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Lovely romantic collection of gifts that you want to gift your fiancé on Christmas, Birthday or Valentine’s Day. Any day is a good day.

When in love, you yearn and you crave. Yearn to love and for being loved, crave for your sweetheart’s presence and gifts that show warmth and passion. You long for romantic collections of gifts from your fiance that need not be expensive but close to heart. You love gifts that are lovely, remind you of someone you desire most and not necessarily breaking the wallet.

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What is a Romantic Gift?


Gift of a colorful flower bouquet on a bright day in spring, gifts of jewelry ring or butterfly pendant during the colorful season of autumn, when the fall foliage is basking in popping green, orange, yellow and crimson. Or gift a music DVD with a collection of favorite songs for your loved one when Christmas is basking in the glory of snow.

All days are just right and awesome for gifting your fiance.  A wedding dress or a party gown, a beach dress or a warm winter jacket – all these things qualify for a gift. For an art lover, a stunning painting, a rare artifact or collectible would be an awesome gift. If your fiance is a voracious reader, gift her/him books. The list is just not confined to what I have mentioned here, anything your beloved desires is good enough.

Romantic Collection of Gifts for Fiance

Romantic Gifts for Fiance / Fiancee
Romantic Gifts for Fiance / Fiancee
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What is the Right Place to Give a Romantic Gift?

Small Romantic Poem from Me


And how do you plan to give a gift?

Not on a place where there is a constant flux of people.

But on the beach where the gentle breeze sing the tunes of love,

Beneath the sky when the moon shines amongst the stars,

Amidst the trees, where the birds sing a love song,

Underneath the waterfall where you can hear the gentle dripping of water nearby,

That’s how you give gifts to fiance.

Romantic Gifts for Fiance

Gifts for Him


Sometimes you can give the gift on a casual walk in the park amidst the greenery, which is a welcome diversion from the hectic tempo and frenzy of urban life. Not just any park, but a romantic park where you can find a secluded place to sit across in privacy away from the bustling of the crowd.  

The pollution free acres of green space are perfect for bestowing the ring and announcing your first love. We have been hearing it from a long time - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Perfect, but they are different when their feelings are concerned.  Though men prefer car, bikes, gizmos and gadget, a delicate gift in gold or platinum bracelet jewelry is something they are bound to like.

A plain but subtle intrinsic jewelry is something they admire and love to be gifted. You can even present them designer overcoats, leather jackets, belts and boots. The colors have to be of their liking, which are obviously shades of black, grey, brown and white. You can even present bold colours like orange and red if your fiance likes it.

Do you like to give and receive romantic gifts?

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Romantic Gifts for Fiancee

Gifts for Her


For women, flowers express the warmth, emotion and depth of feeling the men attaches. In fact, women are not only different from men when it comes to feelings and viewpoints but also the way their mind works, their mind-set and opinions. It will be prudent to remember that women love gifts.

For woman, receiving gifts is as important as speaking about the passion you feel about. So it is not prudent for their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands to forget gifts. They will find it difficult to forgive. They may consider it very cruel and unkind, not to bring them presents on their birthdays, Valentine's Day or wedding anniversaries.

Women love jewelry items like pendants, necklaces and rings for gifts. You can also give them good quality of cosmetics and beauty creams, spa-gift basket and even chocolates. Women love to be pampered, they want to know and hear repeatedly that they are cared and loved for. You really don’t need a special occasion to give that gift; a gift is a gift after all; anytime is the right time.


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Romantic & Sentimental Gifts on YouTube

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Mira on 10/29/2014

These are some nice ideas of gifts for bf and gf. Pinning some

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