: 7 WAYS TO GET INSPIRED. Struggling to get story ideas? Or you don't know where to begin? Stay tuned for tips to resolve the dreaded Writer's block.


Updated: 09/10/2014, WordGirl26
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Telesto on 09/10/2014

How very true!

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