Wire Brush Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A wire brush is a great little hand tool, useful and versatile. The five best wire brushes are compared and reviewed.

A wire brush is a handy little tool, useful for cleaning up metals, removing stubborn debris, rust and built-up grime. They're inexpensive, small and hard wearing and are surprisingly useful once you've got one around.

The wire can be manufactured from a variety of materials - stainless steel, cooper and brass, and each one will perform according to its type, size and make. They can also be be bought in a disk form, designed as an attachment for specific power tools - and when driven by a motor can do an awesome job of cleaning and removing years of dust and corrosion.

The five best wire brushes are featured below. All are good value for money overall, well made and rugged enough to do the job they were designed for - cleaning.

Steelex D2658 File Card and Brush

This is the best selling wire brush and it doubles up as a rasp file, so it's offering a bit more function for the price. The wire bristles are embedded well into the brush head, they're low nap and there's enough of them to make short work of clearing off rust and removing filings.

The main part of the brush is a solid wood one-piece construction, with a pre-drilled hole through the end of the handle for hanging purposes. The rasp is pretty good the the design of the brush makes rasping easier in general. Decent little hand tool, plenty of life in it and cheap enough at under 7 bucks.

Steelex D2658 File Card and Brush

Wood rasps and files cut faster and last longer when kept clean. This File Card features low-nap wire bristles on one side for tough-to-clean imbedded filings and a polypropylen...

Only $19.0

US Forge Welding Stainless Steel Brush #01176

This is the best selling product from the stainless steel wire brushes - and it'll set you back way under 2 bucks. For what it is it's a great bargain - it comes in for welding tasks that require you only use something compatible with aluminum and other base metals - otherwise you'll end up spoiling your pieces.

It«s nice an small, compact enough to get into the tight spots, tough enough to do a good job of cleaning up as you go along. Solid wood one-piece manufacture, short sturdy stainless steel bristles and cheap enough to warrant buying a few at a time.

US Forge Welding Stainless Steel Brush #01176

Designed for stainless steel weldments and base metals where stainless steel and aluminum must be used to avoid contaminating the weld.

Only $16.74

Hobart 770104 Shoe Handled Wire Brush, Stainless Steel

Another top selling wire brush - great for cleaning off weld and debris. The bristles are long enough and tough enough to handle most of the usual mess you get when welding and the handle and overall size is comfortable and durable.

The bristles are stainless steel, so it's another that's good enough to use on base metal welding projects, and it's available in three ranges - stainless steel, brass and copper bristled. The handles heat resistant, so mo worries there and for around 10 dollars you're getting a good quality brush that's up to a good standard and a nice mid-range size.

Hobart 770104 Shoe Handled Wire Brush, Stainless Steel

Hobart Stainless Handle Wire Shoe Brush 770104

Only $4.99

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-8239 Long Plastic Handle Wire Brush

This is one of those wire brushes that do a great job of not only delivering on performance - it stops you from rasping the heck out of your knuckles when working. The handle has a great innovative design to it - it's perfectly shaped to fit your hand when it's gripping something.

The upward curve above the brush head is elevated to further keep your knuckles away from whatever you're working on and the fact is - it works. The bristles are a good length, making it a good general purpose brush, though it's no good for base metal welds as it will tarnish the pieces. Great design, good quality and comfortable to work with.

Advanced Tool Design Model ATD-8239 Long Plastic Handle Wire Brush

Long Plastic Handle Wire Brush, 13" long.

$7.23  $3.27

Allway Tool Inc. Mp Ss Mini Wire Brush Smb Wire/Scrub BrushesT

his is a general purpose small wire brush and good for a range of tasks. It's fine for small weld clean ups, works as well with rust and debris and the mini-bristled tip is surprisingly useful. The stainless steel bristles make it fine for cleaning up base metals and there's enough of them to make it pretty rugged for it's size.

The handle is getting on for ergonomic, judging on it's design and how it feels when you're holding it and the price is ridiculously low - making it another wire steel brush that's worth buy by the dozen or so. Nice little tool, gets the job done and good quality in comparison to the price tag.

Allway Tool Inc. Mp Ss Mini Wire Brush Smb Wire/Scrub Brushes

Master Painter, Stainless Steel Bristle, Mini Wire Brush, Soft Grip Handle, Extra Cluster Of Bristles For Tight Spots.

Only $4.36
Updated: 06/21/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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