Windows 8 vs. Android – Battle for the tablet

by DrDarko

With HP’s announcement that it will bring out a Windows 8 tablet battle of the giants seem to be getting hotter. Windows 8 or Android – Question is who will be the winner.

Tablet sales are on the rise. From 4.4 million units in third quarter of 2010 tablet sales went up to 16.7 million tablets in third quarter of 2011.

In this tablet hype, Google Android grabbed 26.9 percent of the market. Together with Apple’s iOS, Android holds 93.5 percent of tablet OS market. At the moment, Microsoft’s share is merely 2.4 percent but with the hardware vendors lining up behind Windows 8, things are bound to change.

According to some polls, over 40 percent of first time tablet buyers would prefer Windows 8 tablet to iOS.

Windows 8

According to Todd Bradley, the head of HP's Personal Systems Group: "[HP is] continuing to focus on Microsoft-based tablets we have, ones that we'll develop on Windows 8.”

After Samsung and Dell already announced their Windows 8 tablets, HP finally decided to join the game. These three manufacturers are bound to change the tablet world and it would not be the first time for Microsoft to successfully attack and win over already established market.

Microsoft has a great chance to challenge the Android as one of the most popular tablet Operating Systems and here are just few reasons why it is bound to happen:


1. Windows 8 is not too late.

Regardless of the fact that Windows 8 is expected to hit the shelves at the beginning of 2012, the tablet market is still growing and there is still space for another tablet system. If it continues growing at this pace, tablets will soon start out-selling laptops.

2. Learning Windows 8 is easy.

Everybody and his grandma know how to use Windows and Windows 8 is just a Windows with a touch-screen interface. How difficult can it be? All your favorite applications will still be there and if they are not, you already know how to install them. Attach Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse and what you get is a laptop in three pieces. Even without them, you can do many different things with your tablet.

3. Big businesses will love Windows 8.

Almost all enterprise solutions rely on Windows client computers. Windows 8 tablet will not change anything in the big corporate world and all the applications big bosses are used to will still be available to them. Never underestimate the power of corporate world to influence consumer market.

4. Windows 8 advertising will be overwhelming.

Microsoft, Samsung, Dell and HP certainly have large advertising budgets and they are going to spend it. With all the promotions and special deals coming soon, it would be difficult to choose anything other than Windows 8 powered tablet.


No, I have not forgotten RIM. Now, whether RIM’s BlackBerry OS will be able to remain in the tablet war remains to be seen. As the tablet market continues to grow, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS will probably only need to worry about Windows 8. I guess that we will all find out which of the three will be the last OS standing.

What will be the most popular tablet OS in 2012?

Let's hear what do you think?

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Updated: 03/15/2012, DrDarko
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