Women’s Gothic Costume Designs for Halloween

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Gothic genre constitutes all the essential elements of mystic and dark, hence the designs and apparel that come with Gothic patterns are very appropriate to Hallow’s eve.

Apparel that existed in old Europe towards the Renaissance era had a clear impact from Gothic influence. The costumes showcased lavish fabric with lush use of silky linen that portrayed intense use of capacious gowns that were huge and roomy.

With the flair of extravaganza, burlesque skirts and tops became the norm. The voluminous gowns were characterized by extraordinary dimensions of fabric that were capable of sweeping floors.

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Women’s Gothic Costume Designs for Halloween

Women’s Gothic Costume Designs for Halloween
Women’s Gothic Costume Designs for Halloween
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Gothic Costume Designs for Women

Gothic patterns reminded the extravagant period of Victorian era, the elite and urban class could dress themselves in grandeur and luxury. Gothic costume designs for women accompanied spectacular hats, fashionable head-dresses and hooded shirts depicted that people paid attention to details.

Loose and long sleeved dresses designed from absorbent silky fabric fitted the waist completely to showcase the hourglass figures. Women's corset dresses with tight fittings took a new turn and came back with a bang to accentuate the figure.

Influence of Gothic Culture

 The world came to know about the Gothic romance with the material and spirits through a novel written by Horce Walpole, before it; it was but limited to the art and architecture of arches, baroques and columns.


People were fascinated by the mystic, uncanny and ghostlike surreal elements and the tern gothic always gave rise to speculations of something dark, bizarre and mysterious. The relationship with the gross and grotesque of medieval culture is rampant with Gothic art and architecture.

Gothic Style


A style that originated in France approximately in the middle of 12th century and surprisingly existed though out the half of 16th century certainly speaks about the prominence of art that showcased on the excellent woodwork and classy stonework on the beautiful and artistic cathedrals.


The churches of Europe characterized the visual appeal and the elegance with features of decorative buttresses, flying gables and curved crockets.

Gothic Designs

Gothic patterns and designs were as sensuous and voluptuous as today’s trendy fashion wear. In fact designers turn back and browse through centuries to trace beautiful patterns and artwork.

Gothic clothing was heavy with applique and embroidery. The apparel came in dark shades of black, scarlet and crimson. Characterized and wore by brunettes with olive skin, these outfits shone brightly.Goth fashion is prominent by its stark black apparel common to both men and women costumes.


Gothic fashion


Trends from Gothic fashion show inclination towards dark which means dark colored apparel, dark eyes lined with eyeliner and dark lipsticks such as purple and maroon were the fad.


The complexity of clothes was increasing due to the rise of urban middle class who could afford the luxury with growing prosperity towards the 15th century. While the elites set the trends for fashion, skilled and educated working class did not remain untouched from the fashion waves. Outfits were designed, wrapped, draped, adorned, and feathered with accessories to match the gorgeous clothing.

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