Wrecking Pry Bar Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

There are plenty of great pry bars on the market, and the five best pry bar examples are compared and reviewed in one article.

A pry bar is more versatile than its design would suggest. They can be a great all round demolition tool, if used safely and correctly. Originally designed simply to pry boards and nails up or out of position, they're now stronger, more sophisticated and are expected to work a little harder than they used to.

They're great woodworking tools to have around when you're dropping a shed or pulling an old deck out, and if you're a professional - it's good advice to have several pry bars in various sizes. Nothing takes down a building full of dry wall quite like a good quality wrecking bar and a construction worker with a purpose.

The five best pry bar tools are featured below, all are affordable, highly rated and the best hand tools in their class.

Stanley 55-099 FatMax Xtreme Fubar Functional Utility Bar

This is the best all round pry bar and will stop at nothing to get the job done. The Fubar is an awesome tool and in the right hands it can demolish, pry, smash, split and bend its way through just about anything. It's a huge favorite with both professionals and homeowners alike and tends to find itself in the thick of any form of demo work.

Manufactured from forged steel, it's a one piece design that's incredibly strong and reliable. There's enough weight behind it to add to its overall function, yet not so much that hefting it around during a hard days work makes your shoulder feel as though it's about to pop. It's an unbelievably good tool, satisfying to use and you definitely can use it across its four in one range. Worth every last cent - highly recommended for the tool bag. Buy one.

Stanley 55-099 FatMax Xtreme Fubar Functional Utility Bar

FATMAX EXTREME FUBAR FUNCTIONAL UTILITY BAR *64 oz. *One piece forged bar from select steel for increased strength and durability *Tempered striking and struck face *Special ext...

$43.92  $36.99

Titan 17005 Stainless Steel Prybar and Scraper Set

This is the best flat pry bar set - especially if you need something that's a bit more refined for detailed work. Great for carpentry and smaller demolition work, they're perfectly shaped to take on tasks that require strength with causing too much damage, if any. They're the flat model, great for prising moldings and casings - more so if you're into reclamation and recycling as you work.

Manufactured from rigid stainless steel, the set includes a 7" and a 9" flat bar, with scraping edges that are plenty sharp enough to get the job done - plus they pull nails with ease. They're surprisingly strong, despite their size, and the fact that you can use them for trim work without wrecking anything is a big plus. Excellent little hand tools, about the best examples of flat bars and the discount price makes them a definite purchase.

Titan 17005 Stainless Steel Prybar and Scraper Set - 2 Piece

A great addition to any toolbox. Rigid stainless steel construction makes both the 7in. and 9in. tool ideal for pulling, prying and scraping. Pry Bar Type: Scraper / pry, Pieces...

$16.21  $13.0

Stanley 55-515 12-inch Wonderbar Pry Bar

This is Stanley tools pry bar and what a good quality piece of engineering it is too. Larger than the previous pair and better set up for rougher tasks, the Wonderbar is deserving of its name. It can and will slot into detailed work if necessary, though it feels far happier when you're tackling larger more stubborn works. It's definitely nearer to the wrecking bar category and will help rip about casings and the like with ease.

It's strong enough that you can give it a good whack when you need to get the edge beneath a stubborn gutter or window casing - yet it's consistent when you've got dozens of nails to remove when reclaiming floor boards. It's a forged carbon steel construction, one piece, nail slots are positioned at either end, nice length, good balance in-hand, great all rounder and currently on offer at a very silly price. A steal of a deal.

Stanley 55-515 12-inch Wonderbar Pry Bar

The Stanley Wonderbar Pry Bar features forged high-carbon steel construction, heat-treated for increased strength and durability. Its polished, beveled cutting edges and contour...

$10.6  $9.99

Stanley 55-136 36-Inch Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar

This is the best stand alone ripping bar and pretty much does exactly what it says on the box. An old fashioned model, the hexagonal cast works well when you need to get a good grip and - wreck something. Perfect for smashing up crates and boxes, will take out counter tops and destroy tiling with out pausing for breath.

It's another pry bar that will stand up to a good whack when needed and the fact that you can get some extra leverage due to its shape and design is pretty awesome. You can feel the torque when you're prising something apart, and it feels about as robust as you'll even need this kind of hand tool to be, Top tool, simple, forged steel, tough, durable - and affordable.

Stanley 55-136 36-Inch Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping Bar

Stanley 55-136 36" Forged Hexagonal Steel Ripping BarStanley is proud of its reputation for excellence. They are dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving their ...

$21.17  $10.53

Dead On AN18 18-Inch Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar

This is one seriously awesome wrecking bar. If you need or want a step up from the Stanley Fubar - this is the one for you. This is a five in one hand tool - offering you just a little more demolition power and wrecking potential. You can hammer at will with one side of the top end. It bends boards and rips nails out with as much power as the user can apply.

There's an amazing claw that will split boards with ease - you can even straighten them. Beyond that you can rip through drywall with astonishing ease and when you're taking a break - there's a bottle opener that will help you break open a cool beer. It's an astonishingly good tool to work with, one of those tools that make you wonder how you managed without them. Cracking wrecking pry bar, offered at a good discount price - you won't be disappointed.

Dead On AN18 18-Inch Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar

Used for breaking down hard surfaces, as well as other general hammer uses. Can be used as a demolition hammer, bottle opener, nail puller/tile ripper, board straightener, demol...

Only $39.84
Updated: 06/22/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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