Wiztronics - A Writers Utopia - What It Means To Be A Wizzley Author

by Jerrico_Usher

Wiztronics is the electronics of the wizzley community and site as I see them. This is a bit of poetry to describe what I can only see as a potent and beneficial writers paradise

In the first month of being on the site I've seen a great deal of amazing happenstances. I've seen people share, people talk, write brilliant articles, and interact with one another on a whole-other-level.

Wizzley is a great place for a writer to nurture their writing genius, to grow and become great at it. It’s a great place to learn how to earn money with your writing and to build pieces of the internet, make your mark, your dent in the universe, and build your thoughts into thriving high rises that make others gasp in amazement.

What makes them gasp is not just the attractive, informative, and useful nature of the article, but because it's built with the human touch, with creativity, inspiration incarnate, and is incredibly unique- each and every one- even on the same topic!

It’s a place to share dreams, research, ideas, and lessons learned- articulated into a masterpiece of a multi-media article. One that looks attractive and inspires emotion, change, growth, and instigates the brilliance we all have in us.


Wizzley Love
Wizzley Love



Writing is also a powerful outlet and self empowerment tool

It's so much more than making money or sharing ideas- it's literally a lifestyle, a community of like interests, and incredible power can be extracted from this at the individual and communal levels. This power is what Wizzley is here to provoke, redistribute, and nurture for us and themselves. To harness this power and draw others in to become a part of something larger than themselves, something so powerful in numbers yet felt deeply at the personal levels both on and off "the clock" so to speak.

Each person makes a difference but collectively all people affect the collective. This is in earning power, traffic, readership, even the very power to put the site itself on the map.

A thriving community is not just a part of the site it's the very nucleus of what makes the site powerful. It’s the human touch to analytical prowess. It's the "Web 2.0" part (interactive web), and without it a site has much less power. With community, a site is a synergy of unlimited power.


Writing Is Just The Beginning

Writing articles is the main purpose here but there is so much more that can be shared such as communal support, even a nexus where people can gather to share their success and inspire one another along the way. it's also how networking that goes far beyond the on-site syndication is formed. People often have friends, other sites, blogs elsewhere, facebook and Twitter accounts. They even use sites like stumbleupon and reddit. The collective resources of the web are often distributed between thousands if not millions of people eventually who join the site and share, grow, write, and inspire over the years.

When people come together to form a community, they are forming one intricate and elaborate network of resources as well as their contribution (writing articles). Together the entire synergy is so much more. Wizzley is the epidemy of a what a Web 2.0 site should be. It's a culmination of power that an individual can hardly even fathom all at once! The positive repercussions of each author's individual contribution is staggering when you really stop to think about it. Nobody is unimportant, and everybody brings so much to the table. More than, often, even they may realize.


Wizzley Is A Rapidly Growing, Powerful Global Family








Wizzley is a family that spans the entire globe, a melting pot of just about every nation, religion, custom, and overall way of life being shared synergistically through the most powerful medium of all- thought transmission to words and multimedia concepts. Each person brings their own personal style and "flavor" with them in their writing and community interaction, but they also bring something that's made the United States and many other countries incredible power sources- DIVERSITY.


The physics Of How Your Articles Are Read And Affect Others











Television and video "seem" more powerful than words to convey a story/message but in reality they tell you what to see when the story is told (why television rots your brain- you don't use it much while watching it).










Words give you an opportunity to envision the message through your own unique perspective/imagination. When you read something you create your own imagery of what the words convey, the perception and even the very context of the article become uniquely personal to you.

Although the author worked hard to convey something, you work also to read and translate it into your personal language (on the fly), your perspective on life and all the meanings of its components.

This fuels comments that give the reader an opportunity to not only thank the author for their information and point of view, but to offer back their own. Often readers will have MORE to contribute to the article and this adds content to the piece! Your article will also inspire, in other authors that read it, new articles that may be expansions of what you wrote but didn't elaborate on, their perspective on the same topic, or even a completely different topic all together that your article reminded them of (i.e. their old research).


Multimedia Articles Blend The Best Of Both Worlds!

When you add multimedia such as movies, images, interactivity (comments, RSS feeds, polls, and even ads) you are blending both perspective and aesthetics that help the reader further see "your" vision, but that blend with the words power to invoke their imagination and the result is an incredibly interactive experience.











That's two unique perspectives blended into one powerful article- written then read and envisioned!


Family/Community Model











If you look at the traditional family model, you have the parents, siblings, cousins, and the extended family.

In the Wizzley family tree (the family matrix):

  • The newbie's (of various degrees i.e. new to the site or new to the realm): (both to the site or to the realm of making money online writing) would be represented by the children. They are energetic, exuberant, yet new to the world and learning. They come in all "ages" and eventually the kids become the adults and the teachers. They teach others as they were taught and the cycle continues. 
  • Some grow up and mature faster than others so you have the kids and adolescents/young adults who seem to excel with no effort at all and those that need more help and support. The "family" here is all about helping them and nurturing them.
  • Older Kids: Authors who are new to Wizzley but not to writing for money, blogging, or internet marketing, and those that are here and have developed a lot of the skill sets, enough to be a valuable help to the "newbie's and younger authors", but haven't yet become expert in their niche, could be seen as the older kids, not quite grown up (fully matured in the various skill-sets either in writing, marketing, or the site itself), but not young and inexperienced either.
  • The adults: They are those that have grown to become experts in various areas of the concept (writing, monetizing, building SEO/traffic, and so on. The kids are just the "young" in the skill set (not to be confused with immature, inexperienced in life, or things of that nature, just new) and over time with the support of the family/community they mature and become themselves contributors over an evolution of areas as they surpass them and perfect their craft.
  • The Parents: In reality, the parents aren't the wisest or epidemy of writers, earners, community participants, or anything in the matrix. They are merely the people who created the site, maintain it, drive the community and SEO, and whom "parent" the community to make sure all authors are contributing correctly and everything runs smoothly.


The WizTree



This is just to illustrate how the Wizzley community is not just a community but mimics a family tree as well.

There are not truly any levels or hierarchies involved that place anyone higher than anyone else where contribution and value to the team are concerned (other than higher or lower earners, owners/founders obviously having more control over the rules and there will always be various levels of writing, various strengths and weaknesses and so forth).

The physics are a bit different than that of a real family matrix but you get the idea. Unlike a hierarchy of a family, however, the difference here is that EVERYONE in reality is an adult, so being in the "Kid" section doesn't place you below or above anyone else, it just means your still learning, growing, and can benefit from support until you get your feet wet and hit the ground running.

In the Wizzley community, ALL levels are equal in the grand scheme of things. Everyone matters as much as anyone else. The different levels (in this example) serve to show that the more experienced can help the less experienced. Those with great ideas can help those who have writers block and so on.


Patience Is A Virtue

Like any family- sometimes those that don't catch on quickly can get on the other members nerves, and even the parents (wizzley staff and experienced writers?). In the end they all work together and realize their contribution and growth helps themselves as well as everyone else.

Based on the aforementioned definition of a family- Wizzley is both a community AND a family. The "extended family" would be those friends of each Wizzley author who visit the site or who hear about their friends (WZ authors) articles when they are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

I'd even go so far as to consider the visitors/readers who find our work through Google or other sites to be a part of the extended family matrix because they often leave comments, may join the circle of friends/authors, and often contribute to the success of the site and individual writers/articles by linking back to their articles from blogs and telling their friends through the various social networks and other web 2.0 properties.


Wizzley Is A Power Source For Writers Because It Empowers Them With Incredible Tools

The power is also inherent in the multimedia this site allows you to use to convey a message in so many ways it's mind boggling! In the end it's a way for people to reach out and touch someone else in a powerful, uplifting way, but with one swift click of the mouse after building this legacy article, you don't affect just someone else- you affect thousands, even millions over time! You're helping yourself by helping others!

That's Wizzley- Wizards of the word, casting articles to the population and affecting change, entertainment, and personal growth.


And Now On To The Host Of This Article...

...A Poem I wrote To Convey What Wizzley Means To Me, And Hopefully, To You!

The following poem is designed to share what I see, how I think motivation and growth, sharing and both, nurture a writer and help them nurture themselves as well. I hope this inspires new authors and makes older more seasoned writers giggle.

I re-wrote this with the passion Wizzley has given me. This was actually written on Hubpages 4 years ago when I was brand new to writing and making money online, but I’ve adapted it to this site as the themes are identical and the message the same.

Wizzley is more potent in these areas than any site I’ve ever seen so I wanted to share it to inspire amazing creativity and at the very least, hope, patience, motivation, and the love of writing and sharing.

Prepare to read about the Wiztronics of What I consider a writers paradise. A great place to write, grow, earn, and develop your writing skill set.

Poetry - WizTronics

Wiztronics: A Writers Paradise, Community, and Place To Earn A Living


Wizzle-tronics- bustin the scene

Trying to make some money selling these dreams

Writing about ambition, psychology and such

The money will come but for now it's not much..

Patience perseverance and a lot of skill

Comes from learning the deal

Start off just writing, learning monetization and aesthetic appeal

For real

The deal

Currency will soon fulfill-

Meant to be

A writer and such

Loving your dreams

Sharing your minds pattern of touch

Minds flowin'

Wisdom, knowledge, skills showin, growin..

Then brighter glowin

Your now a part of something bigger than yourself..

Writing has even shown to improve your health

Clear your mind, organize your time

Problems resolve, perpetuate an unwind-

Relax, learn to proactively live your life..

Do your homework

Research is a tool not a knife!

Don't be afraid to chase your dreams

Discover what reading others work, Then writing your own brings

and then share these things

Wiz-tronics- it's much more than just a hobby and skill

It's the real deal

Full of attraction and appeal

Reach out and touch someone

Teach them your wisdom, while having some fun

Life is,

All about connections,

Writing is taking your knowledge

Performing a resurrection of mind/thoughts/research

Past and new knowledge

Exercise holistic thinking again

Develop your soul and let the inspiration begin, without and within

When you develop this hope, this skill, this trade

You'll find your life's dreams are given to you on a gold plate

Things become easy, attractive and fun

But this is just the beginning, psst..

I'm hardly done..

Developing your skillets and comprehension of such

Brings bigger better things, enhancing your "touch"

You learn to share, enjoy your community support

No longer resort

To concepts lacking rapport

You find that it's as important to be a leader..

Lead by example

But most importantly be sure to be there..

For your fellow Wizzley authors

Show them you care

Read some of their work, leave a comment, and share (like, tweet, etc...)

Don't ever show anger, resentment and such

Show them you care, and it will do for them, so much

Were a community, a bonded family, we should care for one another...

Were a team and a synergy

bonified to succeed

We can't leave a Wizard behind

or live with disdain, paranoia and greed

Money may be the reason people come to this site

But its not why they stay, after a while here, you'll know I am right!

Sharing new sides of an idea

We’re a melting pot

Full of diversity and growth

With that comes a lot

The truth of the matter is were like the United States of America

a melting pot of cultures, ideas, diversity and yes a little hysteria..

Were growing and surpassing faster than anything else

Realize man Wizzley has a plan

Success for every woman every writer and man (and woman :)


Good Luck, If your new I just know you're going to love it here!





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Jerrico_Usher on 11/23/2012

Thanks :)

katiem2 on 11/22/2012

Very NICE! :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 05/11/2012

Thank You PDX much appreciated :)

PDXJPrice on 05/11/2012

This was a little long for my taste, Jerrico, but very well done. I don't write on Wizzley often right now (busy with school and other writing) but it's been a great experience thus far... great writer's and great information. Well said and well done.

Jerrico_Usher on 05/02/2012

:) I hope more Wizzley authors read this... This started out, ironically, as just the poem at the end but my intro became the entire article haha... that keeps happening. (I was sure this would be an editors choice, but I guess not).

sheilamarie on 05/02/2012

Wow, Jerrico!

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