Women's Chic, Designer Tote Bags for Valentine Gifts

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Trendy and elegant designer tote bags make your appearance flashy and noticeable. Great for birthday presents, they can make lovely gifts for Valentine's Day also.

Every charming and dignified Lady whether she is a celebrity or not, likes to carry a gorgeous handbag that matches her wardrobe and personality. Affordable tote bags are something that every woman will find to go with her looks, complement her attire and large enough to carry all the essentials of makeup and other accessories.

She is definitely going to find a handsome size from the best of designer tote bags that can carry her makeup kit, toiletries, currency and anything special that she needs during her small travel or excursion.

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Top Brands for Totes


Women have got spoilt for choice with the brands from Mulberry, Givenchy and Alexander Wang to Chanel, the exquisite designer bags that come in lavish prices and exotic luxuries that money can buy.



Trust me, a woman feels incomplete without her bag or a satchel. It complements and harmonizes with her.  There are many brands with handbags and purses with one of its kind designs. The biggest names are certainly from Prada, Gucci, Dolce, Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana and the likes.



They have a best bag range that caters for small needs to exotic and lavish. Everything from smart shoulder handbags for special occasions to functional designer totes, you will find bags for everyday usage.



From quality conscious roomy tote bags to casual bags for vacations and carefree weekends, you are going to get hooked to the stunning styles that are trendy and have a classy touch and feel. 

Matching Your Wardrobe


An accessory which makes you look professional and business minded is something that you cannot afford to overlook. A tote that makes you look sloppy and unprofessional is the last thing you want in an office environment. While a tote bag may appear trivial to you, yet a small thing like it can make you more noticed. Often tote bags are things that more noticed than your attire itself. A small accessory accompany you can make you attractive is chosen correctly.


Chic Designer Tote Bags for Gifts

Designer Tote Bags for Gifts
Designer Tote Bags for Gifts

Best of Designer Totes


Many of us cannot even dream of adding anything to their wardrobe which has a price tag with a comma in it, such as $1,200; but if you dare to buy those designer classy bags, there are quite a few stunning designs to enthrall you.

The cutest Bella’s satchel which I think she was carrying in Twilight comes in sinful dark brown; some of the designs are vintage styles with retro inspired carvings. These affordable and cheap satchels have a fold-over top flap and a shoulder length strap easy and convenient to carry.

The squashy leather bag’s design mixes with scattering colors in chic and exotic chocolate shades with perhaps a silver metal and enamel faux buckle. There are many sections to keep your belongings organized and an added exterior pouch to safely house your cell phone.

Stylish Bags from Kate Spade


Crisp colors from maroon, mauve, rosy pink and bronze, colorful graphic prints and teasing sophistication are symbols of Kate Spade’s hard work and imagination. In fact Kate Spade’s company which is based in New York has a lively approach to the everyday needs of a woman which is apparent in each of her products from handbags to jewelry, shoes, perfumes and other gifts.

Harmonizing up the color of handbag to the shade of your apparel is the perfect way to keep yourself up to date. You might also want to go bold and match with your ear-rings and shoes for a fashion statement.

A more pragmatic approach would be to buy neutral shades of black, brown and grey that match with most of your outfits. Black and white fabric gives stunning contrasts.

But if you really want to go trendy, Kate Spade's Gold Coast Elizabeth satchel designs offer most chic, handsome and striking tastes. The totes have luxurious accented straps that add a contemporary twist to the style and they add to your wardrobe treasure.

Do you choose tote bags that match your wardrobe?

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DerdriuMarriner 22 days ago

My tote bags match my wardrobe in the sense that they tend to be black or dark blue so that they don't show wear.

But my favorite remains my two red-trimmed, very white Kellogg's bags with Tony the Tiger's happy face on the side!

Vera Bradley Bags


I love the concept of cross body bags that hug to your body; I think there is less probability of losing or forgetting them. A perfect size that can accommodate my stuff with right amount of room and section and the ease of wearing around neck without feeling extra burdened is something I love to go shopping with.

Moreover the strings can be shortened or lengthened to suit my needs. The fabric and the pattern are something that the dirt cannot show off. Colours such as beige and brown, patterns of animal prints, zigzag strips that do not look dirty and can be easily washed in machine. Rugged and robust, you can use them day after day without worrying of wear and tear.

Trendy Travel Bags


It is not so easy to find a travel bag cum luggage that qualifies as trendy. For a travel bag the coolest thing is to accommodate variety of items neatly in well concealed partitions.

Tote Bags Bargains from eBay

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Have you gifted tote bags?

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DerdriuMarriner 22 days ago

In particular, I appreciate the burgundy quilted patent leather tote.

But what do you think of tote bags with long straps so that they can be anchored on one shoulder and run diagonally to the other side?

WriterArtist on 01/15/2015

@ologsinquito - I cannot agree with you more, a beautiful bag that matches your wardrobe does wonders to your personality.

WriterArtist on 01/15/2015

Hi Lybrah - I think Kate Spade and Michael Kors offer a great range of designer tote bags.

ologsinquito on 11/28/2014

I agree that tote bags are a great fashion accessory, because they look good and hold a lot of things.

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