The Great Yoga Wall, for your home yoga studio

by spirituality

If you want to do inversion therapy at home, or start your own yoga studio in your garage, the Great Yoga Wall is an affordable and safe option.

Wouldn't you love to have your own yoga studio at home? Preferably with bars on the wall so you have something to hold onto during stretches? And a swing so you can try out postures in which gravity helps a hand? 

The Great Yoga Wall makes all that possible. 

Your own home yoga studio

If you're a certified yoga teacher, you probably want to stop renting some hall in a nearby community center, and instead set up your own home yoga studio. In that case too it's a good idea to use the Great Yoga Wall to set things up. 

See the video's on this page to make the options of this affordable yet safe system clear. 

Great Yoga Wall for Physical Theraphy

Because the Great Yoga Wall is a versatile system, you can use it in any circumstance where you need a lot of points of connection to the wall. For instance some people report having learned to stand again at the yoga wall - with the physical therapist using bands to keep that person safely stuck to the wall while they're exercising those muscles. 

Great yoga wall for inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is not regarded as a serious treatment of backpain, however it can help loosen up the disks in the spinal cords. This has helped some people move with less pain. 

I'd personally recommend inversion therapy more for the simple reason that you'll use a very different set of muscles than you normally would, and in a weight-free environment. This is good for flexibility and losing weight. 

However, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, certain eye diseases or if you're pregnant you should consult a doctor before trying inversion therapy out - with or without a yoga wall. If you do try out inversion therapy, proceed very slowly - with only a bit more inversion in each session. Also, make sure there is someone standing by to help in case you get into trouble. 

The great yoga wall - helping a person of size do yoga

Yoga for people who have to lose weight

The main challenge for overweight people in doing exercise is the weight they have to carry around: their own weight. The yoga wall helps support the body so you can move your muscles and train them without having to support all that weight. 

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Darcie French on 08/22/2011

What a great way to stretch out - I've heard some folks say yoga is a lifesaver

Jimmie on 06/30/2011

Oh, wow. That looks really FUN! When my back aches, I long to stretch it out with something like that.

ohcaroline on 06/30/2011

This sounds like it would be a great addition to your exercise program. Nice coverage on it.

tandemonimom on 06/29/2011

This is a brilliant invention! I love yoga, even though I rarely do it. Maybe something like this would actually movitate me! (Or maybe not ... LOL)

Digby_Adams on 06/29/2011

I've never heard about any of this - and I've been taking yoga classes for years. I still can't stand on my head, so maybe this is what I need! (I can only imagine the fun my cats would have with it.)

kajohu on 06/29/2011

I have a rope wall in my yoga studio, which is a simpler (but less robust) version of the Great Yoga Wall. Using the Great Yoga Wall features is a wonderful way to get the benefits of yoga poses with more support.

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