Women’s Elegant Renaissance Costumes for Halloween

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The artistic renaissance period brought a plethora of elegant renaissance costumes that were influenced by the elite masters of art. They look fabulous on the eve of Halloween.

The beautiful, classic elements of renaissance period are something that an artist can never overlook; the same elements if incorporated in costumes can speak volumes.

With flamboyant colors, vibrant silhouettes and a delicately embroidered back of beautiful renaissance patterns on the body, Renaissance outfit stands out from any other costume in a festival whether it is meant for Renaissance fair, winter, fall or Halloween’s eve.

Creative picturesque costume designs are available at a variety of online stores like eBay, Amazon and in stores that stock retro costumes. If you are lucky you might find your dream costume for sale at any Renaissance Fair held in country’s hot spots. Costs may range from affordable fifty bucks to several hundreds of dollars for a smart gorgeous piece.

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The Elegant Renaissance Outfits for Women

Designs from retro fashion were never ostentatious and vulgar; they were always pleasant and amicable to a sophisticated level and finesse. Jewels that lined in clusters around the neckline were a standing ovation to the beauty of renaissance period and a reminder of intricate details of craftsmanship that the Ladies of noble and elite classes got to wear.

Renaissance Fair on YouTube

Renaissance Patterns and DIY costumes


But if you are adventurous type and want to do it yourself, and are looking for a custom design, you will have to search for renaissance patterns so that you can sew it yourself or contact someone who has been making costumes for long.

If you want to do it yourself, the process of finding a pattern, stitching and fitting a costume can take weeks or months, depending on how good you are and how elaborate and complex the design is. You might be able to appreciate it and understand how much involved the craftsmanship is. People may not really understand; making a creative renaissance costume is that complicated when it comes to a unique and creative design.

Medieval Maiden Costume

Medieval Maiden 10-12

The Colours of Renaissance


Lovers and admirers of renaissance era love the renaissance festivals held regularly during Oktoberfest and the time surrounding it. Minnesota renaissance fantasy fair has people walking around from all walks of life in vivid colors, high quality fabric and extra-ordinary patterns from the bygone era.


There is awareness and the spirit to keep these beautiful designs and patterns alive. The Renaissance outfits comprise of saturated shades, the prominent cardinal red hues for tunics, maroon gowns and leanly designed pantaloons are easing to the eyes. Eye popping vivacious shades of turquoise, azure blue of the sky and sea coral spoil you for the choice. Yellow shades, reminds one of a drunken orgy of effervescence and the brightness of sunshine and the sunflowers. 

Have you ever visited Renaissance fashion show, festival or exhibition?

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KaitlynDeMetro on 10/17/2014

I've never been to a Renaissance fair but I want to go so bad. I think I would love it. I think I'd get there and be like, "I'm home."

The Influence of Renaissance Period

Art and Architecture

We cannot forget history especially when it comes to the aesthetics and artistic endeavors of the renaissance period that flaunts a whole new chapter of interest. The Renaissance phrase means “rebirth”, it references an era of classical subjects in the world of great artists from Roman Empire and Greek world. It is all present in the proof of nude and mythological statues of renaissance subjects in architecture and craftsmanship.

The Renaissance artwork demarcates an era of renewed interest in education and the world of art, paintings and sculptures. The philosophical approach towards life and humanitarian principles is very realistic and grounded. It often carried a message of improved literacy, the growing enthusiasm in education throughout Europe. It had an impact from religion mainly Christianity and we often find the subjects influenced by it.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival from YouTube

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WriterArtist on 10/19/2014

Thanks Mira - I do love these beautiful vintage costumes, they have elaborate embroideries and intricate designs.

Mira on 10/17/2014

I really like some of these costumes. Pinning them onto my Halloween board.

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