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by pkmcr

Wizzley is the new kid on the online block for Writers. One of the questions I am frequently asked is how does it compare with Squidoo? Let's take a look!

If you have been writing online for some time you may well have come across Wizzley! If you haven't so far can I let you into a secret? You have just discovered Wizzley!

This is a Wizzley page!

Wizzley is a great venue for online writers as indeed was Squidoo! I had been creating pages (or lenses as they are known) on Squidoo for over nearly 7 years and was doing well there until of course on 15th August 2014 the announcement came that they were closing down and "merging" with HubPages.

For those people who are looking to an alternative to Squidoo and would like to move their pages to somewhere other than HubPages then Wizzley could be the answer. Or if you want to have pages on more than one site then again I think Wizzley could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Therefore I am going to look at some of the key differences between Wizzley and Squidoo below.

Nobody Likes A Slow Loading Site

Below you will see two images that show you the difference in load time between Squidoo and Wizzley. Throughout this page the statistics are provided by Alexa.com which measures a number of features of a site compared to other sites.

When you land on a website what do you want to happen?  You want it to load as quickly as possible don't you?  Well when we compare Squidoo and Wizzley we see that Wizzley has a fast load time!

Squidoo Load Time

This Is How Long a Visitor Has To Wait for a Page To Load
Squidoo Page Load Time
Squidoo Page Load Time

Wizzley Load Time

This Is How Long a Visitor Has To Wait for a Page To Load
Wizzley Load Time
Wizzley Load Time

Wizzley Makes Them Bounce Less

Visitors To Wizzley Visit More Pages

When we talk about bounce rate, which you will sometimes see referred to as "exit rate" we are talking about the percentage of visitors who just visit one page of a site and then leave.

So in terms of sites like Wizzley and Squidoo if someone lands on one page the bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who don't visit any featured pages/lenses on the site.  So whether that is other people's pages or your own they are not being visited.  Of course it may be that the person finds exactly what they want on your page or the page they land on.

However, we want visitors to visit more than just the page they land on don't we?  Well from the images below it looks like Wizzley visitors visit more pages.

Why Wizzley Is Great For Online Writers

In the time I have been on Wizzley I have created 124 Pages which have already generated tens of thousands of  Page impressions and Unique visitors! Which for a new writing online site is very impressive.

Amongst some of the benefits and key features I have seen on Wizzley are

  • Rapid indexing by major Search Engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing!
  • Multiple Page 1 rankings for my current pages on Wizzley
  • Incredibly responsive management team who respond very quickly in the site Forum where you also find other members sharing their knowledge, tips and experiences of writing online.
  • Google Adsense earnings (you need an Adsense Account which is easy for you to set up)
  • Incredibly supportive and helpful community
  • Many respected Squidoo and HubPages online writers and page creators are creating pages on Wizzley
  • Simple Page creation - incorporating the best features of some other sites
  • The Management team are brimming with ideas as to how to take the site forward both in terms of features and increasing the range of options for earning through the site.
  • Wizzley offers those writing online a great selection of affiliate programmes and you are able to use banners from affiliate networks/programmes that they do not offer.
  • Best of all they have a rigorous copyright filter which checks articles and ensures a better quality of article and better recognition by the Search Engines!

All in all Wizzley is a great place for online writers and those who are writing online to make money!


Join Wizzley

Squidoo Bounce Rate

The Percentage Of Visitors Who Only Visit One Page On Squidoo
Squidoo Bounce Rate
Squidoo Bounce Rate

Wizzley Bounce Rate

The Percentage of Visitors Who Only Visit One Page on Wizzley
Wizzley Bounce Rate
Wizzley Bounce Rate

A Writer's Guide to Wizzley

Jo Harrington Shares The Way She Has Succeeded On Wizzley

I came across Jo Harrington some little while ago and was impressed with the quality and indeed quantity of work she was producing on Wizzley.

In just twelve months she has established herself as one of the most prolific and successful authors or writers on the site.  She creates really engaging pages on a wide range of subjects. I always find myself completely engaged by her pages.

At the beginning of April, after what is obviously months of work, she released her book A Writer's Guide to Wizzley which as you can see below is available for you to easily download to your Kindle or any device on which you have the Kindle reading app!

I have had the good fortune to receive a review copy of the book and I was completely bowled over!  She leaves no stone unturned in sharing her approach to succeeding on Wizzley.  The great thing is that you can also take the ideas she shares and apply them to other online writing sites including of course your own.

When she opened the book with the phrase "Wizzley is an Online Magazine" she caught my attention immediately.  If like me you have been writing for the web for some time then there are some things that you will be familiar with. But there is also a lot that will make you go "that's an interesting idea" or "that's something I must try/apply."

I do generate a good monthly income online and one of the things that I do is always invest some of those monies each month in new learning. As a learning and development specialist I am a great believer in the maxim that we never stop learning and Jo's book is a real opportunity for you to keep learning!


Buy A Writer's Guide To Wizzley Now!

Writing for The Web Doesn't Get Easier Than This!
A Writer's Guide to Wizzley

Wizzley is one of the youngest and brightest writing platforms on the internet today. Online livelihoods are made in writing articles there. Jo Harrington is one of its foremost...

View on Amazon

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Raintree on 08/24/2014

I always liked Wizzley and have some pages here, I think the pages look lovely. My main writing platform was Squidoo- but as you know Squidoo is no more. I have been revisiting Wizzley today after a bit of an absence and I really do like the feel of it.

pkmcr on 08/24/2014

@RuthCox that's great to hear and I completely agree it's a great and very well run site

RuthCox on 08/24/2014

I consider myself a Squidoo/HubPages escapee, choosing to make Wizzley my first choice for my new writing platform. I've been here for two days and I am already impressed with the platform and the support.

MaggiePowell on 06/10/2013

Still figuring it all out... but so far I think it's good. I'm hoping that my writing gets more exposure here.

pkmcr on 06/10/2013

@kimbesa it does take a little getting used to when one moves from working with other sites but yes I would agree the water is just fine :-)

kimbesa on 06/09/2013

A lot more comfortable and high trust factor. It is an adjustment from other sites, but the water feels fine!

sheilamarie on 04/27/2013

Nice comparison, Paul. I write on both sites, too.

JoHarrington on 04/27/2013

Thank you very much for your kind words! And I'm very glad that you enjoyed my book. It was written for absolute beginners, so it's even more thrilling to know that a veteran like yourself learned things from it. A great ego boost for me anyway! Thanks again. <3

supermom_in_ny on 01/09/2013

Hey, I didn't know you used Wizzley! Great article as usual. :) I just published my first article here. It was pretty easy. I shouldn't have waited two months. Then again, I was really busy. Anyway, I'm glad to read all these stats. I love details like these because they helped me make an important decision. I am definitely going to split my time between Squidoo and here. HubPages is doing horrible... again! I just keep hoping HubPages works out their kinks ... someday perhaps.
Thumbs up! ;)

belinda342 on 10/11/2012

My profile says I've been here 8 months, but today marks my first Wizzley publication. So far, so good. It will take a bit of getting used to, as it works differently from some of the other sites, but the layout is pretty cool. I think I'm going to like it here!

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